Residents vow to stay after Ida devastates their town 1

Residents vow to stay after Ida devastates their town


In the face of unimaginable pain and loss, residents of a hard-hit Louisiana community vow to stay. A sense of place coupled with the bonds of family, friendship and community are stronger than the killer storms that upend their lives. CNN's Jon Sarlin tells their stories.
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  1. No, Louisiana gets nailed all the time, most places aren’t like that, you’re wrong..You’re talking yourself into BS

    1. Get out while you can. This is only going to get worse. Stop giving my tax money to rebuild in these places.

    1. Where would you go? Tornados, earthquakes, floods, droughts, etc. no matter where you go there nature will find you.

    2. @Steven B Hurricanes tend to be worst though because of the amount of hazards they bring and how often they happen. Every year you get a billion dollar mess. Louisiana’s always broke for a reason.

    1. @Mark Berryhill The only things I see on Stilts are the fish camps outside of New Orleans, like Irish Bayou. Or out Highway 90, going West.

  2. Yea I’ll take the cold of MN weathers over anything else. Our “disasters” encourage us to stay inside, not flee our homes.

    1. @OneCueT – Kristi me too.
      I’m from Chicago.
      Today live in Oklahoma.
      It’s 100 out but hey I don’t have to bundle up to get mail or blow dry my car key.

    2. I did four decades in Minnesota. I miss the air water trees and rain but my arthritis got to paralyzation. At least my bones aren’t frozen half the year then bitten up by flying vampires the other six months. Humid balls!

    3. @H Pn my house is heated by wood as well as propane, I’ll survive without power. As I suggest most people to do, have a backup heat source.

  3. Stupid is as stupid does…
    WHY back up a bit and create a safety zone????
    Pour TRILLIONS into fixing stuff every few years!!!

  4. Ummmmmm Lady, I have lived my whole life in one state and NEVER dealt with such disasters!… You truly need to travel more or do better research and realize that you live in a state plagued by natural disasters!….

    1. Stick around Triple A, it’ll come your way one day. But I agree, if you live in Florida, Louisiana, or California you asking for trouble!

    2. Yup
      It will definitely come his way one day.
      Ppl seem to think nothing bad can happen to them.
      Wroooong attitude!

  5. This place is in literal constant threat of horrible natural disasters and these people just brush it off like it’s not gonna happen 2 or 3 years later. I feel bad for the people who died but how many times should you get bailed out before it should be more incentivized to leave disaster prone areas instead rebuilding

    1. People stay for different reasons. It doesn’t seen conceivable for people to just leave areas prone to disaster. The mid west and California are in constant states of disaster. With climate change the entire planet will be in a disaster prone area.

    2. I’m not just saying this one area nor the entire states nor should they be forced to take a huge loss just saying it seems more feasible to incenivize relocation from high risk areas as apposed to rebuilding with more expensive mitigation added

    3. @Patrick Martin These is no place in the USA that isn’t affected by natural disasters. The amount of people dead due to hurricanes is extremely small due to evacuations and its usually after the fact people die. This compared with the Cali fires and earthquakes and the floods in NY right now due to the same hurricane ect. All it is mostly is destruction. You move to the middle its tornado ally, top its snow storms, West is fires and earthquakes and east is hurricanes also…you arent going anywhere safe just help people rebuild and thank god its not you.

  6. Residents vow to stay after Ida devastates their town!!! This title made me laugh because Where do they go after Ida devastates their town? Nowhere to go and they must stay where they are. Period.

  7. “vow to stay” you mean they can’t leave because their net worth is wrapped up into a property that’s not worth anything right now because it was destroyed?

  8. Like yeah I feel bad for them, but why exactly do we keep rebuilding where we know it’s going to happen again? Like no, it’s not a chance, its just an eventuality.

  9. Here’s a bi partisan proposal, people can stay but the will be taxed by the state for residency, this tax will pay for all repairs from major storm damage and property loss! We should make the state the insurer of the most dangerous areas!

  10. My folks got the hell out of south Florida. There are parts of the country where extreme weather doesn’t cause damage frequently.

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