1. Why are political ads exempt for Truth in Advertising Laws❓ They can just lie through their teeth & mislead the public with no consequences❗I would think that my political choice/vote is much more important than the performance claims of a widget✅

  2. DeSantis campaign ad masked as an interview? Credit to the anchor for trying to get a hold of this segment but that analyst was DeSantis propaganda

  3. I wonder if a bill can be pass in the Senate to put into law what I suggested below about fining, etc., if someone posts a false information in an ad? I think it would surely stop the crazies from coming out of the wood work.

    1. There are already libel laws. The problem is proving some of this is false, and not just a different interpretation.

  4. Daniel Dale had to debunk multiple “misstatements” every time 45 gave a speech during his term.
    It seems the two major parties are operating from alternative (dystopian) “realities.”

  5. The problem is that lying is considered “free speech”.
    Lying should be illegal and prosecuted.
    There needs to be a deterrent.

  6. “He straightened out education.”
    What does that mean? He definitely hasn’t talked to any teachers in Florida.

    1. “He straightened out education” and did a “great job” for hurricane Ian response – says a man on a private jet…

  7. DeSantis has only used that clip of Crist saying “Yeah If I needed to” for EVERY claim he makes.. NONE of which Crist used that answer for. he was elected the first time for a commercial of him telling his kid “daddy knows Trump!”

  8. The trouble is…. given the gullibility of a huuuuge proportion (74m) of the US populace, they’ll believe what is told to them!
    What a sad state of affairs when lies and bs have no consequences!
    A view from afar

  9. How exactly has he “fixed” education? Right now teachers are leaving by the score from this state where he has deputized anyone to sue them if they think their kids are learning about hard truths. It’s open season on teachers here and the teachers union does not support this tyrant governor.

    1. Teachers job is to educate our children in math reading and writing. As well as educating them about civic duty and government. Teachers should be able to teach. It seems that nowadays you have to teach children to be able to spot what is true and not true. The adults in the room have forgotten how. The Republican Party only has one goal. To do everything it can to help corporations make money, and to get them as much money as they can from the public coffers.

  10. What happened to a candidate having “approve a message”, so they can be held accountable? Some of this stuff is pure bull💩!

  11. Go get him, Crist! Crist switched parties & it’s the best thing he did. And I sure as heck didn’t see him pounding Ian’s devastation in white GoGo boots!. Vote Crist, FLA & get your state OUT of DS self-made REAL swamp!

  12. Campaign lies are one of the biggest threats to our nation. Unless people are held accountable we are screwed.

  13. Is there no campaign finance enforcement mechanism to penalize candidates for making false or misleading claims, particularly in attack ads?

  14. I think maybe we just need to defund the politicians.
    Those who are uninterested in the truth and serving all our citizens, need not apply for the job.

  15. A Tail of Two Trials: Combined CNN + MSNBC coverage of the 1st three weeks of Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial (Nov 2 – Nov 23, 2021): 1 day, 20 hrs, 59 mins, 50 secs…..Combined CNN + MSNBC coverage of the 1st three weeks of Darrell Brooks’ trial (Oct 2 – Oct 23, 2022): 1 min, 25 secs

  16. With a net worth of $22.6 million, Rooney was one of the wealthiest members of Congress. Truly a man of the people.

  17. Isn’t Crist, as a former Republican governor of Florida, also a “well known quantity” as well? Crist chose to serve only one term as governor, and left office with approval ratings, at the same level that DeSantis has. His disapproval rating was lower than DeSantis’s is. In fact, the main thing that bothered Floridians, about Crist, was he pardoned Jim Morrison on obscenity charges.

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