Trump Makes Election Fantasy The Core Of Republican Doctrine | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow reports on more of the kooky beliefs behind the pro-Trump Arizona ballot spectacle and points out that Donald Trump reportedly believes this will put him immediately back in the White House, and because fealty to Trump is a Republican requirement, Republicans will now have to also support Trump's nonsense to their increasingly confused followers.
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  1. Bizzaro world is getting weirder by the minute.🌼

    Magats send more $ to Agolf Tweetler.
    He really needs it.

    1. @S McDonald Do you actually think they’ll find anything? If not, do you believe they will be honest with the public on their findings? I find it shameful that anyone would seriously think there’s any truth to any of this. The reason why, is because it would take more than 40,000 bamboo ballots to change the outcome of the presidency. I guess we have to allow them to move forward with this farce search, that is unless the courts step in because it appears they could be violating voter rights. But until then, let’s not give them an inch. Come mid-term elections vote them all out. We need reality not fiction in our government, and the Republican party seems to be made up more with fiction tellers then truth tellers.

    2. @SMS Just imagine that a foreign country manages to insert hundreds of thousand illegal ballots in the electoral system. Undetected. Imagine the complexity of this scheme!
      But they make a tiny mistake: they make the paper from bamboo… The idea is just so ridiculous. Like NASA sending a mission to Mars and forgetting to put a battery in the Perseverance vehicle.

    3. @S McDonald Or they forget to put toilet paper in the space rocket…okay yours is funnier. Thanks

    4. @HS It’s not up to him to do so, it’s up to the LOSER to do it(which was already done by the way OVER 60 COURT CASES AND NUMEROUS RE-COUNTS by actual Republican authorities – NOT QANON MENTAL Patients! JUST KEEP COUNTING TIL 2022, then you can start counting again in 2024! Your golden gOD will be DISTROYED by then!

  2. SDNY, you sent Cohen to prison for doing what subject #1 wanted. Can you know end my misery and send subject #1 to prison?

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy Impeach Mcconnell, Jim Jordan, Cruz, Josh Hawley, Graham and Mc Carthy.

    2. @Crypto Reefer Prophet but it is the fallout and continued lies of tRump and republiCONS

    3. @K L LOL you keep thinking that kid and watch how everything you pay for rise in price like it has already started doing. WAKE UP YOU SHEEP

    4. @Demetria Karnavas You keep thinking that his policies are gold and you will be the one shaking yuor head in 2 years. At least I warned ya kid

    1. @Mary Lamb I dont hear AG Garland, or NYSD, or IRS, or DC Police, or Georgia AG, or NYAG, or… laughing.

  3. Looking for bamboo in ballots? This takes “pandering for votes” to a whole new level!

    1. ​@TheBase1aransas Now lettuce prey. _”Deer Dogs in Heaven, let thy mighty sword of covfefe and cooties rain down upon the wicked and vanquish thine orange balloon animal butthead. Ramen.”_
      *_”If Jesus had a gun, He’d be alive today.”_*
      ~~ Homer J. Simpson

    2. @Dr. Funk
      _”Or something”_ would be the correct answer.
      Sorry, I don’t have any _”mad libs”._
      But can I interest you in a fine Rolex wristwatch?

  4. admiring you here in Manila on how you fact check those lies and conspiracy in a very professional and balanced way.Goodluck and Godspeed!Ms.Rachel

    1. Percival Factor
      there isn’t enough crap on TV there you have to add Rach Maddow? LOL

  5. Get ready, an army of pandas will come and conquer everyone with their cute adorable fluffiness.

    1. Pandas are an endangered species. Their cuteslness is best appreciated on a styraphome fast-food container.

  6. Please America, for gods sake just throw DT and all his cronies in prison and stop being nice. They wouldn’t be nice to you!

    1. @TheBase1aransas
      It seems we have different opinions, that’s ok. But when you mention theft, l think of Trump’s people who are in jail, or have spent time in jail, not exactly the kind of guys l would hire if l would want to drain the swamp. Luckily l live in Spain and don’t have to deal with this crap all that much.
      Have a good day

    2. @carl van meerbeek
      Lots of Politicians cheated. Is that really hard for you to believe? Keep your eyes on the election fraud not on the riots when they start.

      Watch American news in Europe. Or Spain.

    3. @carl van meerbeek
      Recounts? Maybe 50. Audits? Zero. Dominion Machine audits worldwide??? Zero. Election officials in Maricopa County don’t even have the admin passwords. What do you think about that? I’m sure your going to fact check that before answering. That just came out today.

  7. Welcome to Helter Skelter…The modern day Republican has more in common with the Manson family than they do traditional conservatives.

    1. OP, may I borrow your phrasing “Manson Family Republicans”? That’s so perfect to describe them in their current form. And yes, they will kick any sane people off their crazy train, which will help them lose elections except in the most whackjobbish places where reich-wing nuttery rules.

    2. That is true. The conservative movement was founded by a bunch of former Trotskyist who were largely CIA assets (William F. Buckley, Irving Kristol, James Burnham) and Charlie Manson had suspected tied to the “company” as well. The FBI at the very least. But the New Left also have documented ties to the CIA, mainly through infiltration and subversion to use the cultural liberalism to subvert the more traditionalist Soviets and to defang the actual Left and make them a bunch of pro-capitalist liberals (i.e. neo-cons). Anglo-American Empire wins again.

    3. I think it’s amazing the Democrats only think the Republicans cheat ,both party cheat about the same ! In 2016 the Democrats got cheated ask Hillary she won got cheated .In 2020 the Democrats out cheated the Republicans ! Should be an automatic audit in al machines elections!

  8. Thanks Rachel. It gets tiring, having to check what adversaries to democracy are doing each day. At least it’s not as bad as Myanmar, where Right Wing authorities are shooting anything that moves in the streets.

    1. @Goog Tube Ya, I’m a doctor that works nights in the ER. dumb as rock. oh, and by the way, the military is on the side of law and order.

    2. @Goog Tube webcams from the ceiling and hosted on conservative stations/sites is not transparent in my view. Not nearly as open as the recounts for anyone to come observe and not under NDA. If other states hire companies and groups like Cyber Ninja it will be just as useless at convincing many democrats or liberals.

      I think you’re propagandized if you support Trump as the man is nothing but a con artist… even before he got into politics.

    3. @BadWeatherGaming You can’t be satisfied with anything . What is your solution? Of course whatever it is someone else can find fault with it !!! Your position and opinions make no sense – only to yourself as far as I’m concerned. You are not relevant .

  9. “Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society.”

    ― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

    1. @HS Um, no? That’s not how it works. Ifiots trying for a third time to dig up some bs conspiracy that isn’t real, that’s not a proud thing, it’s an annoyance, and only serves to further drudge up bs.

    2. @Cassie Wonderalke If it were an honest inquiry, you’d be right. But it’s not, it’s being run a bunch of pro-Trump.conspiracy theorists with pre-formed conclusions in search of any tiny bit of something they can sell as “evidence” of “vote fraud”.

    3. @Don Quixote Again, honest questioning, pursued with logic and good faith, is perfectly fine. You see none of those qualities in this farce in Arizona.

  10. Why has No 45 not been sued yet? He was the the biggest and most obvious communicator (wow..that’s the first time I have used that word for the orange one)

  11. They are going to finish what they started at the Capitol.
    It’s going to be really really really ugly. The military will have to be called in.

    This right here is to get the base riled up. Listen to the key words.

  12. Some people have interests, hobbies, loves, and passions. These people don’t have that; they just have counterfeit fantasies derived at other’s expense.

    1. @Erick Borling say something like extra-judicial killing in front of them, they would give you a blank stare.

    2. Oh come on, the whole world is entertained by the freak show. We should charge them royalties. It’s the best circus EVER.

    3. @Alex Hamilton the conservative party has an army out on the streets of America not underneath the preview of the Pentagon. The liberals don’t have anything like that. AOC has never handled a firearm ever. Antifa has no clue what urban warfare is. The militia has been training for several years in this difficult (and bloody) task. Alex, at what point do you consider the rest of us are just trying to get through life, and we don’t see killing those we don’t know or we don’t like an option.

  13. *AMERICA* the answer to the question “What happens if you stop educating your people..???”

    1. Not to mention abandoned mental health for the masses after Reagan and now we have homeless camps full of unhinged untreated and half hinged awash within society…

    2. @Joni M.L. 😆 mental health of that day was hooking anyone who disagrees with you up to jumper cables.

    3. @William Springer now its overprescribed strong psychiatric drugs or just regular illegal drugs

    4. Piccalilli Pit
      well over 81 million dead, illegal, fake or real of the uneducated voters put a Dementia patient in as President.

  14. If all of this is so true why don’t they provide the proof? Someone should take Douglas Logan to court and make him prove his accusations.

  15. Time for Dominion to sue Logan for his defamation, too! Just copy+paste from the Powell lawsuit and replace the name with Logan.

  16. At some point you’d say it would stop. But I suppose America is now reaping the fruits of their lousy education system. These ppl need to be in the nuthouse, not anywhere else.

  17. Can you imagine what the other party would be saying if thier roles were reversed?? Yet the rest of us think it’s ok for someone to be acting this way with official ballots?? This is crazy!!

    1. @Pat Cornwell No, they don’t. That’s not even close to true, and like it or not, Hillary did lose the 2016 election. Election fraud is EXCEEDINGLY rare, it is NOTHING but a made up bogeyman by Republicans to scare their voters into supporting voter suppression. That’s it, end of story.

    2. @Alex Hamilton So you just don’t know what you’re talking about, then? Cool, must be nice.

    3. @Matthew Christensen except thats not where the story ends. How do you go to explain the ip connections of foreign countries to our election poll places? If election fraud is rare then why are there convictions for it during every major presidential election including this last one. Why did the Georgia sect of state release documents outlining illegal votes cast, then when asked by trump about it recanted the numbers and has still yet to supply the factual numbers. What govt official does that? Can’t say I agree much with you when all factual information shows otherwise…

    4. @Matthew Christensen furthermore voter suppression is far different than voter integrity. Verifying your identity suppresses no one but people too irresponsible to keep their identifying documents up to date. It doesn’t adversely affect any minority groups, only individuals that can not legally take part in our countries elections. Take some time to look at the facts. I’d love to hear in what way any voters are being suppressed, because at this point i don’t believe you even understand what voter suppression is.

    5. @Gary If the roles were reversed? You mean how in 2016 the democrats claimed the Russians interfered with the election? That Trump was an illegitimate president? How he lost the election and the partisan fbi opened investigations into it without a shred of proof through the use of fisa warrants? Like that? How about now there’s very troubling information but where is the fbi to investigate? The writing on the wall is clear to see.

  18. Rachel – you need to have a body language expert on the show. They would have a field day analysing this guy – he can’t even look at the guy who’s asking him questions.

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