Republican Rep. Kinzinger Slams Party Over Liz Cheney Ouster: ‘This Is Lies Versus Truth’ | MSNBC

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., slammed House Republicans in his party over their expected removal of Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., from her position as conference chair. Kinzinger said that Cheney was telling the truth about former President Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

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Republican Rep. Kinzinger Slams Party Over Liz Cheney Ouster: 'This Is Lies Versus Truth' | MSNBC


  1. The saying: “And the truth will set you free..” has never been more true than for Liz.

    1. @John Edward Actually y’all support a communist revolution that’s taking place but to $tupid to realize it 🤪⛑

    2. @Emile Rose National heroes don’t keep people from going to restaurants and gyms, etc.. for an infinity, or say 4 year impeachments are good

    3. @Sam Harris you mean the man that has made it legal to drive over protesters with the excuse of “I was afraid”. Or the man that sent police forces to arrest the woman who was releasing data about the deaths and infections he was censuring from the public. Or the guy that continues to claim election fraud like the rest of his party even though they have 000000 evidence to back it up.

      The Reagan party was great, this is not the party of Reagan anymore, this is the party of Q&Anon and of people who wish to destroy our election integrity by spreading the big lie and stop the government from passing any bills instead of trying to compromise to any deal just because the president is not a republican

    4. @ernie ellan You know that 2 police officers were killed, the capitol sacked, hundreds of officers injured (one lost an eye and many more have reported PTSD after the incident). The FBI called it an insurrection, why do you think all the insurrectionists who broke into congress to destroy the election ballots and to hunt down the representatives and the VP where arrested and are in court facing years in prison?
      Let me remind you this so called peaceful protesters were crushing police officers in doors, pulling officers and beating them to the brink of death and using the American flag to bash police officers.

      I dont know what video of the January 6 insurrection you saw, but it clearly wasn’t what the rest of the world saw.

    1. @Scott Butler What about the Russians bounty on American troops in Afganistan!? What was the response? Russia has its back to the wall so it is bullying Ukraine. As for Hamas.. this is a ploy by Netanyahu to stay in power!

    2. @Scott Butler trump is unifying the part of the RepubliQan party that constantly kiss his rear behind. The moment they stop kissing his @ss, trump supporters will form a Lynch mob against that senator or representative. Just ask Mitt Romney and

    3. @nate summer Are you *JOKING* ???
      The CIA came out just a few weeks ago and admitted they found absolutely *ZERO* evidence to confirm Russian bounties. This is proof that you’re not really interested in the truth, just the narrative.
      Fact, the six months following the NYT story, there were no US military casualties in Afghanistan…but you still believe there were bounties?
      Come on man!

    4. @nate summer Russia backed off when Trump put his support behind Ukraine. They’re advancing on them now because Biden is a beta male and the world knows it.
      China just threatened to bomb Australia…they would’ve never done that under Trump.
      And 39 missiles were fired by Hamas…confirmed. Trump was bringing peace to the middle east, 5 Arabic countries had already signed normalization pacts with Israel. Look how quickly that fell apart with Beta-Biden

    5. @Scott Butler according to Mitt Romney and a bunch of other republicans in the house and senate, trump has a “blindspot” when it comes to dealing with Russia. And I believe him. You mean to tell me that the CIA made up a fake investigation about Russia putting bounties on american soldiers? So I’m assuming that what the CIA predicted what was going to happen on January 6 was a complete lie as well? Oh that’s right, IT WASN’T A LIE!!! An insurrection ACTUALLY HAPPENED on January 6!!! But the CIA had absolutely no evidence of violence happening on January 6 right?

    1. @Michael Davin I’m not worried. Democrats are failing spectacularly and with the GOP winning the Gerrymandering that’s gonna flip seats in the house. And Midterms could easily flip Senate seats. Just a matter of time. I guess we will see.

    2. @Elim Garak I’m not against voter ID, my country of birth requires an ID to vote. But there are a lot of things in this law that actually make it difficult for poc and latinos like me to vote, like less availability of early voting or mail-in voting or how groups can not give water or food to people that have been stuck in line for hours; black people (for example) in Georgia usually have less voting areas than white residential zones and usually have lines that can be of hours, the removal of food and water delivery to them is actually a big dismotivation to minority voters who granted the state of Georgia to democrats both presidentially and senate. Also all this restrictions in mail-in ballot and early voting are being placed after 0 evidence came up of any sort of fraud during this election specially when it came to mail-in ballots, which were vastly used more by democrats than republicans. Republicans claim that mail-in ballot is dangerous even though in many states they were the ones to introduce it, but now that it backfired upon them they wanna get rid of it.

      And the reason why in some states people went to vote only for the presidential election or voted for Biden but then state elections voted republican, is because this people didnt want Trump in power, simple. Its happened a lot before. During Reagan’s presidency Reagan Democrats (yes that’s how they were called) voted for him in a landslide, but still voted statewise for their own party. Its because people dont vote for party

    3. @Elim Garak Also wow, you just accepted that Republicans can only win by rigging the districts in their favor LMAO

      Every state should have an indepent office redraw the districts instead of the parties (10 states already do it). Now that is election integrity

  2. Dude jams his micro-schvantz into a teenager, no-big-deal. But try to tell the truth, that’s going too far.

    1. Which specific dude are you referring to, there are soo many? Trump, Gatez, Jordan ????????

  3. Let’s put it another way, there’s not a single politician I would trust with my checkbook.

    1. Voting districts are based on population and not county lines. Most liberal voters live in more densely populated counties.

      Trumpsters like to make up numbers or throw out numbers like they know what those numbers mean. When they lose a district they just make up 11,780 votes and say they recalculated the votes.
      They’ve gone to court dozens of times with the same claims of fraud. When asked for evidence to support those claims under oath, they retract those claims and get thrown out of court for wasting time.

      Truth be told, all of their whining is just for show because they make convoluted claims like “We can only lose if the elections are rigged” or “We’ll accept the results only if we win”. These claims don’t care for evidence.

      Their arguments fundamentally break down into “We lost because the elections were rigged and we know the elections were rigged because we lost.” Or they rely on conspiracy theory like “We know the elections were rigged. We don’t have evidence because we’re snowflakes and everyone else is plotting a conspiracy against us. They’re mean and they don’t like us. The fact that we have no evidence just proves this.”

    2. A whole new real republic coming soon Yes salvation is in Michigan as the trumpet gets up and shows earth the dominion fraud. Yep. Halelujah.. By bye main stream liars $HUNGRY tyrants of humanity

    3. @John Edward a new thing God is doing watch as the whole thing is exposed dominion using a computer for election many big tech and media involved .GOD Lord GOD got this. He uses the foolish things to confound the “so called Wise. Watch

    4. @3LD many are going down few will stay and democrats all put into play by $ HUNGRY tyrants watch

    1. @Margo a la Moto The AZ senate thought so. Are u saying u know better than them ?

      And do u think MSN reporting is credible ?
      Mayb u have msnitis ?

    2. @The White Rabbit I am saying that the Cyber Ninjas have no credibility and the senate that hired them is hyper partisan. And you think you followed the white rabbit and have special esoteric knowledge?

    3. @Margo a la Moto lol no, i just understand what media outlets are fake.

      They are trying to incite violence and division, and they are spreading misinformation. Im just calling it out.

  4. This is dictatorship 101 destroy any dissent among your own ranks. Then go after your opponents on the outside.

  5. 更糟的是,还是坑殺父母刘少奇曾孫子鋳打剑刀,你掽不掽,瘋不瘋,,,??。

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