Senate Confirms Vanita Gupta As Associate Attorney General | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Senate Confirms Vanita Gupta As Associate Attorney General | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports that despite significant resistance by Senate Republicans, Vanita Gupta was confirmed by a bipartisan majority to the number three position in the Department of Justice, with Senator Lisa Murkowski voting with Democrats. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Senate Confirms Vanita Gupta As Associate Attorney General | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. So nice to see that there is ONE non-racist Republican in the Senate. What a terrible party.

    1. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Therefore you support the party that is currently working very hard to reintroduce Jim Crow in Georgia. Makes sense.

    2. @Sionnach MacBradaigh Again, you are the disgrace to the Irish. I’m currently in Ireland as we speak and I guarantee you wouldn’t say these things in public to anyone, so go ahead, pretend like you know so much about our history. You are just a privileged little girl that thinks your important, but you have absolutely 0 experience of how it is for people who actually struggle and don’t depend on mommy and daddy to get by.

    3. @Sionnach MacBradaigh Just admit that you got sucked into all the American political drama and you aren’t bright enough to tell the difference between the establishment and the media’s agenda….and the truth. You believe everything you’re told like a little sheep…and we both know what happens to little sheep, especially in the hills of Galway. LOL.

    4. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 You obviously don’t know anything about how the Republican Party changed in the 1960’s.

    5. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 you poor ignorant fool. Hopefully you’re young and still have a chance.

  2. Sorry Moscow Mitch, your failed, worthless four year corrupt run with Trump is over forever. Resign now octogenarian. Its Merrick Garland time.

    1. @Troy Stocker : Y’know WHY that never sticks, son? Tiny fingers in Chinese sweat shops made your maga-dunce cap, with money in a secret Chines bank account, also funding steel mills, factories and Ivanka’s franchises. She even makes voting machines. In COMMUNIST CHIYNAH! IKR? . . . Trump IS Chinese, kid

  3. Hey Lisa , that had to feel good . Party affiliation aside , isn’t he just full of . . . . & hot air ?

    1. Maybe she can see it’s not a game of football, and supporting your country is more important than your team of Fascists? . . . Just a thought?

  4. Today was a good day for Lisa – a good day for America. May justice return to America – more just and more inclusive than ever before.

    1. @Troy Stocker
      No, they hate you so they will put a nice white star on you (and others “tainted”) to not allow you to own property, be employed, etc.

      The goal is revenge and this revenge will not be satisfied until the 13th Amendment is repealed and all the white knights are put into 400 years of bondage.
      Their conversation on race is always “white people bad”.
      They do not even hide their hatred of you.

    2. @Troy Stocker You’re assumption—if a person of color assumes a position of authority and influence, he or she stole it from a white person—is ludicrous. That’s a pathetic expression of the system of white affirmative action that’s been going on in this country for hundreds of years.

    3. @Ash Roskell “hardly gonna break [your] heart”!? The Tin Man doesn’t have a heart. You’re the Tin Man who’s missing a brain as well as the heart.
      Oh heck, I guess you don’t have the courage either. And, like Dorothy, I bet you’re homeless too!

  5. Mitch is going to the Post Office to complain. Tippi Turtle: Animated Cartoon – Saturday Night Live – YouTube

  6. It was going to happen anyway. She might face backlash from other members of the GOP, but in the end, it doesn’t change anything. It could work out for her that she supported the nomination in the future. We’ll see.

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