Rev. Sharpton On The Importance Of Juneteenth Celebration | MSNBC

Reverend Al Sharpton discusses the importance of Juneteenth and why we need to recognize the history surrounding it. Aired on 06/18/2020.
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Rev. Sharpton On The Importance Of Juneteenth Celebration | MSNBC


  1. Derek Chauvin may or may not be the guy from Cash Cab, but he’s definitely not the guy in the mugshot

    1. @Family Phone Umm, that makes no sense at all. Like saying t’rump forgetting Ivanka’s birthday…the first, but not the last time he saw her naked. Eww….

    2. @Family Phone EVERY RACIST ROT today joins the Republican party….. exhibit A is sitting in the WHITE HOUSE !!!

  2. This race batter never heard of it until Trump mentioned it! You had to make it to at least the 8th grade.

  3. I had never heard that word until last year, but the minute I heard it… I knew it was significant. Just the WORD itself indicated WHO created it and WHY it was created. So it would never be forgotten. So someone who had never learned to read or write could ask “What day is it?” and they would forever know the DAY they became free men. No one should forget that date and what it represents to both the people who were freed, and the people who allowed two years to pass before they allowed them to know.

  4. I am not an American , I learned about the Tulsa massacre through ‘ The Watchmen ‘ and thought it was part of an ‘ Alternate America ‘ plot line , like the Man In the High Castle , I was shocked and horrified to learn through my dear American friends that it really happened , and in the 20th century , in my mother’s lifetime , right down to the guy flying overhead dropping dynamite .

    1. That won’t happen unfortunately because the left wing picked up the project,police have more support then ever at this moment

  5. I have “Juneteenth” marked down on my calendar & do not appreciate Donald tRump besmirching it!

  6. Rev. Al Sharpton is doing Gods work fighting for Social Justice & I’m a big fan of his. I have met him in person & he’s very charismatic & charming!

    1. Well now you know right? It’s most likely no fault of your own that you never learned about it as many school never taught it. It’s such an important day that most calendars have included it for years.

  7. I feel like it makes a difference depending on what school you went to. I’m in my 30’s and I learned a pretty extensive history of slavery all the way up to Juneteenth, MLK, Malcom X, Fredrick Douglas and Rosa Parks. I also never went on the assumption that other kids learned as much especially once I got to college and some kids had no idea.

    Our history classes as a whole I think are always made to make the US look good and tends to leave out the awful parts of our history. I’ve always believed that needed to change.

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