Sen. Klobuchar: Jan. 6 Report Details A ‘Breakdown Of intelligence’

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), the chair of one of the committees tasked with preparing a report on the January 6th riot, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss that report and what it says about the intelligence breakdowns leading up to the attack on the Capitol, and the security failures on the day that inhibited the response to the attack.

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Sen. Klobuchar: Jan. 6 Report Details A 'Breakdown Of intelligence'


    1. the prob is they don’t care about their gov’t salaries but the dark money from corps — the job is about power & dark money. train-riding senators like biden was are not the prob (rare indeed). look into mccconnell (esp his wife’s rellies in china). look into manchin, esp on big pharma (hint: daughter in huge scandal as ceo of big pharma).

  1. This was not a breakdown of intelligence. It was a series of willful refusals to see and act upon what was clear to any random civilian who was paying attention.

    1. @rob gpm Wait until you see the breaking news tonight on the NFL network. Sources say that the NFL is investigating the Super Bowl. Several Tampa Bay players never took their helmet off during the game, and immediately after the game these players let the field and did not attend the trophy presentation. Word is the Buccaneers had other NFL “Stars” on their team to assist them in their Championship win over the Chiefs.

    2. @rob gpm did they try to stop an election and overthrow the government? No. So sick of your pathetic whataboutisms. 🙄

  2. Any time something happens that the public (most) already know, the government will cover for twenty to one hundred years and say oops!

  3. its been reported that the “report” doesn’t mention the word “INSURRECTION” and ALSO DOESN’T MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT TRUMP

    1. Whenever you hear of anything bipartisan that simply means the Republicans are going to dictate and the Democrats are going to follow along.

    1. When a person has to pay someone to take their SAT’s, and mommy and pops buy a college degree, this is what you get. Spoiled little pansy’s.

  4. Failure,compartmentalization,prevents truth here. Cap cops didn’t meet,plan,prepare for a threat most Americans that knew politics knew was coming. Had the local boy scout troop been present at the cap on the 5th,they’d be saying” you guys know what day tomorrow is right?!?” We gotta go.

  5. We have had a breakdown of intelegence for more than a decade proven by the formatrion the Tea Party leading to the MAGA cult.

  6. We know who’s responsible for the riot Donald Trump he once said that he could get away with anything so therefore he let the riot continue for hours then he gave permission to stop the riot .

  7. FFS, the whole Stable Genius administration is a literal break-down of intelligence! 😅😂🤣

  8. Breakdown of intelligence… At the very top public office for 4 years, and decades of the GOP eroding the intelligence of their voters.

  9. I applaud you Amy. You are just a few years younger than me & you were my my choice for president. You are certainly a formidable force & I thank God you are.

  10. The leadership in the capital police need to do a much better job of planning for another attack like this and make sure the staff is armed and ready to defend the building.

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