Retired Lt. Colonel: Trump’s own government can’t trust him

Retired Lt. Colonel: Trump's own government can't trust him 1


Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that President Trump does not grasp basic principles of national security and that his own government cannot trust him.

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  1. President Trump is a traitor PERIOD.

    • Joseph Filomena
      I didn’t hear any facts other than opinions!

    • @Peyton G LOL, “highly educated”. No lack of irony here.

    • @Goya Solidar weird I actually know how this goes verbatim and you want to talk about irony? Dude you’re listening to cnn and actually believe the fuckshit they’re telling you, now you’re insinuating that I’m ignorant…… That is EXTREMELY ironic….. For you smh

    • @Joshua Rivers please don’t take someone more qualified then you on the topic seriously….. Ignorance is bliss with the uneducated smh

    • @Peyton G there’s so much uninformed information you just passed out to everybody I don’t even know how to keep track of it… Trump is not responsible for this economy… This is an enormous enormous enormous uptick and Trend coming from the Obama Administration… Trump took over when unemployment was down to 4.8% in January of 2017… It’s only major legislative achievement was his tax cut which occurred in December of 2017 …that legislation did not go into effect until January of 2018… To be fair also actual effects to the middle class did not go into effect until this past 2019 tax season but we will be conservative and just stay in January 2018 for the sake of this discussion and Analysis… The only information available for unemployment at that point would be March of 2018 at which time it was 4.2%… The most that Trump can take any responsibility, and that’s still a stretch, is .05% unemployment… Now let’s talk about all the manufacturing jobs… You would have to be an absolute moron to think that jobs and manufacturing plants are just created in 2 days … 82.3%, per the BEA, the number of jobs created in manufacturing since Trump took office are as result of plant openings in the United States that were planned a minimum of four years to six years ago… It had nothing to do with anything that Trump did… Now on to our standing in the world.. Month after month after month of polls since Trump took office including quinnipac the Pew Research Institute and several other conservative think tanks show that the world immediately looked at United States much more negative as soon as Trump took office… our standing in the world is much less secure than it was before he took over and our position with our allies has never been as weak probably in the modern era of the presidency…. we have never had a president break the emoluments Clause of the Constitution ever let alone the way Trump is doing it… It’s a disgrace… Hate groups white supremacist groups have over a thousand percent rise according to both the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the Southern Poverty Law Center all confirming each other’sstatistics… finally your statement about liberals not being able to find information I will tell you this and this is as an independent talkin of all the lies that Trump tells I have yet to be able to show where he’s actually even correct and calling it fake news… He literally will say something that can be confirmed by video let alone a document and calls it fake news here. Then he tries to say it’s a context and when you blow up the scene and back out it actually does worse for Trump and showing that he was lying… these are facts unable to be disproven

  2. At this point the man is like what more do I have to do to get the boot…he wants out

    • @Rich Winder lol! You are the same type of people who said that he wouldn’t make it through the Mueller investigation or that Nancy Pelosi would impeach him or he would have a heart attack from eating to much fast food. Yet there he stands, still your President ready to win another Presidential term. Lmao! What excuse will you come up with after his re-election?

    • Crystal Giddens | September 10, 2019 at 7:18 AM | Reply

      @Terri Freeman did you learn a new word?

  3. Invite the Taliban to 666 5th Ave for a talk – more fitting.

  4. No treaty with the Taliban is valid. You cannot enforce it, it makes no difference what the deal is.

    • @Dan Smith Do these wild dogs shag pornstars?

    • @Molon Labe NO…IT CAN’T…..Not with ol’ BrilloPadHead still on the amphetamines !

    • @Molon Labe Wher on EARTH did you dig up THAT piffle ?
      Being anti-Israel is HUGELY different to being anti Jews.
      ….or in your world, does being anti Irish make you hate catholics?
      How about the French? Spanish? Italians maybe?
      Why are you so keen to conflate these two issues ?…( as if we didn’t know!)

    • @Molon Labe Have you just had a serious fall down some flights of stairs?
      Maybe you’ve had a stroke then,..Eh?
      One way or t’ othef , your brain hax turned to mush withTHAT utter pish !

    • @Dan Smith You’re clearly ill
      Call an ambulance….or a priest/ rabbi …if you prefer !

  5. Maga Taliban scraps meeting with Afghan Taliban. That’s a love story waiting to be told in love letters.

    • I don’t care what this angry fart says.

    • @Dearly Diane Ask the family members of those who lost their lives on 9/11 how they feel about Mr. Sharpie, The Lying King, bringing the Taliban to our country two days before 9/11.

    • Dearly Diane lol 😂 smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ you should have stopped at I’m intelligent 🤓!!!

    • Dearly Diane put the cocaine away Diane #trumpisAFUCKUP

    • @Dearly Diane…Hardworking?…you’re kidding right? Obama would take security briefs home with him at night, and come in early to get to work. Trump has NEVER read one security brief, and watches TV and tweets until 11am EVERYDAY. You can check his daily schedule online at this website: It’s clear by the daily “in house pool call time’ that he watches Fox and Friends and tweets until AT LEAST 11 am EVERY FUCKING MORNING. Today, Sept 9th, he didn’t do ANYTHING until 11 am, and tomorrow all he’ll do before 12:30 is WATCH TV, then he has lunch. WOW…impressive. This last Sat and Sun…he spent golfing at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, VA. We’re paying this fat slob to golf at his own resorts.
      Involved in WHAT? He spend more time going to his lame assed rallies that anything else. Active?…in what sense? Creating chaos and dividing the country? Insulting our allies? Or maybe you mean playing golf, yeah…he’s spent WAAAY more time playing golf than Obama. In 963 days, Trump has cost the U.S. taxpayer in the neighborhood of $109 mil on his golf, that’s just a few million less than Obama spent on ALL HIS FAMILIES VACATIONS…INCLUDING GOLF over his eight year presidency. This can be verified here:
      As far as border security…all he has done since he was elected was replacement/repairs of EXISTING fence, not one new section of border wall/fence/barrier of ANY KIND has been put up. Oh yeah, sorry, little Donald did put up a shiny plaque at the border with his name on it…on a section of fence that was put up during the Bush administration.
      You say all these generalized BS claims…but you can’t give any examples. I think you’re the one with the mental condition lady…it’s called diminished capacity.

  6. David Van Bockern | September 9, 2019 at 9:53 PM | Reply

    Let us just face it we have a buffoon in the White House. I totally believe that it was Trumps idea! A very bad idea, not only that it’s a slap in the face for just about everyone involved. “Dump Trump 2020” or better yet IMPEACH Now.

    • @Whiskey 0215 Says a ‘man’
      without the cutesy of their own identity…

      You lack luster Whiskey – you lack respect/
      I fear you lacked your parents love.

      Were one “better than” they would look to raise the other.
      Were one American – they would have the self respect to sign their own name in political discourse/ especially if they sought to devalue another’s.

      I don’t know what you claim to fight for 0215_
      yet you telling others to shut it.. were we ever to fail, such as Russia –
      were we to fall to one party/ silencing others, all of our voices would become meaningless, just as the Russkies or other sad souls before us..

      Take care cat –
      I hope you get your identity back.
      Were you a US citizen/ (not a coward/ bully),
      you shouldn’t need fear sharing your ideas –
      Peace ~

    • David Van Bockern | September 10, 2019 at 8:24 AM | Reply

      Whiskey 0215 by insulting me for what I believe tells me you are full of hate. For you are the coward that has to insult and pass on hate so you can feel better about yourself. No better then our idiot in charge Mr Trump.
      “ Dump Trump 2020”

  7. Those terrorists are in the watch list and cannot fly, and brown, and us regulations, it was a lie, why are we giving trump this.much credit for such a lie, as if we believe him

    • None of your business | September 10, 2019 at 7:56 AM | Reply

      @Jar Head – lol lol hahahaha #presidentpussyassbitch doesn’t need the democrats to destroy the US …he is doing that with his bigly brain…

    • None of your business really what is he destroying, please list them. Here is what he has fixed.
      1. Economy
      2. Jobs growth
      3. All minority’s lowest employment ever.
      4. Fixed NAFTA
      5. Fixing trade deficit
      6. Stopping illegal aliens it’s now down 60% since he threatened tariffs on Mexico report came out yesterday.
      7. Tax cuts for the middle class like myself
      The list goes on and on and on

    • Jennifer Loftus | September 10, 2019 at 9:06 AM | Reply

      @Jar Head IF you really are a Marine, you shouldn’t be ok with the fake President bringing the Taliban here to negotiate the terms of our surrender. Period. It’s insult to injury that he was planning this a few days before the anniversary of 9/11. Did you have any brothers or sisters who died in Afghanistan? Tax cuts for the middle class? Who cares about that extra 50 bucks a month when a traitor sits in office who can’t even be trusted to keep his trap shut around our enemies? And who is spitting on the graves of anyone that died in Afghanistan in the name of getting a cheap ratings boost on TV for his all important numbers, his ratings, his polls? You’re really cool with that? Or you haven’t considered it as a surrender? You know what report you should care about that came out a few days ago? The one saying Trump was going to bring the Taliban to Camp David in order to negotiate the terms of our surrender. That’s the only thing that matters right now.

    • Molly Jo Simmons | September 10, 2019 at 9:50 AM | Reply

      Jennifer, Not to mention stealing Billions from Military families to give his hand chosen contractors our tax dollars.“build the wall”🤦‍♂️

    • Molly Jo Simmons LOL billions from military family’s.

  8. Well said Lt Colonel you make a deal they wont honor it you will be at war again in 10 years

  9. OMG. During the 911 week anniversary!

    • @Alf Dlg so why are you a leader of the liberal progressive dnc calling American troops and vets low lifes?

    • @Molon Labe that’s you anal holes playbook when you have nothing. If I said I hate steak you diaper stains would run to fox news and claim I hate the military, vets and America. Unfortunately Trump’s inbred base would believe that. I swear if “walls” were built around all the trailer parks the country’s IQ level would rise exponentially….that and meth use would pretty much cease…oh yeah can’t forget brother’s marrying their sister’s would no longer tie up the courts. Who would have ever guessed a wall could do so much good for America.

    • DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS | September 10, 2019 at 8:14 AM | Reply

      Or as trump called it, 711

    • Clutch your pearls

  10. The only people supporting Drumpf now are the mentally feeble and trolls. Just read their comments.

    • Peyton G You thought you understood how US politics work you’re wrong though sadly.

      Go read a book instead of capitalist propaganda!

    • Michael Antoniotti | September 10, 2019 at 10:48 AM | Reply

      Coming from a troll; it sounds like you are writing the script, loser.

    • @Peyton G yep

    • @Harry Mohan the CIA is the greatest traitor organization this country has ever created. full of secret organizations etc. Its creation was the beginning of our infiltration! Commies all!

    • @Davon Reeves bahaha wtf are you talking about? The specific cities I stated are under Democratic policy. they’ve been ran by Democrats for longer than 20 years or so. So instead of spitting gibberish like cnn why don’t YOU go read a book, or at least, learn independent research 👍

  11. trump and his supporters and fox news now endorse the taliban. wow.

  12. Nobody should truth the trumpets! He is putting our military, FBI, CIA and others in danger.
    Trumpets and criminal having secret meeting, why?
    America has security measures that should be follow. Not this fool, no one can hold him down.
    The republicans didn’t help Obama do anything, but now they can not even protect America from the terrorist in the WH.
    Shame on the republicans, the one calling themselves white nationalist, kkk, Nazis who have been in office for year.
    I PRAY that your CHILDREN forgive you for these sin you have places on America.
    Protection the criminal in the WH.
    I PRAY all the time for our troops, because the republicans do not care. Bring them home safely.

  13. “My people came to me, [Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats came to me and some others saying they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I will say this, I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

    Read: “Trump wants ‘respect’ for the national anthem as he sings half the lyrics” by JM Riger June 6, 2018 WP

  14. Susie, the World's Greatest Expert on Everything | September 9, 2019 at 10:13 PM | Reply

    Mr. T is dishonoring all those who died and were maimed. I am ashamed of this man.

    • @Mockery Channel Democrats wish to honor the men and women that have died against these terrorists.
      Not run and hide with our tails between our legs to help win an election

      The answer to fighting terrorists groups is not withdrawing troops and allowing them to become stronger.
      Are you truly that naive
      Trump has put every American service member still over there at risk.
      Common sense is what Democrats are using in the opinion to finish these fk wackos off for good before more Americans die on our own soil.

    • @The Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump — *CNN, like all other news organizations around the globe, reports the NEWS created by your Supreme Lord Emperor Infallible Chaotic Genius. What is so Fake & Hateful about reporting the chosen one?*

    • @Elkslayer — *First let’s be on the same page: The TALIBAN was the AFGHANISTAN government when the USA attacked and invaded their country and installed a pro-USA puppet government. Since when and how did the Taliban become terrorist fighting and killing the Invaders of their country?*
      *Americans will continue to die, not only in Afghanistan but in all the countries the US thinks it has unbridled powers to meddle and dictate how people should be governed, live their lives, and prosper as they deem fit in their own countries.*

  15. I beg your pardon and beg to differ, sir. Our glorious comrade president Donald-vich 🇷🇺 can be trusted by his own government. He does exactly what Russia tells him to do and they trust him.

    • Source Fractal OOTB | September 10, 2019 at 10:58 AM | Reply

      Kevin Ten More likely he’s a Zionist and a George Soros tool to destroy economy and divide US racially for civil war so the Zionist can move in with their NWO. He’s in bed with the Synagogue of Satan AshkeNAZI Joos.

  16. He’s just insensitive. He doesn’t think about anything.
    It’s simply impulse and self serving

  17. OMG imagine Fox News if Obama tried this!!! Their ratings would go through the roof.

  18. Like as if FDR had Invited Hitler to the white house in 1943 while the war was going on .

  19. You would think the opioid trade route should be secured by now. That’s the deal their talking about

  20. Commander bone spurs is bowing to the enemy!

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