Bolton Says Biden-Putin Meeting Is 'Premature' | MSNBC 1

Bolton Says Biden-Putin Meeting Is ‘Premature’ | MSNBC


Ambassador John Bolton, former National Security Advisor in the Trump administration, joins Andrea Mitchell ahead of President Biden's first foreign trip, which will include a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Bolton says that meeting is "premature," but when asked if Donald Trump was ready when he met with Putin, Bolton says "of course not." He also discusses the "Havana-Syndrome" illness, and what might have caused it, which he says is "something the US government has to come to a conclusion on."

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Bolton Says Biden-Putin Meeting Is 'Premature' | MSNBC


    1. He’s a washed up has been who only sees war. There’s a reason the eagle has an olive branch as well as arrows on the Seal. Seek peace, but be
      prepared for war. Biden seems to be doing both.

  1. JOHN BOLTON said the meeting is premature huh. Better premature than secret. In a personal way and he liked Putin. Any secret cell should look out. State secrets did get let out but only will be released to hurt Biden.

    1. @nothingtoseehere exactly. When I saw the title I knew Bolton was striving for relevance.

  2. It is premature. Total sanctions first then a meeting once Putin is desperate. Incidentally, Bolton has no right to speak on this matter as he was one of those responsible for not holding Putin’s stooge (trump) accountable.

    1. Sanctions all ready exist…FYI USA’s NUMBER 2 import of oil is from Russia, Canada number 1. So a little butt kissing going to occur.

    1. For the ratings.
      This is a corporate news network.
      Though they are against Trump, they are with the people who they believe would bring in ratings and views by allowing them to share their “expert opinion/analysis.”
      It’s what they do. They know he’s just as toxic as Trump, and they don’t care.

  3. Better premature with a chance of some success that one that was an utter failure by Trump. Bolton is a turncoat so totally unbelievable. BTW, Bolton, even Putin admitted that President Biden, who he has known for some years, is a very competent man. A change he will welcome after meeting Bozo Trump?

  4. What Bolton has to say is irrelevant.
    He was talking such BS at so many public events, that’s all nonsense from that mouth.

  5. Biden doesn’t need Bolton’s advice, or his inferences. Bolton had his chance, and we are more vulnerable for it.

  6. Bolton is a chicken hawk. He won’t lift a finger to save democracy if he can’t sell a book. He ain’t gonna fight for this democracy.

  7. Maybe Mr. Pringle could bless America by finding a remote trout stream and lecturing political nuances to individual flies.

  8. Bolton had a chance to testify about he knew, and he refused. It was a dishonest and cowardly act, with serious consequences.

  9. WHY in the world would we listen to Bolton? He’s a self-enterprising fake pursuing only his own agenda.

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