1. Who cares about the failing corrupt system of Satan. Extract yourself and be free.

  1. Yeah, MORE Proof the GOP has NO Idea what they are doing, period.. Obstruction and Lies are all they know how to do… Pathetic…

    1. Either they don’t know what they are doing… or they *do.*
      Who knows which is worse.

  2. Yeh What he said…..they take it right off the top from the uhhh work force then up at the top they can sort you know fudge things if you will. Say like buy a couple new cars and tell the irs you didn’t make any money for yourself and the business took a loss too. Shoot…..

    1. Not just but the right ones. They don’t have the monetary resources to do lengthy audit on the richest people or to defend in court.

  3. They are aware of that. They are the ones not being investigated. They wanted it that way.

  4. So, hear me out here…
    what if we put a percentage of the money the IRS “earns” by thwarting tax avoidance back into funding the IRS?

  5. The IRS does not want to acknowledge people who have paid off their personal income tax and my money paid up to 70% of the construction cost of MetroTech Center Downtown Brooklyn where I placed an IRS office.

  6. Republicans “never understood this” about the IRS because *they were aiding and abetting tax cheats and being bribed and extorted by said tax cheats to allow it to continue*.

  7. under oath before congress the IRS testified that only 1/4 of taxes owed are paid because they cant go after the ‘complex’ cases ie cased with the big money. enough money for lawyers and to hide thier money.

  8. They mysteriously “continued to under-fund the agency” on purpose. When they’re under-funded they still collect the easy taxes from people with paychecks. But the people shuffling millions around in off-shore accounts and multiple businesses, that’s who they don’t have the ability to track. It almost makes me think they might have done it on purpose..

  9. The IRS would rather spend it’s time on a person like me and denying my $800 tax refund.

  10. Public officials do not understand the concept of “return on investment” accountability that the private sector demands, hence the lack of IRS investment and other money losing boondoggles.

  11. Dont let this distract you from the fact that tax laws are written by the rich for the rich.

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