Retired general makes prediction about Putin’s plan in Ukraine

Retired Maj. General James "Spider" Marks outlines Russian President Vladimir Putin's plan to partition Ukraine and predicts that Ukrainian forces will not be able to stop him. #CNN #News


  1. The same general that said kyiv will be taken in 3 days, there is a big difference in what russia wish and what it can accomplished.

    1. I agree. This general is too short-sided to see the picture. The Russians loose their hope to achieve the big victory by May 9, the Victory Day. Afterward, I’d expect the tide to change.

    2. You want somebody to tell you that Ukraine is going to resist successfully so that you sleep better at night? I think you’ve been watching too many Hollywood movies

    3. I am uploading videos of the war on this channel if you want to take a look. I didnt know the war would have lasted this long.

  2. this general’s predictions belong more on russian state tv, since this is what they are saying on there.

    1. Russia is actually outnumbered in the war right now. They abandoned Kiev to concentrate their forces in the east. Yes it is true that Russia cannot send all their forces to Ukraine. But what they can do is to rotate them out. Ukraine can’t give any of it’s people a break. If this drags out, they will have to fight non stop.

  3. i think he’s trying to salavage all his old predictions about ukraine falling, rather than walking it back and taking ownership of the fact he’s been way off. hopefully they aren’t paying this guy for his opinions

    1. / Надеюсь они не платят этому парню за его мнения / Да нет у него своего мнения . А ему как раз и платят за то что он ретранслирует планы Путина

  4. As someone with absolutely no military experience, but a decent amount of logic, I absolutely disagree with this General.

    1. @ixlnxs I also speak the Russian language and I live in California. Whoops, looks like Putin should be allowed to invade California now.

    2. @Sneaky pants When Ukraine has western artillary set up which has much more range and infinitely better accuracy, they can sit back and obliterate russian positions at will, until there is nothing left.

    3. @xpusostomos Hopefully but you know anything can happen. No metrer how you look at is very nasty fight

  5. His pessimistic prediction for the eastern part of Ukraine is exactly what was wrongly predicted for the entirety of Ukraine in the early days of the war.
    We were all told Ukraine would fall quickly and that the only way Russia could be defeated was through a multiyear insurgency, “like in Afghanistan”.
    That original (and wrong) pessimism kept the West from giving Ukraine the heavy weapons it needs to defeat Russia until only recently, after Ukraine already proved itself by destroying and expelling *all* Russian forces from the Kyiv area using very limited resources.
    We are now starting to arm Ukraine to completely defeat and completely expel Russia, which it will do, regardless of this general’s obsolete pessimism.

    1. @/u/ spockdad what about USA never able to take out Taliban in 20 years. What about USA list in Vietnam?

    2. I have watched many videos of strategic in this channel but they almost always fail on predictions or give the wrong solutions
      Its feels like they are only using the point of view of Russia strategy but forget many times the point of view of Ukraine

    3. TV generals are never wrong. They know what Putin is thinking, and the people in gov’t that bungled Afghanistan are advising the Ukrainians.

  6. A depressing prediction there and one that many _experts_ would disagree with. Not enough said about the issue that such a result would make Ukraine a landlocked country with no direct access to the Black Sea etc. There is too much at stake for this to be allowed to happen; not least the damage to the future of the world in general caused by a success for Russian military aggression in Europe in the 21st century.

    1. @Isly Wynn They still have a way to the port of Constanta Romania is not a direct port but at least they can ship the grains !

    2. Its depressing because you’ve been lied to for 2 months ,now that the reality has become unescapable they are pivoting towards the truth

    3. Ukraine doesnt have enough heavy weapons in the long term to stop it. Its going to take about a year for the west to start moving lots of kit into ukraine, and that kit needs to travel a 1000kms on rail,

  7. The Ukrainians greatest advantage is that their potential to attack and take ground is not a factor in russian plans. They seem to assume that they simply have to wear down points of resistance and dont position themselves to receive an aggresive attack. The Ukranians absolutely cannot let the operations simply drag on and let defensive lines solidify. They know this though and are always exceeding projections.

  8. I would have loved for the reporter to question the General about his poor analysis of Ukraine falling at the beginning of the war and why should we trust his analysis now.

    1. I am uploading videos of the war on this channel if you want to take a look. I didnt know the war would have lasted this long.

  9. The legendary John King interviews Major General (Ret.) James “Spider” Marks. The distinguished military man’s analysis should make everyone of us wake up to what is happening before our eyes and why Mariupol must… not… fall. General Marks, please use your considerable skills in analyzing how to drive a wedge to the steel plant in Mariupol and then when the civilians are freed, continue the wedge to the Sea of Azov to cut the Russian land bridge and come around to attack the eastern and western flanks of the Russian forces. Mariupol is the key to dividing Ukraine up like a Domino pizza. Why has Mariupol been ground to rubble? Because the prize the Russians really want is to control the Dnieper river, the ‘Mississippi’ of the region. It’s the only river that empties into the Black Sea allowing ships to send grain and minerals and everything else to the Black Sea, through the straits of Turkey into the mediteranean and out to the world’s oceans. The Russian Empire will whither and die if it can’t control the Dnieper river. The Dombas region, land bridge, Crimea, Moldova are cherries on the cake to divert our attention from the real reason they are trying to send the Ukraine back to the stone age. An American analyst is where I’ve gotten my information from and it sounds right. Why would there be such a slaughter of innocent civilians if they weren’t trying to erase the Ukrainian culture from the Earth. I repeat: Russia’s main objective is the Dnieper and we must now ask General Marks and his fellow military strategists to relay as soon as possible to the Ukrainians how to take Mariupol back and cut the Russian land bridge in two. Do that and you’ve got the Russian army on the run. It’s doable. Let’s help them…

  10. This man seriously underestimates Ukrainians. I don’t agree with him at all and neither have I heard any other analyst agree with him.
    But it does depend on the west continuing to arm Ukraine long term.

    1. Спасибо ,люди с Чернигова живой стеной становились,что б в первый день не пропустить русские танки,женщины и старики.мы жили месяц под бомбами,без воды,тепла и света.мы не пустили их а Чернигов.

    2. They can’t afford NOT to arm Ukraine long term if that’s what’s required – or the price to pay later will be far higher.

  11. Keep in my mind that this is the same guy that predicted that: a) Putin would never launch a full scale invasion of Ukraine or march on Kiyiv, and would focus on the Donbas instead b) the Belarussians would team up with the Russians c) Putin would succeed very quickly d) Dvornikov would make a big difference e) the Ukrainians might not be able to hold out for more than a few weeks. Moreover, he completely ignores the sanctions and their effect on Russia, as well Ukraine get more and more arms with every day. He is probably the last person I would listen to, especially when pretty much most other experts contradict him, as they do.

    1. I am uploading videos of the war on this channel if you want to take a look. I didnt know the war would have lasted this long.

  12. “No desire to leave and no desire to rebuild it” is the euphemism for a military disaster

    1. and it’s irrelevant, since the West has frozen Russian assets and will use those to help rebuild Ukraine.

    2. @caliph20 Part of the final terms will be for Russia to pay up or face military action INSIDE RUSSIA.

  13. Ukraine has people who remember life under Stalin and the horrors carried out against Ukrainians by Russians. There are more remember Ukraine as part of USSR. They’ve tasted the freedom of life after USSR. Putin taking Ukraine is one thing. Russia keeping Ukraine is a totally different thing. Russia does not have enough soldiers to stop outbreaks and skirmishes from disenfranchised Ukrainians. They will not toe the “don’t speak out” line which Russians live under. How do you keep control of a country the size of Ukraine, when they don’t want to be Russian? Hopefully the word on Putin’s health issues are correct, and he loses control. If that happens we have to hope Russians rise up against the State.

  14. The fact is Russians are suffering an unprecedented and unsustainable loss of leadership, troops, and vehicles.

    If they were to continue to the end of the summer at this rate they would lose 1800 tanks, 10000 vehicles, 33 generals, and seventy thousand soldiers. With another seventy thousand soldiers wounded and not militarily capable.

    They also are beginning to lose extremely valuable internal assets

    And the assumption that Russia is going to be able to declare Victory and go home while keeping the gains is really odd

    1. I am uploading videos of the war on this channel if you want to take a look. I didnt know the war would have lasted this long.

  15. I am not a general, but one thing seems to be missing from his analysis. Russia is topped out in terms of troops. It won’t commit conscripts and so it only has a limited supply of new contract or volunteer troops to send in. By contrast, Ukraine is fully mobilized and outnumbers Russia. When those new recruits are fully trained and armed, it should be possible for Ukraine to expel the invaders.

    1. @Mark O potentially Thanos will make an appearance and wipe out the Ukrainians. Captain America will need to go to Azovstal Steel Factory saving the trapped NATO troops. This is just getting exciting! Woohoo!

    2. @Kitty Cat not gonna happen. 84 years later, Poland is not going to make the same exact mistake. The last time, it resulted in half a century long occupation.

  16. This would have been an “interesting” perspective on March 2nd.
    But on May 2nd it seems remarkable out of touch with what the Russians have actually been able to achieve compared to what Ukraine has been able to achieve.

    1. They’re trying to save face.
      They don’t want their viewers shocked when the war is over and Ukraine is a much, much smaller country.

  17. That’s really sad to see this guest talking about the “inevitable” split of Ukraine. Why should it happen and be accepted? Why don’t the civilized world support Ukraine stronger and faster with at least sending more heavy weapons to defend its people?
    Every village taken by Russians means only more deaths, tortures and terror.

    1. @Angelorademon I didn’t say referendum for independence, but vote for back to status of quo before war.
      I am not so confident on government Intel, starting from kiev lost in a week to capable of bleeding Russia out of game of thrones. Iran has been sanctioned for almost half century, but it is still an undoubted regional power in the middle east. Are we really able to beat Russia completely down w/o huge costs? Is it realistic to ask Russia completely surrender and accept what it possessed back to ussr breakdown. Or it is right time for some damage control and start dialoguing to find way out. Everyone is suffering, right?

    2. I am uploading videos of the war on this channel if you want to take a look. I didnt know the war would have lasted this long.

    3. @Jammzy Ukraine is literally is the farthest East of Europe lmao. As far from the West as you can get and still be in Europe. Please learn what words mean before you keep embarrassing yourself.

  18. The West owes Ukraine a huge debt of gratitude for reminding us at what cost freedom comes. And the Generals vision of a divided Ukraine is precisely what will happen if NATO slows its response down or continues to fight by rules of engagement that make no sense. What Ukraine has achieved to date is beyond remarkable, given the lack of an airforce, navy or long range missiles. Putins goal was a rapid decapitation of Ukraines government in Kyiv. He failed and the losses to his military in terms of manpower, morale and materiel have been huge. The rapes and execution of civilians have enraged Ukraines and multiplied their desire to defend their country. Whatever advantage he held by launching his strikes first, he has lost. In the meantime, the West has started to supply Ukraine with the kit required to degrade Putins army in the south east. The 2014 annexation of Crimea lulled Putin into a false sense of security. But that annexation took place during a political vacuum that followed the Euromaidan protests that toppled the pro-Russian president, Yanukovych who fled to Moscow. This is a unified and determined Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

    1. @Angelorademon I think its called an autocracy but some how its supposed to stand for freedom

  19. I’m really struggling to understand this General’s assessment. It seems quite different compared to other Generals assessments and the overall circumstances in terms of incoming equipment to Ukraine, sanctions, overall loses and Russian troop moral on the battlefield.

    As it stands right now it will take Russia over 2 years to replace their current loses (potentially longer depending on the sanctions)… so it’s really a no brainer that Russia is going to have to slow their already slow advance in order to attempt to hold on to what they’ve stolen… which won’t be easy.

    The Ukrainian army have clearly been able to hold off one of the most powerful armies in the world with short range anti tank & anti air weapons. Yes they’ve had to fall back in some areas but have really only lost minimal territory so far, while inflicting incredibly heavy losses to Russia. All without the equipment they are now getting. The most recent equipment packages being sent (Artillery, Anti Aircraft, Drones, Soviet Tanks etc… and the possible 30+ Billion in support) makes it really difficult to believe Russia can simply push Ukraine back in few weeks and months. That equipment should also put the Ukrainian army in a far better position to go on the counter offensive, especially when considering a number of the Artillery pieces they are getting out ranges Russian Artillery and it can be protected with many of the Anti Aircraft armour they are also getting.

    In 2 months Russia has lost as much military personnel then their entire time in Afghanistan (10 years). Which many historians consider was a major contributing factor to the fall of the Soviet Union.

    … hrmmm maybe this General is just playing along to give Russia false hope so that they continue to send their troops in as cannon fodder…??

    1. He’s the devil’s advocate, maybe. Suggesting a goal that would end the war while giving Putin a victory. Not that Ukraine is willing or should even consider it an option.

  20. With “genius” like Retired Maj. General James “Spider” Marks, one understands why we have lost every war. Scott Ritter and Col. Douglas McGregor have the deepest knowledge of Russian military strategy. Marks is mostly wishful thinking.

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