Sen. John Kennedy Tries (And Fails) To Stump Stacey Abrams | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Sen. John Kennedy Tries (And Fails) To Stump Stacey Abrams | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) questioned Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams on that state's ballot restricting legislation seemingly unaware how much Abrams knows about the law. MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the details. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Sen. John Kennedy Tries (And Fails) To Stump Stacey Abrams | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. What’s sad is that he plays dumb. He’s an ivy league and Oxford educated man who was proud of that when he was a Democrat. When he changed parties he decided being a stupid hick was the way to go.

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    3. Johnny English: You are asking for the IMPOSSIBLE: It controls him mighty powerfully. He’s a prisoner to Idiocy.

  1. As stupid as John Nobody Kennedy pretends to be he is not. I could parrot racist jokes that I heard my grandfather tell but I choose not to. As long as he is in office Louisiana will fall behind.

    1. He is stupid, the worst kind of stupid, its republowcan intentional stupidity. Dumped several friends because they play reoublowstupid and i know they arent that dumb or we wouldnt have been friends. Stupid as a choice is really sickening….

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH did you see trumps famous mountainous bill that has stood beside for a stupid photo op? It was 5000 pages:) 800 is small compared to that monster from the GQP!

    2. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH And this is how we get flat earthers and anti- vaxxers. They need everything to be in capsule size, because their pea-sized brain will malfunction if anything remotely complex and lengthy is mentioned. And if it doesn’t make sense for them, it must be wrong…not that they are idiots, ofcourse

    3. @Alexis Mitchell Thank you my friend. I suspected as much but sometimes, I can’t help but to ‘poke’ them a little.

    4. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH you were complaining about a republican Bill being too long and then inexplicably lept to democrats. At least when the democrats draft a many hundreds page bill. Its statistically more than likely the majority of items in that bill are things that will only help the average American unlike Republicans bills that would help only the wealthy.

  2. Him-can you give me a list
    Her-recites list with fact after fact
    Him-wow, she really does have a list.
    Her list will never get a second of airplay on faux.

    1. @Jason Dixon The new Georgia voting law is racist. It requires ID to register to vote and to cast a vote, and disallows forms of ID which black people typically have, and requires forms of ID they typically do not have. That was deliberate.
      Banning Sunday voting is racist targetting. Black people tend to gather after church on a Sunday, and go together to vote. That is especially important because of the paucity of voting facilities in non-Republican areas. They tend to be out of town and lacking in public transport. So, preventing traditional forms of community support, and targetting that at forms which black people engage in is racist targetting.
      That is just two examples. It is a voting suppression law, and a black-vote suppression law.
      Another form of racist targetting is the voter de-registration – 198,000 people, mostly of color were de-registered just before the January 4 Senate run-off vote. A court case in the new year forced their re-instatement on the rolls. That prevented the theft of those two Senate seats by Republicans.
      Another piece of racist targetting is a weird Georgia-only law that allows anyone to challenge the right of another person to be on the electoral roll. Simply by challenging a person, you can have their name removed. If they still want to vote, they have to go before a State tribunal and prove their eligability to vote, and prove their address. Meanwhile the election-time passes, and they don’t get to vote. An organisation called ‘True the Vote’ was set up to exploit this law, and systematically challenged people of color – 364,000 of them, to be precise. Almost none of them got to vote, because of the sheer determination it takes to get through the tribunal process in time. This amounts to a criminal conspiracy to attack the electoral process.
      Racism in US voting laws? Oh yes, most decidedly so. The racism is totally overt now. If you can not see that, your eyes are shut, and you want not to see it. You refuse to see it.

    2. @TheSpicehandler you can’t educate a thief . They know what they are doing . THEY DO NOT CARE . Republicans

    3. @Jason Dixon The average wait time in line to vote was 6 minutes for white vote precincts, almost 60 minutes for predominately black districts. Some people waited 4+ hours to vote. Everyone can see what the Republicans are doing, only the ethical and moral people care about it.

  3. Kennedy: Can you list the racist provisions?
    Abrams: Knows them all by heart
    Kennedy: Well okay that made me look stupid

    1. It’s a ruse. Dude is oxford educated and plays the role of foghorn leghorn to appeal to his low hanging fruit voters

    2. Lolo Dee
      not really. She really had no opportunity to explain how the law is racist when voting laws in several Blue States are more restrictive than
      the Georgia law. But that is cool. I wouldn’t expect less from the pretend Governor of Georgia

  4. Notice all he did was interrupt. All GOP interrupt thinking they get the last word. Wish he’d fix his dentures. He should stay in his lane…he’s no match for Stacy.

    1. LIBERAL MEDIA ROLE IN UNREST Media analyst Becket Adams said media coverage of the police shooting in Columbus was less concerned with discovering the truth than in advancing a narrative that would be a “repeat” of the events following the death of George Floyd. “The New York Times, for example, has a report on its website bearing the headline, ‘Teenage Girl Is Fatally Shot by Police in Columbus, Officials Say.’ You wouldn’t think from the headline that a black life was saved by this police intervention,” Adams stated. Shame on all the liberal bias Fake News morons. Remember Al Sharpton is nothing but a racist cheerleading trouble maker.

    2. @David R. Stone Whataboutisms, races related wedge issues, xenophobia, fear mongering, and to be kept angry is how the far right radical cult easily indoctrinates the ignorant simple gullible sheep, for the worship of whiteness / white republikkkan privilege is really what MAGA is all about and stand for ..

    3. The more Republicans face female democrats the more they exposed their own shortcomings. Women can multitask, they can walk & chew gum.

    4. @Susan Ford shouts out to Stacy Porter, Elizabeth Warren, Katie Porter, and all these strong prepared women who are cleaning up messes and raising the bar.

    1. Angalag
      no, that was a list of her grievances none of which is racist, impedes voters from voting or takes away their right to vote. LOL

  5. Right on Stacy! He should not have asked to be schooled if he didn’t want to be schooled! He should have known. He knows now!

    1. I think he forgets females can read, think, cognite then regurgitate information. He should go back to his porch swing in the south and watch the sun set.

    2. @Susan Ford I agree. He totally embarrassed himself thinking that this well educated Black woman knew nothing about what she does. Shame on him!

    1. @Md Nealy

      You want to get rid of Racisim?
      Get rid of the Democrat party.
      They were and still are the party of the KKK!

    2. @Cliff Medina False. The Democratic party was the Southern racist party throughout the first half of the 20th century. That much is true. But the KKK and the Southern racists moved to the GQP after Johnson signed the Civil Rights Law of 1964. Read some history, it is not hard to understand or follow where the racists are now.

    3. Kennedy’s questions of anyone he disagrees with are always adversarial. The Senate is not a courtroom. Discussions there should be just that, discussions. Thank God we have people who can hold their own and more when non-country lawyer Kennedy tries to use his courtroom attack methods.

  6. I know Brian Williams has had a brilliant career at NBC, but I appreciate his wit, humor, insight, compassion and humility.

    1. He embellished a story about himself being in a helicopter which was neither material or significant – just boosting.

    2. I love the 11th Hour, Mr. Williams has a great relaxed demeanor, unruffled even when there is a lack of audio he just calmly says we will take a break back soon. I love it.

  7. Kennedy was afraid Stacey Abrams would continue to tell this whole evil bill which he does not want Americans in Georgia to know.

    1. @Eric Glenn yep your little puppet Man Biden being run by Obama Valerie Jarrett rice you must be talking from experience

    2. @Hope Itlast & Utah has ALWAYS been pro vote by mail ever since it becamea State. A lot of the towns/settlers were isolated so it just made more sense. & the tradition has carried on despite advances in technology. More people tend to vote via mail in Utah then they do in person on election day. No point in taking a day off work in their minds, not when you can mail it in.

    3. @Joe Blow Sure 20 for Fraud & 24 for Treason. The number of court cases against citizen Trump for everything from Tax Evasion to Electoral Interference make it unlikely that he’ll be a free man in 2024. & if he runs again he will generate the exact same level of opposition by the voters as he did in 2020. 2020 was a referendum against him & his so called ‘leadership’. Educated people saw how badly he managed the Corona virus pandemic & they don’t want that brand of incompetence back running things again.

    4. @It Was A Good Idea At The Time stop being jealous 2024! Trump train Enters the station… Democrats climb aboard… Trump train leaves station at a frantic pace… Train D rails and goes over a cliff… suddenly life is back to normal

  8. It’s crazy how these people think they could trip somebody up. When they don’t even have a clue about what they’re talking about.

    1. T Electronix That’s the approach all retrumplicans take!!!!! Half a brain and half assed!!!!!!

    2. Johnathan Chouinard what is even more crazy are the people who swallow her BS without actually doing research in the law and comparing it to other States.
      Especially Democrat controlled States.

    3. Indeed, across the board… But this is an example of the unwarranted contempt so many White people hold toward Black people, as well as an incredibly blatant example of deceit. This is the straight out gaslighting, which is the daytime equivalent to the cowardly hood, so many White people do. (I capitalize the word ‘white’ to distinguish among white people: those who are totally invested in upholding present social arrangements and who believe in white superiority and those like my mother and her family who see everyone, including the evil, the ignorant, and the indifferent as HUMAN BEINGS).

  9. One of the most powerful things in this world is a highly educated, powerfully intelligent, fearless and focused woman. Stacey Abrams is all that !!!! Thank you Stacey Abrams.

    1. @Lynn Ahola We would rather ask her, a college graduate-than you-a middle school drop out in order to have your cousins baby

  10. She handed him his attitude back to him neatly dressed, chopped and packed, ready to be dumped in garbage bin….

    1. *Kennedy:* Have you read the bill?
      *Abrams:* Yes I have.
      *Kennedy:* And you think it’s racist.
      *Abrams:* Yes I do.
      *Kennedy:* Can you list the racist provisions in the bill.
      *Abrams:* _(Proceeds to list the racist provisions in the bill)_
      *Kennedy:* 🛇

    2. presterjohn71
      well when you say the same crap day after day to begin to believe it yourself. I remember when Susan Rice went to talk show after talk show after Benghazi
      blaming it on a video. If you ask here today she will swear it was cause by a video, LOL

  11. He thought he had a gotcha moment, instead he encountered a woman who is intelligent, well spoken, factual, and gave it straight back. And happens to be black.

    1. @mike briganti yes Mike don’t worry your time will come . Remember this quote first the came and you said them they came for you and no one was left to rescue you

    2. however, none of the things that she listed had anything to do with race. In fact she didn’t even mention black or white. These are just normal standards one should have when you vote, even baseball who left the state, will require you to have an ID during business hours. Thanks.

    3. She wouldn’t answer if she lost the election fairly Or not. She has a race baiting fraud. The only thing the Democrats ever have to use is race baiting. Liberals and Democrats are destroying this country.

    4. @MilkCow ok- let’s call it biased against poor working people. In Georgia those folks are very often black. Get it?

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