1. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘

    1. @Zuzanna Wisniewska Zelensky shouldn’t have yelled NATO NATO WE ARE JOINING NATO what do you think was going to happen they should have stayed neutral and NATO played him to weaken Russia and now Ukraine land people have a country that’s been destroyed and NATO won’t even except Ukraine in to it

  2. Vladimir Putin consulted with a fortune teller. He asked:
    “How long will I live”?
    The psychic replied: ” I cannot tell that but I do know you will die on a Ukrainian holiday.”
    “Which holiday?” Putin asked.
    “Whichever day you die will be an Ukrainian holiday.”

  3. It is important to note that newer assistance packages represent military tech yet to be delivered. In other words future deliveries of superior western tech like the Himars indicate the Ukrainian forces increasingly are transitioning towards these systems. That gives them a tactical advantage going forward against the Russian tech equipped forces they fight. The more the Ukrainian military moves towards western weapons systems to greater their advantage over Russian forces will be.

    1. This is emphasized by the Russians losing much of their higher tech equipment at the same time and having to equip new soldiers with older equipment as the war continues.

  4. We can be thankful for the tremendous amount of graft & corruption that is rife throughout the Russian military that has turned the Russian hammer into a slap.

  5. One huge part of Ukraines success? Is that after 2014? They’ve changed their command structure away from the top down soviet model into a US / nato style. Much more flexible and efficient

    1. @Tom Robertson More importantly, in Western armies, even junior soldiers know what the mission, commander’s intent and end goal of the mission is. So in the event of the loss of it’s leadership, they can still continue to carry out tasks in support of reaching the end goal.

    2. @armynurseboy in a democracy all are citizens
      Officer and enlisted is just a job description and training .
      I was a radioman
      The difference between my officer and my self was he had college degree and I was a high school graduate,
      Marine radio men have the same IQ as officers or more.
      So yes , we are all in it together .
      Marines never just quit .
      So even the newbie knows what the mission is

    3. @Tom Robertson “newbies” only know what the mission is if they’re told what the mission is. This happens in Western armies because we favor decentralized command and control and trust said “newbie” with that information. This is not the case in authoritarian armies where control and command is rigidly centralized…often times to prevent coups-de-tats. We saw this in Korea, we saw this in Iraq, we planned for this in the Cold War if we ever had to fight the Soviets.

    4. @scatman Another example. An USA Army Platoon has 35 to 45 soldiers. One Lt(Lieutenant)who is in charge of the Platoon. One Platoon Sargent(Sargent First Class. E-7) who is the NCO that had YEARS of experience in the Army and he’s/she’s second in charge of the Platoon. Platoon Sargent’s job is to make sure the soldiers follow orders, enforce orders, keep the soldiers in check, discipline and etc etc(Basically he’s the Dad or Mom who keep the sons and daughters in check). Lets say in battle the Lt goes down now the Platoon Sarg takes over and complete the mission if possible. Sometimes the LT listen to the Platoon Sargent because the Sarg has more field experience and sometimes vice versa.

  6. Watched an interview with a Ukrainian soldier in the N East yesterday and he said. ‘We’ve been trying to fight the Russians but they just keep running away, it’s nearly impossible to catch them. I don’t know where they are now, maybe back at the border or Moscow or something??’ 馃槀

  7. This broadcast was probably the clearest explanation of the logistics of the Ukrainian conflict that I have seen. Thanks to retired Col. Leighton for his maps, photos, and clear explanations. Yes, the madman who is in control of Russia right now has threatened nuclear intervention. Let’s do what we can to prevent the use of nuclear weapons. I agree with the commentator who said that what we should do right now is to continue to support the Ukrainian people in their fight for independence and freedom. They are paying a terrible price in that fight, but I know they will succeed.

    1. Just do “duck and cover.”. I am sure it will work and the kids will be in school the next day with a few radiation burns–like sunburn

  8. Can we please give Ukranian army night vision goggles and silencer for night time combat missions? Training in that expertise as well would be greatful! That element alone will keep the Russians off guard and at fear even at night.

    1. @Graham D he’s a russian troll. They’re a little desperate at the moment and are trying to create a little political drama to change the subject.

    1. Wow, look at Kherson. The Ukrainians are performing a classic pincer movement! Funny, at Stalingrad the Soviets performed a pincer movement on the Germans. That movement destroyed the Germans at Stalingrad. Now Ukrainians are doing the same on the Russians at Kherson. Looks as if the Ukrainian commanders have learned from their history classes at the military academies. Smart!

    2. May God bless all of you in Ukraine. We all pray for a quick victory for you and russia pay for what they have done. You have the support of the world behind your country especially here in America. Keep strong and NEVER give up. With love from Pennsylvania. Don

  9. I don’t think it is fair to ask if the US is doing enough, the question should be, do you think the US is considering sending longer range missiles to Ukrain? I think the US is doing a fantastic job in aiding Ukraine, but I hope they will send longer range missiles sooner than later and stop thinking abt escalation because it is going to happen anyway. The Ukrainians need these systems to repel the russians fast and before winter steps in

  10. Well done United States. I don’t know how much we here in europe give, but I bet we could give more. The people of Ukraine are worth so much more. And they are working so hard for their freedom. Let’s make sure they get what they want the most.Greetings from nato country 31 or 32 hopefully. Slava Ukraine馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘

    1. @sjonnie playfull sometimes there isn’t any other way than to defend yourself, and when you are winning it’s very tempting to want to teach a lesson to the aggressors, but you know what they say about revenge

    2. @sjonnie playfull Unfortunately very true. I wish more people would read Sun Tzu’s *Art* *of* *War* . Very enlightening.
      (Edit: used wrong key to italicize. Made do anyway with the bold.)

    3. Lex I know my country is in front when comes givin ukraine as much as we can britain only very small country .but heard Finnish prime minster say nato is training Ukrainians in weapons and tactics and Britain is in charge that and leading the way ..so I take my news from other countrys cause our own politicians always going lick own balls n talk self’s up…. but kno britain givin much as we can give for small country as I said .. America is vast they have alot more they can give than most or all europen countrys as its the size of all us put together let’s face it …

    4. My thinking is that US has its own oil reserves so many European countries may have to buy oil & gas at a high price from other countries so they likely can’t give as much as US. They seem to be giving what they can.

    1. @Elijah It’s not just Ukraine’s problem. You’re blind if you don’t see how important this is globally. And many non western nations have sided with Ukraine. Only the dictatorial states are with Russia, and those are few.

  11. I am not linguistic expert nor can I speak or write Ukrainian, but the pronunciations the military analyst did sounded really good and clear in my ears.

    1. I’m Ukrainian speaker. I confirm, his pronunciation is very accurate.

  12. 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎 God bless them, their courage and bravery! God keep them safe and let them win the war against evil! 馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎馃憦馃徎

  13. The professionalism, seriousness, and dedication shown by the Americans towards the resolution of this war is extremely commendable. 馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘 strong and free…

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