‘Rigged Against Democracy’: Hayes On The Backward Filibuster System 1

‘Rigged Against Democracy’: Hayes On The Backward Filibuster System


Chris Hayes: Democrats need 60 votes to try to protect the voting rights people fought for decades to achieve. But Republicans needed just 50 to appoint Supreme Court justices who will tear down those voting rights. 
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  1. I wish the reporters stop saying the democratic party and start calling out people in the party who are blocking the VOTING RIGHT BILL. CALL THEM BY NAME.

    1. @Mo im so sad having to leave my grandchildren n great grandchildren to a country like this. Please, can’t something be done about the dino in the Dem. party. Manchin and Sinama need to go n Biden needs to get serious about this country….now.

    1. You know adding justices would be cheating right moving the goal post our politicians put out a list of who they would select for the supreme Court and many people voted for them for that very reason I think democrats should do the same they should put out a list of who they would put on the supreme Court and then when a vacancy comes up and there’s a democrat in the White House you get to choose the same way Republicans did if you feel the court is slanted to the right now it’s because that’s what the country voted for that’s what the country wants

  2. Political nominations for courts is not democracy, it’s political interference in the judiciary.

    1. I they work with Joe Biden, how are they going to help the other billions of people on earth. Santa Clause has as much credibility.

    2. Prayers have already been demonstrated to be as effective as random chance. Google it. Give up the delusion of gods, angels, and demons. Take responsibility and do something that can actually make a difference instead, like vote and/or contribute to sane organizations.

  3. They need to run ads showing how these new laws would affect poor white people. Most poor white people are not going to be moved by how it is affecting minorities. Many actually cheer for that part.

    1. Too many subjects are messaged incorrectly. White people, Independent, Democrat, and Republican, will be affected by these new voter suppression laws. Don’t make it about black people. America doesn’t care about black people. Highlight how they will affect white people!
      Same thing with abortion. It’s not just women who want abortions. It’s the men who want them too!Have the men speak out to save abortion, and then things would change!

    1. The Democrats need to hire the Lincoln project to learn how to fight!
      The Republicans use AK-47s, while the Democrats use steak knives.

    1. That’s gonna be tough, Munchkin and Semena are under control of the 🍊 cult and Corporate Masters..

  4. Thank you Joe Biden, for your seasoned wise judgement of what makes JUSTICE the only choice in America!

  5. Finally MSM is speaking out! Push those Democrats to get rid of the filibuster and pass HR1!

  6. Saving the filibuster at this moment is like playing Prevent Defense holding a 3 point lead with 45 minutes left in the game. It does not make sense and has No benefit to your team. Do what you can with the power bestowed to you now and worry about what may happen when the other team gets the ball.

  7. The Democrats need to get Senators Manchin and Cinema to beg their masters at Exxon Mobile for permission to abandon the minority tyranny of the filibuster.

  8. It is so comforting to have a real President again. Someone who does not snort Adderall like a meth addict and someone who doesn’t have to tell lies to make himself feel good.
    President Biden is what a president is supposed to be, and he behaves appropriately.

  9. Trump demanded that McConnell use the nuclear option to appoint his judges. Democrats need to grow a pair to invoke and apply the so called nuclear option.

  10. Call your senators and representatives and tell them to get rid of the filibuster! Vote Blue in 2022!

  11. The GOP is a drunken raged personified Gulianni. Every last one of them. We need to be protected from them.

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