Capitol Police Officer Recounts ‘Unbelievable’ Jan. 6 Attack | MSNBC

USCP Officer Sergeant Aquilino Gonell discusses the events of the January 6th attack. NBC News' Leigh Ann Caldwell reports on the report that details the intelligence failures leading up to the attack. 

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Capitol Police Officer Recounts 'Unbelievable' Jan. 6 Attack | MSNBC


    1. We may have to wait until the next election and get some real caring responsible people into office.

    2. @Guy North people have been saying that for at least 50 years now. That’s perpetual hope for you.

    3. @Tod Brown; Ya, I see what you mean, I was extremely short-sighted for a moment, or drunk and shooting up crack … thinking just one more. It’s just this drumpf thing has been such an incredibly horrible downer,

  1. And the GOP wants us to just to forget about this! Not gonna happen, not today, not tomorrow, we are coming for you and you will pay.

    1. @Scahoni Never before, a sitting president was kicked out of WH by so many voters. Trump = biggest looser in US history

    2. @Scahoni prove it you twit. Oh wait you can’t because there is zero credible evidence backing your claims lmao. I deal in facts not propaganda, you should try it sometimes.

    3. Comparing BLM to the Capitol riots is like comparing apples to orangutans. Associating BLM with Antifa is like associating a stadium full of football fans with a few thugs vandalizing the restrooms.

      93% of the BLM protests were peaceful. Of the remaining 7%, 99% of the people didn’t riot. I live in a city at the center of those protests where law enforcement went after the rioters diligently.

      While some Dem lawmakers expressed support for the cause, none supported Antifa, and none condoned violence. While the protesters tended to be liberal, they weren’t partisan political events. They protested a real, repeating injustice.

      Capitol insurrectionists rioted over a lie. The election wasn’t stolen, and Pence couldn’t stop the certification. “Stop the Steal” was fundamentally partisan. Republican politicians encouraged it despite months of growing intelligence and common sense that said organized groups were likely to use violence.

      Put plainly, it was a coup attempt at one of America’s highest value terrorist targets. There were several groups, several of which were white supremacists. Their level of planning and coordination far surpassed that of any of those protesting police brutality.

      Giuliani said “Let’s have trial by combat!” right before the riot. Once it was underway, The President attacked his own VP on Twitter as Pence and lawmakers were being whisked away by security. When Rep. McCarthy implored Trump to send backup, the President replied, “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are just more upset about the election than you are.”

  2. Those officers should never forget that day. (I bet they wish all someone did is point a flashlight at them). But being told being that their attackers were not black it was okay what happened to them. This from a republican senator mccarthy. I would never be okay with this. And most of the attackers say they have no remorse. Trump said he loved the rioters.

    1. Meanwhile BLM have been rioting all over America and have murdered several people and all of the people who where arrested have been released 😂🤷‍♂️

      Mabey try looking at the homicide rates in America and which group is responsible for that I think you are in for a shock

    2. I know I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS, never forget watching what happened that day. I tuned in to watch the Congressional proceedings, but then things changed pretty quickly. Instead I spent all afternoon on the phone with my sister as we watched together from cities far away from each other on our own TVs in disbelief that this could be happening in our Capitol. Aghast but united in spirit with those brave officers defending our very country’s democracy against that mob drunk on their own hate. Since then I’ve lost what little respect I had left for most Republicans in Congress. I miss my WW2 veteran dad still but glad he did not ever have to see such disrespect of our country by those miscreant thugs.

  3. These poor individuals suffered humiliation for doing their jobs.
    Disgraceful to treat them less than national heroes.
    We need true and honest investigation and do they.

  4. All the deranged thugs who encouraged, aided or participated in the violent storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6 should be locked up! It is critically important that the government sends a clear message, now, to any others contemplating violent overthrow of the Republic that it will not be tolerated.

  5. We the people and they the capital police will continue to look back until all the questions are answered and all the issues are addressed. McConnell is going to have his face shoved into January 6th every single day for years to come, until he opens his eyes to look at what happened.

  6. By and large I look askance at firearms prohibitions as extreme as is in DC, while being neutral to mildly positive towards reasonable and moderate firearm regulations and laws.

    BUT I have to admit that here and now, DC’s EXTREME GUN LAWS MAY HAVE SAVED THE NATION FROM A BLOODBATH COUP ATTEMPT. Several of the extremist groups have stated on record that they told their members to leave firearms at home or with friends in communities outside of DC because of DC’s gun laws.

    Why isn’t this little obvious tidbit fact being commented upon more widely?

    It just occurred to me, and it’s chilling, leaning me a bit more in favor of generally tighter firearm regulation.

    At the very least ANYONE who stepped over a threshold into the Capitol on that day should be convicted of a felony, stripping them of their right to firearm ownership in perpetuity save petitioning the court long down the road for restoration of such. Perhaps in some cases the courts might be justified in a “time served” judgement otherwise (personally I think they were ALL traitors … you can’t claim love for the country and not understand that the actions of that day were meant to disrupt and derail a process specifically mandated in the Constitution!) , but the felony conviction should be on all their records.

  7. And of course the traitor republicans trying to spin it into a love fest of hugs and kisses….

  8. Republicans – “Nothing to see here, folks. It was just a regular touristy day at the Capitol, with people looking to hang the VP, pipe bombs being planted, and fire extinguishers being bounced off of the heads of Capitol police.”
    It will be a long time before I can vote for a Republican again, from President to dog catcher!

    1. imagine if there had been just ONE lone black man with a taser and zip ties trying to break into the capitol.
      now imagine he was wearing a BLM t-shirt….FOX news would still be upset over this blatant attack on Amerikka.

  9. I hope more of the police officers present on 1/6 for that Insurrection follow this USCP’s lead and publicly speak about what they experienced

  10. Where is the necessary jan 6 COMMISSION?
    It is almost 6 months late,,,shame , shame on. True GOP .

  11. trump was the so called president, if he didn’t know about it, he shouldn’t have been in office in the first place.

  12. Just look at the flags they brought. The most prominent word on them was Trump. Now Trump and his people are saying that in August, he will be reinstated. After what happened on January 6th, we need to be very very careful with allowing them to do things in general this August. Obviously they are dangerously violent people.

  13. Yeah, and now imagine your average “plebs” having riots right next to their homes with no police presence for the entire summer. Any interviews with them?

    1. What on Earth are you talking about? There were riot police all over the protests, even when they were peaceful.

  14. GQP: “We stand up for our police! Blue lives matter!”
    Maga cult: **beats up police with Blue Lives Matter flags**
    GQP: 🤦🤷

  15. Remember the people who thought the 2016 election was a joke and said they voted for Trump just to see what would happen? Well, we saw … constant lying, total failure to deal with a pandemic, economic collapse, and then insurrection. Hope those people who thought politics was a “joke” are happy now.

  16. Capitol Police shouldn’t have opened the doors, moved barriers and just waved people into the building (aka encouraging people to enter the building).

  17. Makes me beyond infuriated that those police officers who were doing their job had no support at all that day. R.I.P. Officer Sicknick.

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