Rev Al Sharpton And Marc Morial Talk Sen. Manchin Meeting

Senator Joe Manchin would not say his mind was changed after his meeting with civil rights leaders earlier today. Joining Geoff Bennett to discuss is the President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton, snd the President and CEO of the National Urban League, Marc Morial.
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    1. @Warren Parker last time I checked, the Republicans packed the Supreme and many other courts. Quit gaslighting. Accusing others of your favored practices is a double standard. Is that your only standard or is hypocrisy the other? Two impeachment were carried out by constitutional law. However Republicans had their fingers crossed when taking the impartiality oath before each trial. The defense for Donald Trump didn’t even have to show up. They might as well not have. They were as pathetic as Cruz and Graham meeting with the defense council. Must have been playing cards in that room.

    2. If he’s pushed on too much or ostracized he’ll switch party and Moscow Mitch the majority again

  1. Don’t believe Joe Manchin he’s a republican and will lead you on and on until time runs out. Like all republicans do lately, he continues to ignore his own constituents as well.

    1. @Luis Rosales don’t want what, $15 an hour, good health care? the right to vote in their own state? Green jobs to replace the coal jobs they are losing? which one? Manchin is against all of these things.

    2. Latest polls show more than 75% of West Virginians are in favor of abolishing the filibuster. This included democrats, independents, and republicans.

    3. Unbelievable that he will be known for killing democracy, he is willing to take that hit for dark money, cross the isle already ya traitor!!

    4. @Luis Rosales Luis Rosales is a sell-out Latino who monetizes posting video after video of purportedly secret news, to take advantage of aggrieved, faux-victim racist white people. Perversely enough there appear to be a fair number (not a large number, mind) of like “minded” latinx folk with enough self-loathing and failure of the cognitive engine they should have born with to follow suit.

  2. Joe Manchin’s obfuscation and the reasoning behind his feigned stupidity, can only be explained by one thing. Who are his major campaign donors? Find that and you will find to whom and what Joe Manchin is selling out for.

    1. He and sinema got an endorsement and donations from the US Chamber for their refusal to change or nuke the filibuster. The koch network of bribery – I mean lobbying – groups is putting pressure on him to continue his stupid opposition to filibuster reform and voting rights protections. Those are two answers to the question of who owns manchin.

    2. @Andre Dunbar thank u so much for this clarification. I should be better informed but is there any public domain where we can see campaign donations or is it clouded by dark money for the most part?

    3. @ajpello2003 Well, I learned about the US Chamber donation and the koch network pressure campaign from news articles by Reuters and cnbc, respectively. But, Open Secrets can provide more publicly available information on campaign donations.

    4. @Sam Vanders Expand our seats in the senate during the midterm elections by a couple seats and we won’t need this 1890’s style Democrat anymore.

  3. It will not move him ,forget about him he is a Republican.I don’t see him budging.I wish I can think more positive,but sorry it won’t happen.

    1. Looks like the conservatives control the Senate afterall. Everything will be deadlocked for the next year and a half.

    2. @Stephanie S, he’s just trying to keep his job. West Virginia voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2020 and he is up for re-election next year.

    1. @Bo 2 4 U
      Manchin always looks guilty
      as if he’s worried someone is about to start following his money trail

    1. Yeah, and how long is that tenable for. I’m guessing the 60% will grow in numbers, and become unhappy with the situation. Instead of arresting 400 wacko trumpers, you will be arresting 40million sane people fighting for their voting rights. Thats alot of jails to build, how are you going to pay for that.

    2. @mistatk not sure what your point is, Gomer, or which side you’re on. The 60% won’t give way as inaction is suicide, but the 40% are going to rise up with all their weaponry, we’ll see if our law enforcement are true to democracy or to White Nationalism, that is where we’re at.

    3. @Michael Hernandez no, Trump supporters are more like 40% they are the ones that are holding the other 60% who disapprove of trump hostage.

  4. Manchin has been brought and sold from the lobbyist he could care less about anything…DNC shouldn’t support his reelection, let the lobbyist pay for it …

    1. Cut his democratic funding. He either falls in line or he actually joins his republican party. I will give the republicans one thing, they support their leader no matter how big a liar and a POS he is to assist the power remain in power, where Manchin and Sinema dont care if their party loses power as long as they keep their own power.

    2. Until there are term limits, ALL senators and congressman and woman will be bought and sold.

  5. Manchin got elected basically as an homage to the legend Sen. Robert Byrd (D – W.Va.). He comes from just about the Trumpiest of red states. That is the explanation of all of his conduct.

    1. Even Byrd came to senate on a wheelchair at 2am to vote for Obamacare. I doubt we can count Manchin for that. He is a Koch brothers funded corporate shill.

    2. @Danish …. I think he is just doing the best he can, given the trumpy state he represents.

    3. @Frank Hoffman no frank, his constituents overwhelmingly want the for the people act and no filibuster. He is PAID FOR plain and simple.

  6. He’s not going to change his stance. He’s a Dixiecrats a southern Democrat that against civil rights reform.

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot The majority of people in his State are for the voting rights bill. Now what’s his excuse?

    2. @Harold Moore, I can see why with a “D” next to his name. Looks like he’s trying to up his support in a red state.

    3. @Anthony Browne, how do you know what West Virginians are for? Keep in mind the 2020 election results were 545K for Trump and 235K for Biden. That’s about as strong of an indicator we will ever get as far as what West Virginians want. You don’t think Manchin is considering that? Especially because he is up for re-election next year.

    4. @Super Scary Russian Bot It doesn’t suppose to be about getting reelected, it should be about what’s best for America and her people.

    5. @Last Man Standing, best for America according to who? It seems Manchin believes his constituents believes what is best for America is to join the rest of the world and secure the election by requiring some type of voter identification.

  7. Both Manchin and Sinema need to get called out for their BS for protecting the Filibuster.

  8. Manchin’s own people in West Virginia don’t agree with him so how can he go against the people that put him in office?

    1. I think the people in his home district of been swayed by the propaganda from a compliant media that WikiLeaks warned us about. That medias in bed with the corrupt and in French political class as well as the globalist. I think he was trying to preserve our democracy.

    2. Any good politician should be able to tell the people who elected them that they’re wrong and that they won’t go along with their pressure. If you need an explanation of that look up Thaddeus Stevens

    3. @Cnut Olderson I understand and very likely he has but we have such a hateful media now that I doubt that his message can get out. I still believe the WikiLeaks warning that they issued back when we learned about the corruption of our DNC during the Hillary/Bernie primary. The main stream media is compliant with the corrupt and entrenched political class and the globalists.

  9. “I’m afraid history will show that, in this shameful era, Republican senators were more united in their opposition to voting rights than Democratic senators were in their support for them.” — Robert Reich

    1. Dems sent precedent with opposing 1866&1964 civil rights acts

      But again black lives don’t matter to dems

      Delia young-killed by her aunts
      Bryunna Joyce literally filmed and sent videos to the father of her 5 week old daughter of bryunna throwing her newborn baby off the bed,feeding her cat food instead of the proper food.

      Shaquille Rowe who killed his 17month old son by literally ripping his heart in half

    2. @Doug Parker as you are unable to discern the post-Civil Rights Act parties’ identification from pre-CRA, your credibility is absolutely zero.

    3. @tigress and the u-fraidees no it’s you who still believe, rather naively that the parties switched.
      How is changing hours to vote to accommodate people who work the polls can attend a church service during the 2 weeks of early voting supressing anyone.
      You think people can’t go to the DMV and get an ID?
      Your credibility is negative

    4. @tigress and the u-fraidees dems haven’t and will never do anything for blacks.
      The most violent places in America are dem controlled inner cities.
      In Minneapolis a 14yr who did nothing but attend a graduation party in Woodbury was killed after three guys shot at his elder brother while they were leaving the party.

  10. He sounds like a freshman senator “hoping” that bipartisanship would occur! You are not green Senator Manchin! Stop acting foolish!

    1. @Harold Moore only a total moron would give trumps cultists the benefit of the doubt. He’s definitely bought and paid for

  11. Bipartisanship is a dirty word in the MAGA Republican party. Get the filibuster ready like a vaccine for the plague and use it. 🙍

  12. I swear Moscow Mitch’s face slide down off his head everyday. His days in power are soon ending.
    VOTE 2022/2024

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