Retired US Navy Chief explains tech witnessed in UFO aircraft sighting

CNN's Chris Cuomo talks to Sean Cahil, retired US Navy Chief Master-at-Arms, and Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, about the forthcoming government report on UFO sightings.
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  1. Chris Cuomo: If they’re smart enough to reach us why don’t they talk to us?
    Chris Mellon: When you go to the zoo do you talk to the animals?

    1. @Max Headroom no, enki did not leave tablets,
      That IS Sitchin silliness and conspiracy silliness

    2. @Max Headroom no enki did not leave tablets
      I HAVE READ cuneiform tablets and there is nothing there
      I bet you believe Annunki are aliens and Nibiru is a magically bouncing planet and other sitchin conspiracy nonsense

    3. @Gerald Berdynski Your comments really don’t have much weight. I didn’t type that Enki Left Tablets….there were scribes. Anyway, you’re encompassed in ‘beliefs’ of ignorance.. Go enjoy your guessing of evolution.. Darin admitted he couldn’t figure it all out and didn’t understand the missing link. Enjoy your conspiracy guessing. Maybe we’ll chat later…when you can PROVE Sitchen and Irving Finkel as conspiracy people.

    4. @Max Headroom awww, so running away, bye felicia
      May I suggest to get the Sumerian Lexicon and check all those enki writings , love your arrogance, no proof of anything sitchin or his minions stated, nothing
      He failed language, biology, astronomy, physics,
      And is just a Velikovsky , Daniken, Pauwels and Bergier rip off artist with even worse thinking,
      And are you saying because darwin , who didnt know about dna, was wrong because he didnt have the mechanism
      If enki made man he was moron, incompetent

    1. That’s the thing though, I’ve been to the zoo many times. People are always talking to and trying to communicate with the animals. Their caretakers in particular, and those that study the animals are constantly attempting communication with the animals. Some even teach chimpanzees and other apes how to do some basic communication through sign language. Or teach elephants how to paint… so sure, it’s a good sound bite on the surface, but it really is a bad analogy to brush away a really interesting topic/question.

    1. Not the best analogy tbh. Animals can’t talk and aren’t conscious enough compared to humans so yeah trying to communicate with them in the zoo is pointless basically because the zoo is a place for entertainment not for study. But people successfully tried to communicate with some animals (check out gorilla Koko).

    2. @RobertCow you’re looking at it way too closely. We are primitive animals compared to anything with that technology.

    3. To me it’s more like the Earth is an isolated tribe that should be left alone and not interfered with. Animals can’t build giant skyscrapers or create an iphone.

    4. @Caring Sharing I do astral travels normally, I encounter strange beings sometimes, some friendly, some very unfriendly. I got into a “fist fight” with one, in the spiritual world everything feels similar to the physical.

    1. Eduardo Oliveira – I didn’t think you could top your own stupidity in calling Biden “America’s UFO,” but you did. Good job!

    2. Its bananas if this turns out to be some advanced cyber CGI warfare to lure our ships to a fake Russian Generated IMAGE that isn’t real but can fool optics and radar into believing it real

    3. @tubethis777 discovery of the 5th fundamental force of the universe. Found just outside Chicago. Pending…

  2. I remember hearing this phenomenon being talked about years ago in the back hallways of a building I used to work in.

    1. @EndofMusic just an ordinary building (Twilight Zone intro music plays in the background)

    2. Forget aliens. I have seen things truly out of this world in my dreams. There is no resemblance to earthly places, objects or beings. If anyone had similar experiences, please share.

  3. They’re not here to hurt us but they may be here trying to babysit us. Remember we are kids with matches trying to hurt one another.

    1. Caring Sharing – I recently had a dream I called a cab and one showed up from “Hall & Oats Taxi Service.” Daryll Hall was the driver. John Oats wasn’t with him. What does it MEAN??

    2. @Sandra Ramshaw wouldn’t that be sad if there were billionaire a-holes even in space from other worlds?

    3. @D Weir All you’re doing is explaining String Theory through the sub atomic particle transference from your deep REM sleep as you connect your subconsciuous to your parallel world doppledanger self as your energy signature matches it even through the cosmic realm barrier since energy never dies it is just transferred as we know there are 4 fundamental forces that govern the Universe: the weak and the strong nuclear forces, Gravity, and the Electromagnetic force. And even saying that, there is a theory of a fifth force that might govern them all.

    4. ​@Keven Woods We hope they are coming to take over. Mankind is completely useless at governing itself.

  4. He said “Do we talk to the animals when we go to the zoo” OMG Too true. This place must look a lot like a zoo with the world unrest right now. The elites must be holding their hands up saying ‘give us your wisdom’ while they ruin the planet and the aliens say ‘gross why did you poison yourselves and everything’!

    1. It’s nothing new. The whole world is teeming with life, both visible and invisible. Dark matter will freak your mind even more.

    2. It isn’t true. people talk to animals at the Zoo all the time. We aren’t hiding from them. It’s a terrible metaphor from an intellectual deficient.

    3. @jon pork But if the animals were firing rockets at each others cages, would you approach them? I wouldn’t LOL.

  5. Are we finally going to give credit to those that have been warning us about this issue many many years ago and have been labeled as “crazy” ?

    1. @ThatOneGuy 89 Exactly, so if this is a foreign nation’s tech, for example the Tic Tac video, it means they had this tech in 2004. That’s 3 years before the first iPhone. Just doesn’t have much logic to that theory. I’m not saying it’s 100% aliens, I’m just saying it seems unlikely to be foreign tech.

  6. It’s fine, it’s the Vulcans are just trying to decide if we’re worth the headache 🙃

  7. Sean Cahil: When you go to the zoo, do you talk to the animals?
    Doctor Doolittle: What… am I a joke to you?

    1. I don’t think they are interested in hurting us. They have been here a long time. They could of hurt us a long time ago if they wanted to.

    2. @geile nudel well I wouldn’t doubt it. “Its invading our airspace” sadly is how the military would view it. Shoot it down and then figure out what it was from the wreckage. Goodluck… these craft could be a million years more advanced. I think they would probably have a better chance trying to communicate with them.

  8. There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’ll blow our minds.

  9. This is the most respectful and productive conversation I’ve ever seen on this topic. Good work. 👏

    1. @Steven P I saw that before I saw this interview. The 60 minutes show was really good too, but it’s edited, not live. I thought that these guys did an exceptionally good job live; usually this topic spirals into BS, nonsense, or people talking over each other. Interesting times ahead of us. 😄

  10. When I first became an air traffic controller in 1989 we weren’t supposed to say anything about this. It’s nice that we’ve come to the point where you won’t lose your medical clearance to do so.

    1. @Dave Gorko It’s not a lie. In 1989 it was truth. And of course, there’s a difference between a “giant missile” and an aircraft that behaves otherworldly.

    2. @Albert We don’t have radio licenses. We have a medical clearance, and we have a certification at our current facility.

    3. @Sika6061 It’s a 2nd class medical, issued by a flight surgeon. All controllers require it. All pilots also require this, or sometimes a 3rd or 1st class version of the medical depending on what type of flying they are doing.

  11. They’re eventually going to have to come clean pretty soon I mean these sightings are just getting to be an everyday occurrence it’s unavoidable at this point LOL

  12. I love how the standing assumption is that a) these phenomena are “vehicles” and b) that they are at least potentially hostile. Human beings are predictably good at finding signal in noise.

    1. To be fair they are calling the program the Unidentified Arial Phenomena program. But I do believe the objects appear to be metallic to the pilots. And we have to at least assume they could be potentially hostile… which is different than assuming their hostile.

    2. I guess the whole hostile thing and the scheme around china and Russia is just to make more people aware about what’s happening

    3. @Alex Oelkers theres also the possibility of there being a biological contaminant; both to us and them. War of the Worlds kinda explained that and we know when the pilgrims came to America, they brought over diseases the Natives werent immune to. Simple logic really.

    4. @Budgie Cat War of The Worlds is science fiction. Microbes that have never seen alien proteins (if the aliens even have protein) cannot infect aliens and vice versa. It’s the same reason that humans are unharmed by bacteria that infects plants

    5. @Spaceman Spiff You dont know that. Look at Covid. Virus caused by the unintentional mix of various bacteria from wild animals in contact with one another that never coexisted in the wild.

  13. “…not just your good looks…” 5:09 That’s gonna have me laughing long into the night.

    1. But like look at him! I’m not gay and i don’t need to be to say that that is one good looking man.

  14. This topic needs way more coverage. We need to study and find out wtf these things are that people are witnessing. We also must keep an open mind to the origin of these crafts. I find it incredibly unlikely these things have a human origin based off the reports and capabilities they’ve been recorded doing.

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