Retired general: ‘Russia is scrambling right now’


  1. Russia is going to do it themselves then try to pin it on Ukraine. Hopefully the world is smart enough to call Russia out and respond accordingly when it happens.

  2. Shoigu, the man qualified to dig latrine ditches but placed in charge of Russia’s ‘defence,’ would be well-advised to keep his mouth shut and not prove he’s an incompetent idiot.

    1. @Mariam Mohammed the US is not the perfect example of a Liberal democracy though. Not in the case of those interventions. I personally think that the president has to much power as well as the fact that a two party system (not officially so but in practice it is) isn’t a good example of democracy either. As the problem which such system, which you see all the time in American politics, is not about voting for the party you like and ideas you stand for, no instead most simply vote for the party they dislike the least and which is best of two evils.

    2. @Paul Makinson whilst I see the US as an valuable ally, the wars in the middle east, with perhaps the exception of Afghanistan, were neo-imperialist in nature. Especially the Libyan intervention. Later it was found out that a significant motivator for the intervention was French oil interests as Khadafi was about to nationalise the Libyan oil. Which to be fair, regardless of his tyrannical rule, he should have been allowed to do, as well.. it is Libyan and not French oil. Getting rid of such dictator might have been right, but the reasons were wrong. You can see it in the fact that there was no actual plan about what will happen, after he is gone. Same in Iraq. Afghanistan was more a cause of you can’t force democracy or any other form of government/ideologie on a people. The Eastern bloc collapsed because of it as well and the same now with the Minsk agreements trying to force a system of government on Kyiv.

    3. @MrJ9191 we won’t suffer a cold winter in Europe btw. We’re not Siberia lol and the Scandinavian countries will manage. Stop listening to Russian propaganda.

      Also 15% now, month ago 20% so yeah the trend is not so good. Russia controls less territory today, than it in on the first month of the war.

  3. The S-300 is an anti-air system. Firing at ground targets it is extremely inaccurate. The fact that they’re using them in that role is an act of desperation.

    1. @Ray Iram Most people are more concerned about the crater in an apartment complex than about exactly what caused it, S-300 or whatever. Tactically unsound? Would also risk … (Tactially unsound?)? The country you are talking about is the poster child of tactically unsound right now. Failing to capture a country a third it’s population, a fifth it’s GDP per capita, that only had a 7 year military history even BEFORE weapons shipments? You expect tactical soundness here?

    2. @sjonnie playfull of course like western country Rusia have satelite to know where Ukraina army or foreign soldier

  4. Lets hope that the conscripts that are going to kherson will just surrender instead of sacrificing their lives to save the regular army who are leaving. That could be a game changer in this war.

    1. @Joseph Griffin because it sets a good example for for future conscripts that dont want to die in the Ukraine. The long game is always more successful.

  5. “Please Join the Territorial Defense” oh yeah give the locals you’ve been antagonizing guns, that will work out. Best strategy of the “Special Military Operation”, narrowly beating out “Give Tanks to All the Guys With John Deere Tractors”

    1. @Travel Lover

      YaH “slept”, for 3 days, YaH “Rested”, as to “Rest” your case in a trial, then YaH woke up and through the Cloud, YaH ascended back to Heaven, just as YaH arrives (Exodus 33:7-11)

    2. @Darrell Moore so are you saying that the bible is lying when it said that he died? And are you implying that we really haven’t been ransomed because he didn’t really die for our sins?

    3. @Darrell Moore I feel sorry for you because you have been deceived. How can they crucify the father when they would have died at once if they saw His face.(Exodus 33:20). If you want to know the truth you need to humble yourself. Sometimes, what you’re searching for is right under your nose but, oftentimes people are too proud to look down. I’ll give you a clue, the truth is all over the world, it is looked down upon but it has the answers you’re looking for. – Proverbs 8:1-3

    4. @Garrett Tobin sure the possibility is never 0. Which is why they start about it. As there will always be people, like you, who will start doubting Ukrainian intentions when Russia says these things. As there is no way to 100% disprove these accusations. That said, there is no point for Ukraine using a dirty bomb, the costs far outweigh the possible gains from this. Not to mention, the risk of actually losing international support if people find out it was them (which we can assume would happen fast considering the fact the US and UK also exactly knew what Putin was planning at the end of 2021 and the start of 2022)

    5. @Darrell Moore no correct the heavenly father didn’t die. As Jesus isn’t the heavenly father🤦‍♂️

  6. Ukrainians will tell stories of this their worst winter ever to their children and grandchildren for generation upon generation!
    It will be a reminder of the time people thought there never was a Ukraine,
    and a reminder of just how wrong they were proven to be…
    The cold damp dark pernicious winter, visited upon them by a brutal and cruel avaricious tyrant!
    A winter that saw the rebirth of Ukraine in a way that no longer allows anyone to ask, “Is there a Ukraine!?”
    Glory to all who suffer and are heroes!

    1. @govinda102000 Ukraine will split into several pieces, this is inevitable. South-Eastern part will join Russia, already happened partially. Central Ukraine will most likely stay independent, but of course the Nazi regime in Kiev will be replaced. Russia will not tolerate West-sponsored terrorists on her borders. Western regions of Ukraine may join Poland, Hungary and Romania, this is also possible. These regions were never pro-Russian. Some of them were not even pro-Ukrainian. It was a mistake by Stalin to annex them. I believe he did it mainly because of security considerations, which are obsolete today.
      Actually, what will happen to Ukraine it is not that important. What will happen to the US and the dollar system is by far more interesting and will have a profound effect on the whole world.

    1. me too although I’d enjoy it much more if he actually knew what he was talking about. Putin is now ready to put an end to this money laundering charade

    2. The United States military has cultivated a highly professional military education for our officers as they gain experience and rank. They do not gain rank without military skills.

  7. When Russia points the finger at someone else it means they are contemplating to do it themselves! Russia should be put on notice!!!

  8. When all this done, instead of releasing all that confiscated Russian wealth back to its owners, maybe it oughta be used for *_rebuilding_* all the damage done to Ukraine.

  9. Calling them “Energy Customers” is such an American (i.e. capitalist) thing to say, anyone else would think of them as “civilians” or even just “people”. But good reporting none-the-less, thank you.

    1. I have never once heard that phrase to refer to people in the U.S. It’s purely contextual here. But I know it feels good to you to get your American hate on so 🤷‍♀

    2. Biggest power consumers are businesses, which are not individual people, they are energy customers. The energy is for that machinery.

    3. I have a hunch they may have acquired those numbers from Ukrenergo, the State Energy Company. If the only energy company does not service you, you would not be included in that report. Thus, all people referenced in the report are logically consumers of Ukrenergo. It is accurate to say that this report did not include “all civilians”, then , but only the customers of this one energy company. I could be wrong, but I imagine they just translated and copied the text directly into the teleprompter.

  10. Didn’t Russia do this in Syria? Russia said “Zomg we think the bad guys are going to use chemical weapons!” so then when Russia used them they could say “Noooo, it was the bad guys! We told you they were going to!”

  11. I can’t even think how the Russians target an S300 to hit a ground target. It’s a system that you lock on an aircraft, and if the missile misses, it continues on its trajectory like a piece of flying debris, till the fuel runs out and gravity, wind and inertia land it somewhere. I guess you could use a calculator and a map to predict where a potential landing would be, but given the state of Russian electronics, they may be using an abacus 🙂

    1. The S300 was designed with a secondary ground attack mode using inertial guidance, and there are reports of some missiles being refitted with GPS guidance systems recently, but it’s not very accurate and its warhead isn’t ideal for ground targets. The Russian and Belarusian armies have trained to use it against simulated ground targets in military exercises, but there’s no evidence that the ground attack mode was ever intended for use as anything other than a last resort when more effective weapons are not available.

    2. @andrewhcit that is honestly interesting. I figured it wasn’t a good sign when you need to use surface to air missles systems for such attacks. What I was asking myself though, does this it mean that they are inadvertently decreasing their anti air capabilities or what?

  12. Russia such a brave competent military bombing playgrounds every day. Put pressure on your representatives to give Ukraine more help. Don’t just email or write but CALL them. This gets their attention much more and is pretty darn effective.

  13. Regards Kherson and people refusing to leave – see British cities during the WWII blitz.
    Most people stayed in place in a collective act of defiance against the German bombing campaign.
    Says it again: history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes. The Ukrainian people are truly an example of courage and unity in a pretty fragmented world.

    1. Lol british cities were not captured that’s the difference. At least russia doesn’t do the z tactic like civilian hugging.

    2. Yes Kimbal, I see you have studied history no? As most will say history repeats itself, but those that studied history know that it doesn’t, it indeed rhymes.

    3. @xpact which is why he says history doesn’t repeat itself but rhymes. But yeah better examples would have been actual Soviet, Dutch, Polish etc. Cities.

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