See what life under Taliban rule looks like outside of Kabul 1

See what life under Taliban rule looks like outside of Kabul

A lot has changed since the Taliban were last in charge, like cell phones and social media. But much has not, especially Afghanistan's enduring problem: poverty. The week after Kabul fell a local journalist took a road trip from the border to the capital. On this journey, two things become clear: the financial mess Afghanistan is in and the sharp shift to religious rule. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.
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  1. hahaha the reporter actually said they think the Taliban will be “Inclusive”…The village says “We have high expectations and we are hopeful the Taliban will deliver”…can these people be any more willingly blind and utterly stupid?

    1. @Wayne Allard most of the world doesnt care about dead marines because the marines and americans themselves dont care about the millions they killed in the name of “freedom” yall americans are funny. Im just laughing all the way from croatia.

    2. @FoundAPeanut I think you meant “THAN make America great”. It’s ok, we know what you were trying to say. Go ahead, tell us all how great Biden is. C’mon man!

    1. @ThinkBefore YouType And what happened? They attacked US soldiers! We all know exactly what Trumps plan was! You clowns don’t seem to though. Trump was going to get civilians out first, then equipment, then troops. Would’ve worked beautifully if Biden hadn’t screwed it up!

    1. @Recitation Clips Of Quran _/\معرفة your attempt to be deep has only shown an emotional weakness. Stay the course and focus on logic!

    2. @T B Post colonial white mans mindset
      U probably don’t know what the scientific method of observation is? It’s only to study how thing’s work bro. THATS iT.
      R u saying everything besides that is faith & can’t be proven?????
      I agree to an extent.
      Because then morals & Ethics= faith
      Soul(which differentiates us from animals)=faith
      The connection //between cause and effect (which isn’t seen) =faith
      Gravity( the force which we don’t see)=faith
      First person experience=faith
      Logic??? Show me/prove liberalism to me if u have proof

    3. The blood is on ALL THEIR hands ( the media) over the past year and the next 20 years because of the lies they spewed. They are truly horribly ignorant or evil. Either way hundreds of thousands past, present and future will die because of their lies about the past administration. Most shameful, in humane and irresponsible “ adults” I have ever witnessed in my life.

    1. The going in half-hearted in the first place and not even coming close to accomplishing the mission is what bothers me… perhaps the mission was just that, to get weapons to terrorists

    2. @Kevin Meiz still talking shite?……… I watched several videos of the black hawk, but it was cruising, never saw one take off and as for the lies from this administration
      Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years in other words his lying bullshit

    3. Non of this bothers me. Only the lies. Joe said this would not happen and after it did he said they knew the whole time this was going to happen

  2. CNN may be the ONLY news outlet on the planet that could use the words ” Taliban ” and
    ” charm offensive ” in the same sentence. That they can do it with no sarcasm or apparent sense of irony is even more impressive !!

  3. I thought you leftists were all happy about the “new 2.0 Taliban” taking over control of Afghanistan. You all fell for their lies about inclusivity. One of your female reporters even had the deranged thinking to say “ they’re shouting death to America but they appear friendly”. Must have gone to the same journalist school of the reporter standing in front of the burning buildings in Minneapolis Minnesota stating “they are mostly peaceful protests”. Stop being political pundits and actually tell the people the reality of situations!!!

  4. “we dont know whos in charge” – the ones in charge are the ones with the guns. Thats why they took them from you first.

  5. I thought the Taliban were “chanting death to America but seem pretty peaceful”? What happened to that CNN?

    1. They weren’t even chanting that. The CNN are just trying to slander the Taliban

  6. The White House: “We got leverage.”
    The Taliban: “We got the weapons and the country of Afghanistan.”

  7. Once again, the great CNN helping create more problems! They should really feel good about what they’re doing for their own children, grand children and on and on…Sick…

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  9. “Taliban promises to be inclusive”
    “They’re putting their Islamic principles first”
    I’m not fully caught up, but aren’t Sharia and inclusiveness mutually exclusive

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