Ukrainian foreign minister responds to Amanpour’s ‘painful’ question about war

CNN's Christiane Amanpour sat down with Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at the Munich Security Conference and discussed the outlook for the war in Ukraine. #CNN #News


    1. The Nikki Haley comment has turned out to be the final swirl of Don lemon’s TV anchor career down the toilet following Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter

    2. Thoughtful and informative? Questions like “What does winning look like?” “How long will it take you to win?” are those which a high school student would come up with. Kuleba has sharp analytical skills, has close knowledge of how countries are perceiving the war, their differences on its further course, Germany’s and France’s straddling in helping Ukraine, China’s backroom support for Moscow, ineffectiveness of the UN to punish and unseat Russia, but none of that was brought up. Are you a high school student that you’re so easily satisfied and eager to praise Amanpour?

    3. @Laura Ly Those are policy issues, and he isn’t going to undermine his administration by speaking for the President. His answer are going to be general responses as per usual for most politicians.

  1. Dmytro Kuleba is a phenomenal spokesperson for Ukraine, he is worldly in foreign/international policy, he is an inspiration and role model to help navigate Ukraine to its victory for freedom and democracy for itself and for all. God bless you, Pan Dmytro! Slava Ukraini i Heroyam Slava!

  2. One of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and courageous foreign ministers on the planet. He and his heroic people stand for one of the greatest national liberation struggles since WWII against a genocidal mass murdering Russian regime led by a psychopathic bloodthirsty tyrant.

    1. @Everything is Everything This coming from the genius who has to use block capitals to express himself. 🤦‍♀

    2. @Everything is Everything You win THE DUNCE’S CAP. russian population continually robbed, lied to, manipulated for the benefit of few. Dmytro Kuleba said russia needs to be changed by russians for a national better way of life, not just for moscow and st petersburg.

  3. The final question is a good one. My understanding of history is that the allies took it step by step. On D-Day, I doubt if they said that V-E day will happen on this exact moment. Same thing here. You can’t say ‘Ukraine has to win by date X’

  4. What a brilliant man! God bless Ukraine and all loving peace Ukrainians! Slava Ukraini, Heroiam Slava! Long live free Ukraine!

  5. I remember watching his interview with Dmitry Gordon in Russian, FM Kuleba’s superiors at the foreign ministry thought he was too young to be a FM. In reality he is one of the most competent FMs in the world. A great representative of Ukraine as well.

    1. Yep, when creators and producers of sitcom show “Friends” first pitched their cast charcters to TV channel for broadcasting, their bosses also were surprised by too young cast. As an outcome – we all see, it was so brilliant after all!

  6. The wisdom the leaders of Ukraine have shown is really amazing. Their clarity as to what they want and articulation is highly commendable. Fantastic interview 👌

  7. Ukraine’s FM is very spontaneous in answering and with intelligence! Ukrainians have displayed what TEAMwork is all about. Except for those traitors who will have a place in hell.

  8. I’m sick and tired of people even mentioning the word “negotiation”. WHAT is there to negotiate? Just LET him steal 15% of the country? LET him steal all of Ukraine’s LNG deposits in the Black Sea? LET him completely land-lock the country and choke off their import/export? What’s to stop him from just attacking again next year to “negotiate” another 15%? This is NOT a “war”, a war has two belligerents. This is an INVASION, it has a bully and a victim. 😒

    1. exactly! Europe should realize Ukraine could help them with their LNG resources, as well as all the natural resources in Donbas. That is really what putin wants with the east and south of Ukraine, stealing their natural resources…

  9. What a brave, sensible, and proud man! Ukraine is fortunate in its hour of need. Fantastic interview. Bravo to Amanpour. Slava Ukraini!

  10. Ukraine has certainly more than earned the right to be the negotiators of the war’s conclusion, not that anyone can trust Putin, or perhaps even Russia after him.
    And in the long term it’s important too that the terms are to Ukraine’s satisfaction so Russia and those like it do not think they can bully their way into a negotiation in the future, if Russia even has a future.

  11. Dmytro Kuleba is a most impressive statesman. Nonetheless it seems that one must keep reminding journalists, over and over again, that Ukraine had given up the world’s third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world. This act has saved the US defense program $16.5 billion annually, to date over $490 billion, so Ukraine sure deserves to be compensated by getting all that is necessary to stop the Russian genocide of Ukrainians!

    1. Exactly. Under the terms of the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus were assured of military support by Russia, the UK and the US, if they gave up that nuclear arsenal. Paradoxically, it was one of the three countries that offered Ukraine protection in the event of attack by any other country, that attacked Ukraine, that being Russia.

      Consequently, it is the UK and the US that are supporting Ukraine, against the invasion in 2014 which was expanded and enlarged, in February 2022, by Russia, as promised by the UK and the US {and the belligerant Russia} on the 5 December 1994.

  12. Such an intelligent, articulate and eloquent speaker. I love watching Ukrainian leaders in interviews, unlike many Western politicians and leaders they answer questions directly and tell it like it is. Not just what they think people want to hear.

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