Republicans Distance Themselves From Trump On Masks | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Republicans Distance Themselves From Trump On Masks | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Republican lawmakers including Sens. Lamar Alexander, Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy are encouraging the public to wear masks to halt the spread of the coronavirus, signaling a break with the president on the issue. Aired on 7/1/2020.
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Republicans Distance Themselves From Trump On Masks | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. We have a “Gangster in the White House”: 
    Noam Chomsky says Trump is undeniably 
    “the worst criminal in history.”
    and sadly, the Republicans actually support this criminal, making them just as corrupt.

    1. Trumps cult members are not only also corrupt, but guilty of treason and conspiring to destroy the USA.

    1. They’re still having a hard time keeping them from eating the big white mints in the men’s urinals.

  2. Trump thought he was going to run the country the way he ran his businesses. That’s just solid proof that the man is simply not capable of being president. To add to this disaster we know that he didn’t run his businesses exactly well.

  3. Where were these republicans months ago? It’s good that they’re finally coming around but it’s too late for them as far as I am concerned. They had their chance and they blew it.

    1. John Dobbs These gangster GOPs only came around when they realized that they will be sent home in November, without a job or criminal platform/venue to keep stealing or other criminal activities that are despicable. Again, it’s been said: “ TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.”

  4. Dear America: You got a duty this November, please get rid off this nightmare.
    -Sincerely, The Rest of the World.

    1. The only people who think trump is good, are either bad people or just ignorant of the truth

    1. @Elan’ Just his white eye sockets, pumpkin forehead and that died weave thing on top of his head.

    1. @Trollop Please don’t count on it. I live in a relatively liberal city in Montana, I’m not seeing a big surge in mask wearing. Hilary was right, the base is deplorable, throw them some racist red meat, they’ll wolf it down. I do think the Trumplicans will offer tRump and his spawn immunity from prosecution and entreat him to resign, I don’t know if he will go for it. Don’t forget the electoral college and the utter immorality of his core supporters.

    1. Sean Sparks. I have called Mitch McConnell since early 2018 about the failed rich tax plan. I was told OUR WHOLE AGENDA IS JUDGES. Please vote for Joe

    2. @Jeanette Schock I know hate is a strong emotion. Mitch McConnell has slowly boiled my blood for YEARS!!!!!

  5. Trump should just wear a paper bag…like the unknown comic… us all that wretched face and horrible hair………..

  6. Like Andrew Cuomo said, “Reality wins.” We cannot deny the REALITY, even if Trump wants to keep denying it.

    1. I thought this as well. Thousands of dead bodies every day can’t possibly be “fake news”… if the msm had covered this like the Vietnam War and brought this harsh reality into the homes of the American people many would’ve taken it a lot more seriously. People needed to see the ugliness, but we got “Tweet News Lite” instead.

    2. I’m a Survivor
      He sounds more presidential then Trump would ever sound like in his life time, what Trump needs to do is get with hooked on phonics.

  7. There’s going to be a million people show up. It will be the greatest thing.
    -6,000 idiots show up.

    1. @jossey bareille
      America: China fudges its numbers on Covid19?
      Trump: We should stop testing for covid19 because when you test more, you increase the number of cases!
      But China who is doing millions of tests are manipulating the numbers/////////
      Come on !!!!!!!!!!
      What’s really unbelievable is for the first time ever, the US is really “NUMBER ONE” at something, and they are doing their best to deny it!

  8. GOP Is like watching Kindergartner’s when they realize they just figured something out. Masks good.

  9. Vote Trump out in a landslide in November. Let’s send a strong message that the insanity has to stop.

  10. We the Citizens Tax payers, don’t want you ,if you don’t care about us!!!! Your Out!!!

    1. Norma Hernandez we are not paying your salary anymore nor your benefits as president. You will receive zero from us.

    1. And Russia & China are playing him like a fiddle while his brethren backing perform Dueling Banjos…

  11. “Republicans are going to lose, and it’s the president’s fault.”
    It’s the Republicans’ fault for enabling this president and remaining largely silent.

    1. For even letting him run at all. That may just be the downfall of the republican party.

  12. Dear America: You got a duty this November, please get rid off this nightmare.
    -Sincerely, The Rest of the World.

    1. @Humberto Hernandez Don’t rely on a fictitious god, every individual who is able to vote in November should do the right thing and get this monster out of the White House.

    2. C.C. Andews– Screw November–that means he & crew stays in WH until Jan 2021. Gotta boot him NOW.

  13. “I know” ,he doesn’t wear a mask because he’s gonna get a white circle around his mouth like he has around his eyes.

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