Richard Haass On President Biden’s Upcoming Trip Abroad

Richard Haass joins Ayman to discuss President Biden's first international trip as President. Biden will meet with key European allies ahead of his summit with Putin.
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    1. @Dc Best So do I which is why I tell everyone to research more than one source. I have no ill will towards you either, I might differ on my view of what’s happening but I love to learn and be taught, not talked down to and a lot of people now a days do that. From what I’ve seen politics within the government have never been simple. Truth gets mixed with lies and opinions become fact before people ever do the research. Not every person but some.

    2. @Dc Best How am I speculating when I literally said I don’t have enough information on this so research more than one outlet? Maybe if you weren’t looking to constantly be correct you could see that you’re the one who’s needing to argue.. why else comment the same comment so many times but only respond to some and not others.. Wait how was I informing? By saying research first before blaming just one administration? People are being hypocritical by doing so.. Wasn’t ripe? I do not know what that even means but I don’t live for YouTube comments so I’m okay with not knowing.

    3. @Desiree Federico I can’t believe biden would run on student debt relief to help americans learn the skills to excel in today’s workforce, then NOT only does he not keep his word, but he RAISES interest rates. Wow

    4. @Dc Best See I’m going to respond to what you said even though you didn’t answer how I speculated, instructed and informed… I think it’s utterly despicable for a person in power to lie. To get our, the “regular” people’s hopes up on any topic is morally wrong. Especially that of education. But why is he raising interest rates? Is there a reason other than to keep money and power? There are more policies he’s trying to pass too, in correlation to raising the interest rates right? I don’t love Biden, far from it but I’m not forming an opinion that can’t be changed based on what is happening right now, what is it five months into his presidency? A lot of people right now don’t even believe Biden is the actual president or won’t be for long so how can we stay focused?

  1. GQP supporters: Does he know where he is? POTUS: I am in Australia. Sick and uneducated people.

    1. Just the opposite..ignorant or paid troll?…..Biden/Harris already earned respect while Donnie’s playing peek a boo beauty pageant..CULTists mixed up

  2. Trump says he will be president again in August.
    His supporters believe him.
    Let that sink in.

    1. @Mark Gamolka Oh look. Someone who supports the Putin Puppet. Your opinion means nothing here, please go troll somewhere else.

    2. @Cyclone President Trump is not a puppet of the Russians and dont talk about Foreign influence cause what about Beijing Biden and Hunter with China?

    3. @Mark Gamolka like lmao. You got any proof? Pretty sure all of trumps lawsuits failed due to NO evidence.

    4. @Mark Gamolka LOL…Because a traitor is sentenced to prison?….Well then I guess a lot of other traitors will be going to prison too….

  3. Tomorrow, Joe Biden will depart on his first international trip as president.
    Tomorrow, Donald Trump will spend the day crying and changing his diapers.

  4. When does he go to Russia and check on the fossil fuel pipelines he approved for Putin and his campaign contributors are coming along?

  5. Right now they’re prepping Biden to look like he stay awake for more than an hour. And in Russia and China, they’re having Putin and Xi working on pretending to keep a straight face, without laughing, for an hour or so ..

    1. But do you think he’ll have a secret meeting with Putin where he blows him like traitor 45 did?..

  6. Try to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t try to sneak back into the White House while Biden’s away. It’s the sort of thing a man with no class, no conscience and no respect for democracy would do.

    1. He wouldn’t get past the outer gates. I would love to see Drumph standing outside the fence though. It’d be the closest thing to seeing him behind bars.

  7. Democracy is based on the Iroquois Nation’s Great Law of Peace which does not have right wing racist bias or blanket bombing.
    The difference between what democracy should be compared to what Americans bastardised it into is shameful.
    Anti-Chinese, anti-Islam and homophobia do not exist in the Great Law of Peace.
    Co-operation and Collaboration is the way of the future. Colonialism is history.

    1. Imagine thinking this about the POTUS. As much as I hated Trump, I never wished harm on him. Trumpists is truly soulless.

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