Retired lt. col. thinks Putin may have doubts about war after Biden’s surprise Kyiv visit

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman shares his thoughts on President Biden's surprise visit to Kyiv and what could happen if China decides to support Russia in the Ukraine war. #CNN #News


  1. Honestly, the fact that President Biden went to Ukraine proves, undoubtedly, that he is a defender of democracy. A TRUE PATRIOT.

    1. @Mark they are clueless because they back a hypocritical party that only care about itself, your greatest hero is trump and that says it all!

    2. @24james When trump was in power people on the streets were ”losers” or ”’job snobs” or ‘won’t work”. Help in the form of health care was slagged as ”socialism”. Dismantling affordable health care was one of Trump’s bragging nonsense electoral appeals.

  2. Nice to have a President we can all be proud of for a change. Now, sending 700 more M2 Bradleys (we have 2800 in storage and 700 new M2A4’s just ordered) and 100 more Abrams tanks (we have 2300 M1’s in storage). F-16s? We have lots and now have 350 F-35s in service, so send Ukraine 150 Vipers now.

    1. Yep, well done USA! Many other countries are helping too, but of course, none have the economic size or resources of USA.

    2. @RandyI don’t even think their bots, just people with no life. Atleast they don’t say outrageous stuff like Russian bots.

  3. It’s absurd that long range missiles would escalate the fight when the Russians are committing genocide. The same logic was used with other weapon systems that are now sent. NATO needs to stop tying one of Ukrain’s hand behind their back and give them what they need.

  4. Ukraine’s western allies have clearly made their military assistance to Ukraine as being defensive. If China assisted Russia and Chinese munitions fell upon Ukrainian territory it would be a direct act of aggression on their part and an unmistakably escalatory act. There is a huge difference between military aid helping a country defend its own territory against the invasion by a neighbor and, military aid given to the aggressor to use in an invasion of a third country.

    1. @Jow Bloe howdy traitor. Still shilling for foreign dictators? How about you move to Russia? I hear Wagner pays well.

  5. Maybe if media outlets didn’t question America’s resolve to stick by Ukraine every single show, every single day, since the war began we would not see “enthusiasm” waning. Media plays a huge role in morale and support for anything national. Or even local for that matter. Journalist know this better than anyone. So, why undermine when you can strengthen?

  6. ALL those beautiful young people who have lost their lives in this senseless F’n war, it just rips my heart out. All those mothers, Fathers and family members losing their loved ones for what?? It is just tragic. Just so ONE man can do what? For whom?

    1. @Damian Dmitry Oboukhov Stepan Bandera Russians are so obsessive with was in German concentration camp during WW2. Most of Ukrainian men fought German nazism invaded Ukraine from west as they fight today the Ruzzian naZism invaded from East.

    2. I would say that Putin has given Ukraine and NATO several warnings but simply ignored by both. He told NATO not to expand east of Berlin and told Ukraine not to be NATO member. America would not allow Mexico or Canada to join or become Communist Ally for National Security threat.

  7. I agree with LTC Vindman’s assessment. Surely trump would’ve leveraged the Ukraine government’s position to his own advantage. He’s tried to before which lead to his impeachments.

  8. Great to hear Vindman again, he’s so honest and forthright, and his analysis is always true and correct. Long may he continue to offer his informed insights to the media.

  9. Good move from Biden admin! US presence in Munich, in Kyiv, then in Poland show putler he can forget his adventure. Even in EU help would falter, weaken (wont, most probably), US help in itself would solve the issue. But it is 40 countries helping UA. Slava Ukraini!

  10. I do admire these two leaders, such bravery, such fortitude. God bless them most especially the bravery of the Ukrainian patriots.

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  11. China has admitted that it needs investments from the West, especially the US, to help revive its economy. Therefore, the US needs to clearly tell China that providing military hardware to Russia, would mean that all economic investments into China from the US are stopped. And the importation of Chiese made goods will stop in 6 months.

  12. Don’t be so sure😱😱😱
    Stop telling what arms were given to them. Warned in advance, they will track the route they took to get there.

  13. “Putin’s calculation is that the longer he goes…” And it seems to me that there are so many “peace” activists (“passivists” I call them) out there who share Putin’s same calculations.

  14. I’d like to thank all of the Ukrainian security services involved in protecting President Biden today, well done!!!πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

  15. Proud of President Biden for going to Kyiv in show of support for President Zelenskyy! Glory to Ukraine! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  16. Making a visit to a war zone like that is the mark of a true leader. I’m so proud of President Biden, and I’m not even American. Respect from New Zealand.

    1. It was all staged up to and including the fake explosions and air raid sirens. Washington called Russia and let them know he was coming.

  17. Vindman is so cool. Of all the people present during Trump’s infamous call to Zelensky, only V blew the whistle and backed up what he said by going public when necessary.

    1. Lying leaker Adam Schiff fake whistleblower. Quid pro quo over heard from somebody , no first hand knowledge. He’s a Ukranian fat Lt. Col. was in the U.S. Army and was a SNITCH in the Pentagon.

    1. That’s a power move? How about when literally every country capitulated to Trump? Many even offering him ceremony. But this is a power move? Ha! πŸ‘Œ

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