Rex Chapman Reacts To Supreme Court NCAA Ruling | MSNBC

Rex Chapman Reacts To Supreme Court NCAA Ruling | MSNBC 1


  1. Bots be in full force, you know you’re doing something right
    hypocrites be the drunks complaining about Mr.Floyds months of sobriety
    maybe its because they DIDNT LAST A WEEK

  2. The NCAA is making so much money and a lot of that money goes into the sports programs and people running them, the programs are probably a sophisticated and staffed like pro teams. And that staff makes big money like pro employees, it should depend on the money in the sport, low staff and money sports don’t have to pay like men’s football and basketball, scholarship might be enough compensation for those sports.

    1. @Fishing Freaks what sounds good? How’s exploitation of their athletic ability without the athletes themselves not getting anything not slavery?

    2. @Fishing Freaks The majority of college athletes are Black especially for Football & Basketball were the money is the biggest. So they are not only not playing their “employees” that are producing a product that’s making the NCAA BILLIONS of dollars. AND on top of that, they wouldn’t let athletes accept internships and educational gifts like laptops as “payment”

  3. Universities are for education, not sports. Particularly public state schools do not exist to make a profit.

    1. @Big Buck Scholarships are so that players can ATTEND a college or university that otherwise would NOT be affordable! If they are paying for a college tuition for each student where in some major conferences is $40k/year! Many students at small colleges and universities who are NOT star athletes or recruited will have to contend and compete against these major conference colleges and universities who can get the 3, 4, and 5 star recruits. There are many sports that make NO money, lacrosse, water polo, tennis, volleyball, softball, baseball etc, but they allow students to attend colleges with a scholarship.
      If a student athlete signs a letter of intent to attend a college, it’s so that THAT college can see how many scholarships they have left to give out to more recruits. Did you know that many students in smaller colleges do NOT have a scholarship and pay their own way?
      You are saying that only those who will profit from this are the star players, what about the other members on the team, and on all the other teams at that university or college? Do you think all that equipment for all the other sports are free? Do you think that all colleges have immaculate stadiums and practice facilities? Football and basketball helps to pay for those because they are the most money generating sports, don’t mistake it for profit in small colleges and universities not in any of the major conferences.
      Major conference universities and colleges make the most money, they attract the best players, and if a player decides to play for them, he is signing away his career while playing for them, because he is accepting payment in the form of a scholarship. They shouldn’t be paid any more or any less, but that’ what to remain an amateur means.

    1. You might think you are being funny, but these colleges don’t care if these students will have a proper college education to help them get a job if they don’t make it into the pros. They put these kids into BS classes to fake passing grades just so they don’t get kicked out of the team. So they pretty much out of luck if they don’t make professional teams.

  4. Okay, so this guy doesn’t know the difference between a student and an employee. So much for his credibility. They’re not employees, they’re _paying customers_ . And most of those top athletes are getting an expensive education for free — in addition to getting other perks — so they’re already essentially being paid.

    And where do they think all this money is going to come from? I’m sure it will come from increased tuition for all other students. It will also come from increased ticket prices. And I have to wonder how many wealthy people who have made large donations to universities to improve their quality of education will now have their money spent on paying jocks.

  5. only the US could maker a higher education about money. If college athletes should earn an income then so too should everyone that goes to college. It makes NO sense.

  6. The days of treating college athletes like unpaid labor is hopefully over. As for Nassib, much respect!! RAIDERS!!!!! Just win, baby!!! RIP Al Davis!!

    1. So when your kid goes to college to learn but then u say he should get paid for playing the sport in school. So what happens when your kid has bad grades cuz he’s or she is always at the game and they r ready to kick them out because of there grades should the school turn it’s head and ignore the fact that your kid came to school to learn. U go to school to learn not get a job at the school, what’s more important getting paid for playing a BS sport that they’re never going to make it to the pro teams now your mad cuz your child is dumb and didn’t get picked up by one of the pro team

  7. Little too much whining here. College athletes are afforded huge benefits and opportunities. My son finished his education with a graduate degree looking for a teaching job for a tiny amount of money. I have little sympathy for pampered athletes.

    1. No they really don’t. I know you might think so but if you do a little research, it’s not just because they don’t get paid for these games… These students are literally having trouble feeding themselves, they can’t even get a part time job because they are required to be in practice, and lastly, the colleges put these students in BS classes so that their grades are pretty much made up. They don’t really get an education that will help them after college life if they don’t make the pros. It’s not always that bad, but enough of them are going through this that it is a problem.

  8. What happens when player felling grades interfere with them playing sports and getting paid for that sport, is the school supposed to over look there grades and say it’s ok u can go play and don’t worry bout your grades even tho that’s y your in school to learn

  9. College sports is big business… All the while some of these players are literally starving because they can’t afford to live on campus… And due to their practice, they can’t even get a part time job. In fact, there was a report couple of years ago that students said they don’t even get the education they need for life after college. These college put them in some BS classes so they make the grade and keep playing for their teams. These colleges are not only taking away what is rightfully theirs while they play for these college teams… They took away an education that they were promised and need if they do not get to go pro. These colleges should be ashame of themselves.

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