Richard Engel: Israelis, Palestinians Want ‘More Than’ A Ceasefire

Richard Engel: Israelis, Palestinians Want 'More Than' A Ceasefire 1


  1. After this round of hostilities ends, there will be a lull for five years or so and then it will resume again. There is no desire for the Israelis to make the big consciousness they need to make to give the Palestinians some dignity and the means to have a better life. Gaza is just a prison, surrounded by the Israeli overlords.

  2. Friendly reminder: Being critical of Israel when they bomb civilians does not mean you are anti-Semitic.

    1. @Zendra Gallhauser But what the freaking media is doing is only reporting one sided story these days. You have the liberal media promoting their view, conservative media reporting their view. 90% news is freakin biased. Media has a imp role but all they care about is the TRP. So they will continue to provide the juicy contents to satisfy their customer base. That is what it has come to. Few outlets are unbiased these days.

    2. @Ash you want unbiased news and at the same time they should mourn Israeli deaths!
      Like literally how do this two things go together???

    3. @Zendra Gallhauser If you forgot to read for that comment, I included a word that is called “Hypothetically”. And also I mentioned the word “Radical media”. That itself should answer ur ques

    4. @Ash no your comments make no sense at all! You say the media should be more emotional and ubiased at the same time

  3. Force the two State Solution and and keep the peace in Palestine Boarder till Palestinians have their own capabilities and Army. This way Israeli and Palestinians could have different approach to each other and maybe live peacefully together

    1. We know what Palestinians will do with weapons, when Japan lost the war and surrendered, they weren’t allowed to have a military or a navy.

  4. There are so many Arab country in the middle east and they sit there and look at Israelis doing this to their brother and sister for years and years and still think Israel is a good friend

    1. Maybe, and hear me out, The other countries understand that it is more nuanced than one side is good and one side is bad.

  5. Jews were not the original settlers therefore that argument that this was their land first is hogwash.

    1. Agreed. But that argument is equally garbage for pretty much every ethnic group in the world. The Celts are native to Briton.

      What matters is that many of the Israelis living there, where born there. They aren’t going anywhere.

  6. Does anyone have an original Twinkie? Before they made the new crappie ones a couple years back. Oh And the 2021 McRib bbq sauce recipe what happen there? It don’t taste the same you can’t fool me

  7. Even if the colonial powers did not interfere when they topple down the Ottoman empire during WWI, people in that place will keep killing each other just like their ancestor did 2000+ years ago since both sides literally wanting to drive their sworn enemy out from that place.

  8. Humanity needs to advance. To change the foundation on which our race stands from the type zero to the type one society. No one wants the dead system any more. Let go & move forward.

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