1. I have non Hodgkin’s..not a single doc in four years has told me I’m fatal..you can live just fine with it but yes it CAN be fatal..don’t know her full diagnosis, staging etc but she’s 80+ years old has had a great life..I’m 62, not afraid either but hell no I’m not ready..

    1. Stay strong, stay curious CherBear. Im an old curmudgeonly #NavyVeteranKorea. 90 as of last December. Survived the War, prostrate cancer, lung cancer n then Esophageal cancer. Cancer free since approx 2005. You got this. Aim to outlive a Curmudgeonly old fart like Me! πŸ˜‰

  2. As a #NavyVeteranKorea,,took me yrs to forgive “Hanoi Jane”. But I have. Her youthful mistakes arent the entirety of who she was n became. My faith requires Mercy ,Grace n Forgiveness. Yes even for Jane Fonda.

    1. As a Navy veteran and the daughter of a Vietnam combat medic I never agreed with the Vietnam “war” and I didn’t agree with the Iraqi war. My mother agreed with Jane and my father didn’t. When I joined the military I took an oath to uphold the US Constitution and that includes the 1st Amendment and I have had to remind my father of this on several occasions. I have the utmost respect for her, she is a beautiful woman inside and out. Jane is still a great role model for young women today. For those who still hold her comments against her after all these years need to examine their own past. We all have said and done things that we shouldn’t have. Every sailor, soldier or airman have made mistakes. We need to leave the past behind us and look to the future or we will never find peace. πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    2. @K AΒ  Please thank your father for his service. I’m sure he saved countless lives. What a brave man. I’m 68 yeas old. I had a Selective Service number of 10. I was destined for Vietnam instead of heading to a university as I hoped. Thankfully, President Nixon stopped the draft. I was spared. But I’ve never forgotten brothers and sisters my age and a little older. Thank your dad, please. Those guys were badass. And thank you for serving. People do appreciate it. Best wishes!

    3. @Jeff McCloud Thanks. Korea does in some history books get short shrift. But I loved my Navy yrs. A few bad memories but I focus on the good ones .

    4. @MiKeD It wasn’t easy Mike. But in forgiving another its more for my sake than theirs. She has to live with her life choices. As I do mine.

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  5. Everyone has regrets of some sort. Being a parent doesn’t come with a handbook. Don’t beat yourself up about mistakes.

  6. Janes own mother had a lot of problems and how hard for her to have had her mother commit suicide when she was still so young

  7. If you’re a mom with regrets and come to your child like this wanting to fix things, 9/10 thatβ€˜s all the adult child would need to forgive you. (Extreme cases aside)

  8. You are Jane Fonda. BARBARELA. I was so fascinated by that movie. You’ve done a lot of great things in your life and motherhood is a very big responsibility. We all have to do what we could do in this earth. Don’t leave God if you have faith in Him

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