Sen. Braun: Infrastructure Bill ‘Won’t Fly’ Without Final Text | MSNBC

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) says the bipartisan infrastructure framework 'won't fly' if the final text isn't set, as Senate Majority Leader Schumer pushes forward with the bill. 

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Sen. Braun: Infrastructure Bill ‘Won’t Fly’ Without Final Text | MSNBC


    1. @Dizzy Marville the senate has been refusing to deal with this bill for 3 months purposefully wasting time

  1. Republicans don’t want it paid for they just want an excuse not to pass it. IRS that’s how to pay for it . I believe if Americans could vote ( on how to pay for infrastructure ) they would vote to have the IRS tax the rich and the companies to pay for the bill. Call your representatives and let them know.

    1. If the “rich” pay for it they will hand the cost down to us as we buy the goods they sell. So why not cut out the rich guy and just sign your life away now. That’s what the Republicans are trying to prevent.

    2. @Dizzy Marville You do know those “rich” put those republicans in office, right? I can assure you they are not trying to protect US.

    3. @Dizzy Marville sadly that’s the case already. How do you justify millions in CEO bonus’s

    4. @Dizzy Marville inflation is caused by the greed of the rich the more money the American people have the more the rich want funding the IRS to investigate the rich would bring billions and 1000’s of tax fraud charges if republicans would stop defunding the IRS they could do their jobs

  2. Mike Braun sucks for Indiana’s senator, he’s done nothing for Indiana’s black population.

  3. Republican odd false equivalency chorus: “Democrats are keeping things secret but not like we do that, too”

  4. I heard loud and clear McConnel telling his voters that yes, he voted against the bill , but his state will still get the much needed infrastructure money they need. Imagine if a still Trump supporting GOP member’s state did not get their fair share of that money if their representative voted against a bill. This is how it should be until the as$kis$ing / ring kis$ing to the Twice Impeached, Ex President Trump is OUT OF THE picture. I want to actually see these Senators Put America first and not Trump first.

  5. Republicans prove yet again that their only goal is to delay. These are the same fools who were scribbling. Changes in the margins of their joke of a tax plan

  6. I have written this guy three time and either not been answered or received a form letter that had nothing to do with the question I had asked. My Republican at work.

  7. Republicans are so funny. Has anyone forgotten the utter chaos of their tax abomination bill in 2017 with scribbled in changes being added as the House floor voting began. No one, not one single person had read even a tiny portion of that socialism for the rich garble of deficit horrors.

  8. Republicans have no credibility anymore. Stopping progress and self preservation. No credibility.

  9. What’s with Braun—-Indiana had so many major infrastructure projects because of VPPence
    Getting money back to the state
    From Federal sources😡

  10. Translation: There are no republicans willing to make the corporations and wealthy pay more than pocket change in taxes.

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