Republicans Are Running Against Democracy Not Democrats | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Republicans Are Running Against Democracy Not Democrats | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at how Virginia Republicans have made registering to vote so annoying that they are already ignoring their own new rules for their primary election, and points out that in a natural offshoot of Donald Trump's election fantasies, the Trumpiest Republican candidate is already sowing seeds of doubt about her own party's primary election's outcome.
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    1. And thank God. The same God I hope you pray to. Because Liz stands up for truth. Come on. Please. Please look up the facts. You are helping to destroy this government. Y0u are going to feel really bad when you realize. We walk in Grace and you do too. But God does not support lies. Theft. Stealing. But you won’t even look at the facts. Maybe doing too much crank hurt your common sense. I dont want this to sound mean. Cuz we are to love God and love our neighbor. That means truth …..please For God for Our sake. I think you believe but are unwilling to look. That is Satan having a hold on your heart and brain. Get a hold of me and we can talk.

    2. Liz Cheney is just another *Warmongering Neocon* you Liberals can have her, she’ll fit right in.

    3. Follow the rest of Trump’s GOP down the rabbit hole where alternative facts are not lies.
      Rep Cheney is no hero after waiting four years to finally decide to come out against Trump’s lies. It took a Trump led insurrection at the US Capitol to make her finally back the truth. Rep Cheney is far more conservative in voting with Trump than the waffling gal they’ve picked to replace her.

  1. Thankfully I am NOT an American, but I AM terrified by what is taking place there.
    The Land That God Ran From In Fear and Disgust is a Threat to the Human Race.

    1. @Raging Monk Seems you have some house cleaning to do my little Marxist friend. When 25 million dems agree with me that make you the minority! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!

      By a margin of 51%-44%, voters said it is “likely” that cheating affected the outcome. That included 74% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats.

      Some 47% said it is likely Democrats stole or destroyed ballots for former President Donald Trump. That included 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats.

    2. @Raging Monk A radical leftist trying to discredit a source? Wow, I’ve never NOT seen that before.

      It’s Marxism 101, day 1 minute 1. You’re just lazy, do your own research. But EVERYONE knows Trump won!

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Aye. People are entitled to own opinions. And a hmm.. energetic(?) political scene is healthy. But GOP as it is rn isnt a political party.
      its something else. And theres no reason to even debate with people who dont believe in science, who dont use logic to reach their goal.
      But we know from history that people dont like hate, they dont like a constant fight. People wants to be people.
      This is just a phase. Trump was a fluke. unfortunately the leftover supporters havnt realised that rejection of reality is sooo last year.
      But The zeitgeist took a sharp turn away from that bumpy road.And its only a matter of time before the current behavior is pushed out all together. or at least enough that its not a deciding factor. And the actual conservatives yet again get the foothold they deserve as much as anyone.
      Dont worry. We will be back to being good old fashioned political oponents, and not political enemies as they call it now.
      Keep up the good spirit. Trust in yourself. And be the reasonable person you want others to be. Conservativism have a rightfull place alongside progressive.

      Just sad the current gop isnt conservative

    2. No the GOP is imploding , the USA is fine . Being that all but 2 GOP States have under 5 million in each State and 8 of them only have 1 million people they are not heavily populated enough to take down the USA when they fail and they will fail . The GOP is dying .

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Ohhh.. Sophisticated !! The mirrorargument; – So full of substance, the very definition of constructive progres.. You! – No, you!

      Dood, I dont have time for this level of nothing. Youre boring. If you want to come at me then plz bring some meat, something to bite into. Im always up for a fresh discussion.
      What you have is what you picked up on the way here, and its not very usefull.

    1. Yep. Very blatant. Today’s GOP: “It’s all about white people in this country. Everyone else, F U!”

  2. That’s what I’ve been saying ( and I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed) the GOP say the democrats ( for their base to see), it’s democracy That’s their enemy.

    1. You just have to watch how often the stupid talking point “the USA is not a democracy, it’s a republic” pops up. As if the two were mutually exclusive.

    2. @HotelPapa100 I know right….even Republics vote…Just the most autocratic were run by Emperor’s. Republics limit who are citizens and how representative the governing body really is, by dividing power into chambers. America has 3 chambers with 4 different selective ways for representation, The executive, the legislative and the courts with the House of Representatives being the most representative of the American electorate body.

    3. Ive noticed that, too. If you say (in front of them) that we live in a democracy, they will immediately get in your face. “We live in a REPUBLIC! Look it up!”.
      I did look it up. I don’t think they did. Or they don’t understand what they’re reading.

  3. *THE PROBLEM WITH BREEDING MONSTERS* is that monster does not care who it eats – you or your enemy…

    Its all the same to the monster.

  4. It seems to me, by the time we get to 2022, the average Republican voter will be so suspicious of all elections that most of them will make no effort whatsoever to vote for anyone by mail or in person. American ideals could prevail once again sooner than expected.

    1. Even if that happens the Republicans will claim they won and there was massive voter fraud. Seems the new Republican doctrine is if we don’t win then the election was rigged. Funny how the Republican senators who were voted in aren’t saying their election results were fraud

    2. There is only one appropriate answer to this behaviour. If the Republicans are naughty enough to delegitimize voting itself then it’s time to retaliate with PROPORTIONAL VOTING just as in almost every other democratic country in the world. Let’s see how they like it when suddenly “winner-takes-all” and gerrymandering doesn’t exist anymore and 10 new parties pop up. Then they will go from house to house even in blue suburbs in the hope that no one makes mocking fun videos of them how they desperately beg for votes.

    3. Exactly what will happen just like the GA runoffs if ONLY Trump kept his BIG mouth shut the Republicans might have gotten the ONE seat they needed, it want be ANY different come 2022 and 2024 Republicans are DONE they just don’t know it yet

    4. @ruth depew Hey Democrat liberal look at the cities run by liberals, and how bad they are, and you would want more of the same? Are you insane? Cities that good GOD fearing families are fleeing to get away from corruption, drugs, gangs people cohabitating, and in favor of murdering babies in the womb!!

    5. @john doney Blue States give money to the Federal government and without that the red states will fall. The republicans have been robbing you people for decades and somehow you still don’t get it!!

  5. That clip of Ron DeSantis looks like something from out of a movie. This is just insane.

    1. @Kevin Dwelle Interesting that you say that because California did a better job vaccinating its seniors, even though it has more seniors than Florida, and even though California didn’t prioritize seniors (although I think Governor Newsom still should have). Yet, there’s a recall effort against Gavin Newsom instead of let’s say Governor Greg Abbott of Texas for the power grid shutting down.

    2. @Lisa Odom At the beginning before he signed the bill, he had his hands placed on the table in a way that only Mr. Burns from the Simpsons would. These are all comic book villains at this point.

    3. Fox ers talking nonsense lying spreading fear, all day and endanger humans mental health.
      And Tucker said it’s just a Entertainment Channel and no one would believe this nonsense.
      Trumpins & co talk all the time on Fox
      Let that think in.

  6. The more you make it harder for one group to vote the harder they will go to vote just to spite you. I hope all these new laws blow right up in the GOP’s face, and we can get some people elected that actually care about democracy.

    1. @Nevanna Rence thanks for making my point – Fear of Hillary bolstered by how hard can it be a Black guy done it.

    2. @Larry Ames do you remember taking statistics in school, how you could get weird results with outliers,

    3. @Matt M Well I could reiterate how this is a republic and not a democracy, but suffice me to say only legal citizens are supposed to be allowed to vote, and have to be entered on the voter roles.[non citizens are not allowed ,nor are dead persons, nor are your pets allowed to vote ]. It is not hard to become eligible to vote but it is required! When I go to vote I have to sign my name before I get my ballot, and that is the way it should be.[Required to prove our right to vote!!]

    4. @Larry Ames lol, there is an investigator Alison Greene who noticed ESE voting machine irregularities in Kentucky and with Lindsey Graham in his state
      Check her out

  7. Remember a few years ago when each time trump did something crazy or goofy we all thought things could never get any more appalling, disturbing or crazy? We were so naive back then. We’re much wiser now. Now we know there’s no end and no cap to the insanity and nothing is surprising anymore. I miss the old days.

    1. Yes and no. Duhmericans have really poor memories. “The Old Days”… like when Raygun or w busily set the bar lower every day on appalling, disturbing, and crazy sht?

    1. That is only one of the rabbit holes. If you remember Alice in Wonderland by the foolish following the rabbit you also get stuck down the same hole with the rabbit.
      What is happening is multiple holes the Republican scam party are showing. As you go down one hole 10 others pop up you will never see. Look above the entire picture to see past the holes and see the end result.
      Power for one as in the movie the queen was what was waiting for Alice.

    2. @scott mckenzie First, all caps makes you look like a doofus rather than making a point and, second, history has several lessons for you. They all involve political parties that embraced a person rather than a platform as the GOP is doing now.

      We called them, among other names, Nazi and the National Fascist Party.

  8. Very disturbing. Going down the rabbit hole that I can’t see how we will ever get out of.

    1. Just rest on the ever lasting arms! Return to the GOD of the Bible, and HIS ten little rules[The TEN COMMANDMENTS] Do you know them? They start out’ Hear O Israel the Lords GOD are one GOD, and you will love the Lord your GOD with all your heart, and all of your soul, and all of your mind, and all of your strength. Only a return to GOD can fix the fix that we are in.

  9. I feel so sorry for these people,
    they are ignorant,they act like
    my 15 year old 40 years ago.

  10. Voting:
    Florida the state of one voice, one party, and one media outlet. Sounds like Germany 1933!

    1. Desantis has never traveled south of Tampa. His followers all live in central and north Florida. He doesn’t represent us at all

    2. OH, that it were only Florida. . . Georgia, Arizona. . . But to cut to the quick, these are good states, it’s the Republicans.

    3. that comment is incredibly dumb considering that dems (1 party) are in control of the federal govt and control what is said on cnn and msnbc… that also sounds like nazi germany

    4. @Paul Wilson then why was Fox News the only network allowed at the desantis signing?

    1. True Republican government is better than the Democrat idealogy [just look at liberal run cities-they are the worst places to live [high crime, gangs, drugs, prostitution, incidence of abortion, and fatherless children, and poverty.] Good honest people are fleeing to better, safer, conservative communities.

  11. What they’re telling voters is the definition of insanity. You couldn’t make this stuff up. What we have here is a collective delusional psychosis. God help America.

  12. If we don’t pass federal legislation to set minimum standards for how elections are conducted, Democracy in our country is in serious jeopardy. HR-1 The For the People Act, NOW!!!!

    1. It is real simple require voters to be registered citizens, and sign for their ballot! no signee no ballot. Don`t want to register-can`t vote

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