Rev. Al Sharpton Reacts To Derek Chauvin Sentence 1

Rev. Al Sharpton Reacts To Derek Chauvin Sentence


Reverend Al Sharpton reacted to Derek Chauvin’s sentence of 22 and a half years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, saying the judge’s order sends “an incomplete message” of accountability.
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    1. If it wasn’t for election year BLM wouldn’t have got the recognition.
      It would have just been another day in the street.
      Nothing has changed.

    1. @vinmanfonzo vinman 25 to life was never a possible punishment for the charges Chauvin was charged with and convicted of.

    1. All you have to do is brush by a cop and that’s assault on an officer. They’ll give you 7-10 years easily. Go figure!

    1. @jj welsh75 yes kudos for her ,I still think that cop got off with a light sentence seeing all the riots he caused and plain as day killed a man

  1. Had this been the other way around George would’ve gotten life without the possibility of parole. Or even worse; a death sentence! Go figure..

  2. btw just think it would be nice if at least once the talk of the rise in gun violence, would stop leaving out it’s start beginning with cops repeatedly shooting unarmed black men in the back, thanks!!

  3. It was an upward departure from the typical sentence given for 2nd degree murder without aggravating factors, it was directly in line with sentences given in the past 10 years in the state for 2nd degree murder with aggravating factors. It was a reasoned legal analysis.

    Perfectly fair.

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