Republicans Chosen For Jan. 6 Committee Could Change Dynamic Of Hearings 1

Republicans Chosen For Jan. 6 Committee Could Change Dynamic Of Hearings


Andrea Mitchell talks to former Rep. Donna Edwards and Brendan Buck to discuss the Republicans chosen for the January 6 select committee by Rep. Kevin McCarthy and how their presence could clash with Rep. Liz Cheney and what tactics they may use in House hearings.

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Republicans Chosen For Jan. 6 Committee Could Change Dynamic Of Hearings


  1. It’s almost like the GOP has something to hide, they don’t want to make light on those events? Sending bunch of clowns sure sends that message.

    1. @Elaine Burnett are you out of your mind? the democrats are for the elite rule all. youre brainwashed by the establishment who are trying to control everything.

  2. Jim Jordan. Even we Irish know what a political arsonist he is – putting him on ANY panel about Anything ensures a circus will follow. He has zero credibility – but then, neither do your Republicans.

    1. @A CONTRARIO If I understand you, you’re saying that “generally everything politicians do” is establish themselves in the mold of a ‘brand’. That’s some serious generalizing. Big fan of political institutions and processes, eh?

    2. @TY2 S. If she doesn’t, this committee will be a waste of time and taxpayer money. Jim Jordan is unable to be impartial or to quit disrupting the committee so that they cannot discover the actual truth behind the Trump led insurrection. He is complicit and therefore should not be on the committee in any other form except as a witness, at which point he will lie anyway.

  3. As usual, the GQP will do what they do best, obstruct and make a political circus out of Democratic procedures.

    1. @Woody Guthrie I LIVE HERE. I READ ABOUT IT EVERYDAY IN THE PAPER!! The original complainants were all lacrosse team members. Then, everybody & his brother jumped on board & people here doubt the reliability of the latter complainants and are pretty sure they jumped on board after they saw the $$.

    2. @Rosanne Green By the way, I’m sure you don’t know anything about the OSU campus, but there are about 7 different gyms, all across a huge campus. The gyms in which the lacrosse team and the wrestling team practice are about a mile apart.

    3. @Woody Guthrie Heck, you’ve got at least four of them now saying they were on a visiting college team & he abused them. That hardly seems likely.

    4. @Woody Guthrie I’m sure their teams came with their own team doctors so how could he have had anything to do with visiting players?

    5. @Woody Guthrie The way that he worked his scheme was if one of them were injured in practice or a game he made appointments for them at his off campus clinic and he abused them there. There are some allegations of shower ogling, but no abuse even occurred on campus.

  4. Protecting Trump from the consequences of his actions is a long time Republican habit. Probably because they are enablers and collaborators.

    1. @Covid is a Chinese Biological Attack Even more comical are his white supremacist rallies, his attempts at coherently putting together a blog, and all of his cult-members’ dying belief that he will be reinstated on August 13.

    2. Well there is no longer any probability about it.
      Republicans have shown us that they have chosen not to honor their oath of office. Instead they favor fully supporting a man dedicated to the complete overthrow of the American government, our democracy and our entire way of life. Trump longs to be crowned king of the ruins formerly known as the Beacon of Freedom. But that is not going to happen, over “my live” loyal freedom loving body!

    3. @Nate H If Trump supporters don’t get vaccinated, they might not be around to check their calendar on August 13th….

  5. They should add general Milley to the committee as a road block to the obstructionist BS Jim Jordan will surely bring to the group.

    1. He’ll just talk about “White Rage” and how the Army needs more “diversity” training… YAWN

  6. This supeony business may very well be the reason that Jordan was chosen to have top involvement,

  7. Jim Jordan is an empty vessel that makes the most noise. Disruptively shouts & screams unnecessarily; stupidly thinking he’s making an impact. That’s his purpose I guess.

  8. Hearing should be televised live to the public, with Rudy having to explain why they wanted a delay by just a day as per his telephone call, what did they plan to do on the 7th

  9. McCarthys’ selection of House members to serve on the Jan. 6th Select committee is pathetic. Facts are stubborn things. Speaker Pelosi should immediately refuse any member who voted to deny certification of the Electoral College results. Full stop!

    1. McCarthy only put Jordan on there so Pelosi uses her veto power and removes him so Republicans can pearl clutch and go, “She’s not willing to work with us!”

  10. several have already stated that their goal is to go after BLM, and Antifa, not seriously look into the 6th.

  11. Again, it’s going to be like, “Don’t worry – we investigated and discovered that we are innocent.” Of course, the FBI isn’t playing games like this.

  12. These clowns are hand picked by their fearless leader DJT, that’s why Mccarthy went to see big daddy.

  13. Jim Jordan is an annoying little thorn that has been thrown in to distract and confuse. He has the most skin crawling voice I’ve ever heard.

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