1. pretty simple really, one party supports a man that supports putin, the other, does not.

    1. @I like… hiding under a rock? google this! “we get all the funding we need out of russia” and “russia, if your listening” let me know what you think.

  2. Sad….. just sad America does not need this what ever happened to real politicians the ones who care about the people and not the lie

    1. @worm. Right. Politicians are caring about people. Thats why they are speaking the truth.

    1. @John Downer Less Howie Mandel, and much more Josh Mandel, who had been lobbying for Trump’s support in Ohio.

  3. Amid the increasing prices of goods and commodities, the one thing that keeps getting cheaper is integrity. Especially in American politics.

    1. it’s not because of politician, it’s about no way you can find angels who would choose integrity over power/money., even there is exception. would you bet with the fate of usa? welcome to libertarianism.

    2. Very correct. In testimony before Congress last week we heard the director of Homeland security being called a traitor. He has abandoned his morning duty to protect the constitution and enforce Americas laws.

  4. Dropping the name. Because they need anything to make them stand out. They can’t do it with thier personality. Weak!!! Candidates

  5. Frightening that these candidates are still talking about the character getting smaller in the rear-view mirror. They almost mention his name as much as the talking heads on CNN.

    1. @The People’s Elbow I think after the midterms that the powers that be will begin to phase him out.

  6. They figure voters are smart enough, to check the official records, not just brainwashing propaganda, to see what accomplishments Trump actually made. They were historic and genuinely improved the conditions in our country. Hopefully theyll do the same.

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