1. what we should do is give them the pt91 these western tanks will require specialized maintenance and engineering vehicles Ukraines bridge laying and recovery vehicles wont work due to the weights of these tanks and i doubt they will be given the required engineering tanks due to the small amount we are supplying

  2. “.. when used correctly”, That is correct General. A man behind the gun is much more lethal than the gun itself.

    1. The reality is that Ukrainians are pretty smart in finding new ways of using everything correctly and efficiently cause the supply is extremely limited compared to Russia which is burning through their stockpiles. And the reason for this is the instinct of survival, different stakes for them – if they loose they’ll not exist, their children will be “Russians”. That is a great motivation for learning how to operate weapons correctly. The war is brutal.

  3. The US has prior experience of using the Abrams on far off battle fields so will be ready to deal with the considerable logistical challenge involved.

    1. @Jim  According to who CNN?? You brainwashed people are almost amusing. Continue coping with the fact that Ukraine can’t win and NATO is losing this proxy war.

    2. @Victory Ukraine  “You’re a troll because you disagree with me”.. ever considered you fell for the propaganda??? Probably not because your fangirlism doesn’t allow you to see beyond the in-formation Western Media tells you.

    3. @Brock Brawn You are at war brock, question it all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that putin declared war on the west. Pull your head out of the sand. You might not like spending money on war, but your monopoly money doesn’t cut it in a real war.

    4. @Brock Brawn Making sense of your comment is harder. What on earth are you talking about – ‘world police’?

    1. over 1000. another West point general came on earlier and spoke 1000 in Egypt alone, can easily be deployed…

    2. Yeah, the idea that these need to be manufactured before they can be sent is ridiculous. There must be thousands here in the US that could back-fill any sent from a European country.

    3. @hymns4ever Almost all those Abrams tanks around the world have classified armor materials among other things and as such USA is not willing to send those in Ukraine. The only exception are M1 from early 80´s but i think USA prefers to send the upgraded variants to get better pr. Producing new tanks without classified materiel is pretty much the only way to send those into Ukraine without risk of leaking secrets…

    1. @hbgriss Thats because Ukraine did illegal deals with Hunter and the Big Guy – so the Dem are paying hush money to ukraine

    2. @De Selby what is obvious is watch the news tomorrow and over the weekend – after this worldwide announcement – Russia will send more than 100 missiles into Ukraine in the coming days – watch and see!

    3. ​@Save 🇺🇸 speak for yourself and don’t say “us”, because I don’t like bully like Russia and dictator like Putin.

  4. 6 – 8 months to get the Abrams to Ukraine, it will be summer time and perfect to finish off the russian pestilence. I am so grateful that the allies have come to the same conclusion and decided to send offensive weapons in Ukrainians. They badly needed them, from the very beginning. Just think of how many human lives would have been spared and how much destruction avoided.
    Anyways, it’s better late than never!

  5. He’ll yes , I’ve worked for a company 28 years that helped develop the thermal imaging fiber optics and wiring system for the Abrams 1970’s

  6. The answer to “What will happen after Ukraine gets tanks?” depends on the answer to “What will happen before Ukraine gets tanks?”.

    1. They will get their payment from the middle men, via the dark web bitcoin accounts. Then the dealers will arrange shipment of USA’s most advanced weapons to China. Next the CCP engineers will take everything apart and reverse engineer the software. Then China will build a cheaper & better tank, while at the same time discover every weakness in America’s tanks, for fast and effective killing of American soldiers via swarm robotics.

    2. @Pat Doyle yep that’s why it is big lie when zelensky and boris make this sound like russia will invade whole of europe. Just to get more budget they lie.

    1. True thats why we need to immediatly give nukes to Hawaiians, so that they can evict the invaders fron their territory

    2. It means WWIII. France is sending tanks said Biden. Did CNN not hear Biden say all the superpowers are sending tanks to a nuclear threat? Today WWIII unofficially started, but when Russia sends a bomb they will say Russia started the war on such date.

  7. Platoon cmdr of M60A3 just prior to switching to M1A1 in Nat. Grd in late 80s. Give me a good trained Gunner and Driver combo. The gunner pulls the trigger, but the driver keeps you hidden. Doesn’t really matter what platform it is.

  8. When the US is saying that the Abram’s tanks may take up to a year to get into Ukraine, I would not hold much hope for them arriving while there are still Ukranian people alive to use them. Maybe give Ukraine the long range high explosive HIMARS rockets, so Ukraine can smack the ORCS deeper in occupied territories, that may have more impact quickly instead of talking one or two years. Ukraine could hit ORC bases in Crimea without Ukraine risking tens of thousands of troops in hand to hand combat because we are not giving them long reach weapons, they are already using the HIMARS. The ORCS are striking Ukrainian cities from bases hundreds of miles away, we expect Ukraine to work with weapons which have been crippled to stop long range return fire. Please give Ukraine what it needs to reclaim its lands.

  9. It has been said it would be more effective to roll up fast and behind russian lines with armored personnel carriers with 6 or 7 guys hopping out with rocket launchers. It kinda makes sense man.

  10. What they really need is longer range weapons. Even the HIMARS we sent were programmed to prevent firing long range rockets. These tanks are just a compromise to avoid giving Ukraine longer range artillery.

  11. Generals Hertling, Patreous, and Hodges are by far my favorite “expert commentators” on the subject of the Ukrainian war. Excellently articulated and with a well formed description of their opinions based on much valuable experience in the European theater of operations.

    1. People can jump on them for different political issues, they not only served in Europe, but have middle east experience as well. Also, you don’t get that high up the food chain without time in the Pentagon.

    2. Agreed. However, over the past 11 months I have learned to respect their insights, opinions, and wisdom more so that some of the other “talking heads”. I believe that these three in particular, know what they’re saying when they speak.

  12. For 150 Western tanks you need about 1,000 tankers trained directly for them. For support you would need about 1,200 maintenance. It takes 10,000 hours of training to develop muscle memory for active duty. So where looking at about 6 months before competent tankers can be in Ukraine. I really hope we started training them well before this announcement.

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