Republicans To Watch As Trump Impeachment Goes To The Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Steve Kornacki looks at the senators to watch – breaking down the 2020 politics behind everything – as the Trump impeachment heads to the Senate. Aired on 12/26/19.
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Republicans To Watch As Trump Impeachment Goes To The Senate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Always power never principle. Once you have a seat you don’t want to give it up. Just like folks on a bus or train. Self interest reigns supreme.

    1. @Michael V – In this case, ‘giving up your seat’ means you loose your job. That is a lot more severe than having to stand up. Think for a second, it just might be a new experience.

  2. Why is it ok for them to break their oath of office? If you refused your duties in any other job youd be fired!

    1. True. in the military its an actual crime to violate your sworn oath. With punishment up to and including firing squad. Be nice if the same punishments applied to those we elect for violating theirs. Why are the rest of us held to a higher standard of conduct than the ones we elect? Go to court and take an oath. Then violate that oath and see what happens to you.

    2. @Dr. Zippy Mcscoots Trumps only the head of the government as president why should he uphold the same standards as they expect everyone else under him to. Thats the difference between the right and the left to an extent. The right thinks power is self justified by any means necessary including situational ethics and being a huge hypocrite, its not a bug its a feature. This is how abusive people and predators operate.

    3. @Geth Creator But you are ok with a pres that thinks he is above the law and wants to be a dictator ? How can ANYONE look at Trump’s life and believe ANYTHING he says? He did EXACTLY what he is accused of! AND MORE! And should be in prison!!!

  3. A trial where 50%+ of jurors _coordinate with the accused_ ?

    Republicans don’t want witnesses, because they know he’s guilty.

    1. John Triplett,

      When was the last time – or 1st, or ever – you’ve demanded REPUBLICAN Cofer Black of Burisma Holdings board of directors become prosecuted for corruption and/or imprisoned? Many people are anxiously anticipating your sincere response… Do you believe having Democrat Hunter Biden AND Republican Cofer Black testify in the Senate impeachment trial is the right thing to do?

    2. Yea its a direct violation of the Constitution. “To act as a check against the Executive Branch….”

    3. Yeah no kidding, I thought this was America where fair trials were expected as a norm. What will you call your new nation? Its obviously not America anymore.

    1. @Billy Anderson if it’s too vague it makes it look like they are just saying orange man bad that’s why we need him out. Other congressmen saying if he’s re-elected they’ll just impeach again also doesn’t look good.

    2. Keep it simple stupid, Drumpfs impeachment is proven without all witnesses and docs. Which if allowed would confirm to remove and imprison.

  4. WOW! THIS WAS GREAT. (And I don’t really like Kornacki). THIS is what everyone should pay close attention to.
    He hit on every great point, about the Senators, and I actually learned something new, about their Republican primary in their state, which makes knowing how they will vote, rather difficult to predict. All I can say is…THE SENATORS ARE OBLIGATED to be objective, look at the facts…set aside their bias, and make an impartial ruling. THEY NEED TO FORGET POLITICS! And do their job. (I don’t care if they vote to impeach or not. ALL EYES will be on them, to do the right thing, regardless of their political preference. They are the supposed “adults in the room”, a rationality check to The House and The White House. DO…YOUR…JOB).

  5. This is like a general setting up the battlefield! Basically, their up for reelection and if Trump isn’t voted out, they will. So there’s the score, I think. Dems lead with additional articles of impeachment. Abuse of power and obstruction of justice. Along with emoluments act, grand larceny of military aid funds. War crime involving one country to invade another with Congress approval of removal of troops. Abandoning an ally in battle. Reps have not brought any evidence of their own just yet. But we’re still waiting to go to trial. Let the games commence!

  6. This will be a moment of truth for Romney, is he a man of principle and impartiality or will he cow tow to the power of Trump. My gut the later.

    1. Romney is purely a man of the Morman Church. So have the Mormons turned their back on Trump? If not, Romney has to still support the Republican Party.. or so he would say.

  7. Murkowski and Collins have pretended they were going to vote country over party in the past, but when it came time to vote, they stayed right in the party line. Don’t count on them.

    1. @Jameson W Well if you weren’t a coward and would use your name, we MIGHT listen to you, otherwise, you’re just a coward or an anonymous bot.

    2. @carolyn carter Anyone that can’t use a capital in their own name is a COWARD, because that’s not your real name. Go back to sitting on the porch in Alabama until you are BRAVE enough to use your own name.

  8. And here we are: the only consideration for any of these people is how their vote to acquit or convict will affect their re-election chances.

  9. I love how we’re just openly talking about these elected officials just throwing their Oath of Office into the gutter for personal gain…hmm…seems like it’s easier to just replace them when it’s time! #Remove Traitor-Trump! #voteBlue2020!!

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