Do You Really Still Need To Wear A Mask If You're Outside? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Do You Really Still Need To Wear A Mask If You’re Outside? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Should Covid-19 guidance be updated to allow people to skip wearing a mask in some outdoor settings? Brian Williams discusses that, plus the U.S. hitting 200 million vaccines administered, with MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Nahid Bhadelia. Aired on 04/22/2021.
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Do You Really Still Need To Wear A Mask If You're Outside? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I am getting the AstraZeneca vaccine on tomorrow here in Toronto. I will still keep wearing the mask up to until 2022, especially considering that I work at a concierge desk. No unnecessary phony smiles from me for rude guests and residents.

  2. I had the J&J vaccine two weeks ago. Until at least 70% of the US adult population has been vaccinated, I will wear a mask when I’m indoors at places of business or any location where it’s crowded.

  3. Got my first shot of Pfizer yesterday… feeling just fine! But still doing my part to keep others around me safe by masking up and keeping my distance.

    1. A little achy after my 2nd shot, but can totally handle it for a day or two without Tylenol or anything.

    2. @Mark Fiore It is not the same for everybody. Some people have a mild reaction , some people have a severe reaction.

  4. I am fully vaccinated, but still wear my mask every day for my solitary walk, because along the way, I learned that my mask filters pollen and lets me take one less allergy pill a day.

    1. Here in Australia I wear a mask (even prior to covid) when we have bushfire season (and winter back burning) to help with my asthma

  5. It’s better to promote masks until we are all better off. Without a United front,w3 have no control over what’s is or is going to happen. This I’m gonna,kills the hopes of those that surely won’t if you do.

  6. With vaccine-resistant B.1.617 (the new India variant) starting to pop up around the world, we may be on our way back to square one again if people take it lightly.

  7. 1999- don’t do what they tell you….. 2020- do what they tell you… dirty masks – waved around – on / off in pocket – out of pocket – sounds really healthy

  8. If we entered a 3-week national total lockdown right now, and I mean total lockdown, we could lower our baseline infection rate to insignificance and COVID would basically be over in America.

  9. Sorry, there’s been so many mixed messages, I’m wearing a mask anytime I leave my house until further notice, even after being vaccinated. Call me whatever you want– I lost a family member to this virus and it’s not worth taking chances.

    1. He is so contrary…with no real argument. I get my first shot on Tuesday and will wear my mask until we get to the other side. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other and yourself during this pandemic and social crisis

  10. I believe “John Rambo” below has a good practice. We should do that, just incase your close to someone that is not vaccinated yet!

  11. I’m extremely high risk, cancer stage 4… I will wear a mask till my last day. If someone in my circle refuses the mask & vaccine & don’t trust either… I tell them, “don’t trust either, I don’t trust you around me with anything. Especially your thinking ability”. It’s not about YOUR rights or YOUR God given rights. Remember, God gave you a brain first… Use it!

  12. I’ve never once were my mask while outside during this pandemic there’s no reason to unless, like they said, if you’re in a stationary crowd. I never got infected and now I’m fully vaccinated.

  13. Uh, since the beginning I’ve never worn a mask outside. Why? I’ve never encountered a big crowd in wide open central Washington.
    The CDC has done a poor job with nuance. Not everyone lives in NY City.

  14. No , keep wearing mask be patient we are almost there, don’t make a mistake , I want this to finnish not go bake to the beginning, Please its coming.

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