Though Often Used To Justify Shootings, Not All Threats To Police Are Met With Bullets 1

Though Often Used To Justify Shootings, Not All Threats To Police Are Met With Bullets


Rachel Maddow reads the description of the actions of one pro-Trump rioter at the U.S. Capitol who not only literally threatened police but physically brutalized several of them, and yet did not suffer the fate of many Black Americans when they are perceived as a threat by police. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Though Often Used To Justify Shootings, Not All Threats To Police Are Met With Bullets


  1. People asleep or running away are not a threat. People who have injured over 140 police officers and who have plotted against them with terrorists is an active threat. They will be back if they are not held accountable…charged and prosecuted.

    1. If black people don’t feel like getting arrested, the cops should let them go, we’ll call it black privilege

    2. @Troy Stocker if you were to post a list of comments speficially made to make you look like a dumbassed racist piece of trash, yours would be in the top 5. Don’t bother with the “it was a joke”, there’s nothing funny about any of what’s happened.

  2. That judge in GA that let that derange and dangerous Jack Whatton go needs a reality check, there was something very wrong with him

    1. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Why is it that nationalists, extremists, right-wingers, and etc. spreaded conspiracy theories, lies, disinformation, propaganda, and etc. don’t work then they result to violence , threats , name callings , swearing , hateful rheteric , and etc. Do they not know any other better ways to be civilized

    2. @Rose X Why don’t you ask them and find out? While you’re at it, ask the same exact questions to the radical left, and stop pretending like they are any different when it comes down to it.

    3. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 I’m asking you now bc I see only you here that behaved like what I asked I’m still waiting for your answers to my earlier questions

    4. @Rose X How about you actually ask a question that isn’t so vague? I can ask the same exact question about radical leftists who turn a blind eye to grown men using the same bathrooms as little girls. Try to state some factual, or give more details, at least pretend like you aren’t new to politics kid.

    5. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 You’re avoiding my questions and ask an out of topic question You’re having Dunning-Kruger effect
      Were you referring to Matt Gaetz when you said, “grown men using the same bathroom as little girls”

    1. If the Jan 6th traitors were black they would have been sprayed with bullets. Because they were white they weren’t even sprayed with water! I would hate to be born black in America!

    2. I never use to believe that but January 6th and the response sealed it for me. It’s the entire system. When people say most cops are good people I say we’ll then why are they silent. Silence is consent

    3. @Mark Hepworth I lived here my whole life, I’ve never had a problem with cops. Even my black friends point out it’s not about race in 99.9% of the time. I’ve had friend of all colors run in dickhead cops yea but there are little amount of actual racist police officer out there. You’ve probably seen some videos without context. The cop that shot that girl didn’t pull his gun until the 16 year old went to stab another young girl. A taser is literally a one shot non-lethal with is known to not work on people very regular. What if he tried the taser and the other girl was stabbed to death? Would you be mad a white officer for not saving a black young girl that was in the process of being stabbed? Like come on what was he supposed to do? Grab the girl? Yea that’ll be real smart. Next time you see someone with a knife why don’t you just grab it? It can’t be that hard. Here’s the brutal truth, her actions led to events that occurred. A police officer had to take her life because she was actively trying to take someone’s life. Plain and simple, literally has nothing to do with race.

  3. Mass shooters tend to be taken alive, too. Must be just another coincidence, though. And, who could forget the Michigan Capitol take over.

    1. *Never Forget* the Michigan Capitol take over… The day Trump went full blown Hitler and enabled the beginning stages of the coup attempt on America that continues to this very day. (ahem… FQX News… GQP… Trump LQSERS)

    2. @WR Kotch nice attempted conflation… That POS handed himself in the following day unarmed. And it’s your stupid laws that allow boneheads like this the ability to legally walk around in public slinging an assault rifle….

    3. @Bonnie Kerr So how exactly does that prove the claim if it was black people they would have been sprayed with bullets? Derp.

  4. We all know that if the mob on Jan 6th was from a BLM protests, the DC police would have had no problem opening fire on them. No problem whatsoever. That’s the point Rachel made.

    1. @David Armentrout let’s break down this utter drivel you have cursed us with. In the first place, the autonomous zones were under constant attack from both the police and you and your right wing inusrrectionist buddies (that was why they ended up arming themselves). Secondly historically when white folks are upset or angry police steer clear of them (Michigan state capitol…), if the protesters have a little melanin in their skin then it’s the national guard, flash bangs, low flying helicopters and every other kind of paraphenalia used to quell a riot or insurrection. I don’t need to provide prooof, it’s all there just look at the last year from any news source even fox and oan can’t hide the different police reactions to protests.

    2. @Manfred Connor No. He’s lying. The police have used rubber bullets on protesters and all the BLM leaders who protested in Ferguson MO after Michael Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson have all been mysteriously murdered.

  5. There are a significant number of the police who consider darker colored skin a threat to themselves and others. This is not a “threat” is going away with training.

  6. Peacefully protest against an actual injustice, you are beaten and arrested.
    Take part in a violent insurrection over a perceived injustice, you take selfies with the cops after killing one of them. Then a judge allows you to take a Mexican vacation!
    I wonder what the difference is?

    1. @Lolo Dee just Google ” businesses burned out by riots” and get your head out of the sand. BLM and Antifa have destroyed more black lives than cops have in the same year.
      You’re nothing but a disgusting riot denier.

    2. @ecostarr there is no reason to provide links, all you need to do is type in riots and you will see the hundreds of businesses burned and destroyed by BLM and Antifa. Only the disgusting facist riot deniers who hate America refuse to face the overwhelming damage these two terrorist organizations have done to American cities.

  7. I have a simple question … how come the Georgia judge ordering the release of this fine gentleman is still a judge?

    1. You already know the answer…it’s just a fact of life we all live with whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

  8. Rachel this would be a good case study ….. Compare the sentencing and treatment of these terrorist with blacks who have been killed for ….. Say traffic violations or minor offences ….

    1. Do you know any of the numbers or do you just make up the numbers to fit into your make-believe world?

    2. e @Kevin Chambers He didn’t show any numbers. Besides being racist, you can’t even comprehend.

  9. Remember the guy with an AR15 coming towards police screaming that he shot 2 people and they ignored him? Now guess his skin tone

    1. @StillLogic Police Congrats on your shiny new YouTube account. We all know why your last one got deleted.

      Trump lost. Get over it. Womp womp, snowflake.

    2. @Andethidial bubabibub I’m English, now what? Anymore assumptions you want to make about me?

    3. @DrumWild still don’t get it. I’ve seen hundreds of hours of footage of white people brandishing firearms in police face and them doing nothing about it. As far as is evident to me, white people are allowed and expected to be able to pull guns, that’s why the police ignore them…

  10. It’s been clear to black people for many many years. It’s still not clear to many who are not of color. We have been waiting for the awakening. Now what? Thank you for reporting the truth.

    1. Awakening? You all can’t even pay your own rent or for your own food. Half of you are on section eight and have EBT cards.

  11. The Latinos and blacks are the backbone of this country and we have righteously earned what is rightfully ours, we do not take anything from anybody we work for everything

  12. The KCPD used to require a psychiatric review after unholstering their service weapon. The premise was to understand why they feared for their own life or other’s lives, because you can’t undo lethal force.

    1. Can’t completely reverse most non-trivial injuries either. If officers shot people in the arms and legs instead of vital organs, pretty sure the arm or leg will never work anywhere near as good as it used to after a direct hit.

    2. @Llynnyia Limping is one thing, though it would likely come with chronic pain due to bone fragments and scar tissue in the muscles and bones. Life without quality of life can be torture.

    3. @Teardown Dan I have CRPS and a limp due to it, on the mcGill pain scale its more painful then giving birth unaided. So i know its better to be in pain and limp then dead.

  13. How do we handle corrupt cops and judges who are working to make sure those insurrectionist scum serve little to no time in jail or prison?

  14. Rachel, I truly empathise with your countries ongoing problems. COVID-19 , new Prez and trying to rectify four years of tRump. I am an Australian Vietnam vet and have had a bit to do with yanks (earlier life) over the times.
    One thing I know is that the you, Americans, are thoughtful, innovative, dedicated and resourceful.
    Keep up with the great reporting and analysis and you, as a people, will endure.

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