She Was Fired For Promoting Vaccines. But What Happened Next Was Worse 1

She Was Fired For Promoting Vaccines. But What Happened Next Was Worse


Not only was Tennessee vaccine official Dr. Michelle Fiscus fired for doing her job, but the state is now making it harder for teens to get the Covid vaccine as well as pulling back messaging about any vaccine for children of all ages. 
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  1. When Trump destroys democracy, he only needs politicians and judges, not poor people. He’ll let his Storm Troopers deal with Dems and POC and let COVID take out the MAGA trash.

    1. Interesting that (according to current CDC numbers) the largest groups of unvaccinated are under the age of 25 and/or persons of color.
      Facts seem to show that it is Bidens’ voter base that is endangering the rest of the country

  2. The U.S. is intentionally moving backwards into the dark ages due to the rhetoric of self-serving politicians!!!

    1. @Donna Adams
      Okay soap-flake—you’re hilarious, because you’ll say any ridiculous sh•t just to say something! A soap-flake is someone who attempts to try to clean up one’s stupid mistakes, faults and the ridiculous things they say in an attempt to seem and/or sound intelligent.

    2. @Kryptonarie 63 The very fact you had to explain your ridiculous comment is hilarious. I never tried to clean up anything. I stated a fact. Pathetic attempt once again. Oh, that’s right. You prefer truth over facts. Lol!

    3. I’m with the maga Trumpist anti-vaxxers on this. No vaccines for them. They don’t deserve it anyway. Donate it to poor countries.

  3. Great job. Termination means recourse. I reached out to our TN board of medical examiners. Politicians work for us and should not be giving medical advice.

    1. @Summer Day Daaaayum!! You just got served.

      Nah, just felt like an important post, you should read it again. That would be The Queen’s post, of course.

    2. @Summer Day Well.. she didnt she was hired to start a covid vaccination program for kids and her role was find a way to implement it and the way she did it was by first researching a law and then presenting it to the TN Health Depart Legal COUNSEL for their approval and the key is “COUNSEL” and once they approved the use of the law then she continue writing the program and then presented it. What the TN gov should have done was when they got backlash from the community they should have taken ownership and said they were going to modify the program instead of hiding their heads and saying it was her fault

    3. ​@Summer Day Well you said she deserves to be fired? She didnt create the law she was hired to do a job which was to create a program to get teens vaccinated and apparently the TN government approved her plan to do it but when they realize the issues it would cause they decided to let her take the fall for it instead of taking ownership of it.

      If a company hires you for a job and you do the job honestly and follow their process and if the end results is something that causes divisiveness in the community, it’s the company that’s held accountable and have to go back and research their process in creating the product or service to make it more acceptable to the community.

      It’s not the employee, I think that’s what some people fail to get. She didnt go rogue and implement this on her own, the company (TN Gov) approved it through their many layers of process and approval and once the end result got backlash instead of speaking out and taking ownership and said they’re going to revise it they just step back and said it was this employee’s fault and that she didnt speak for the TN Health Gov (Company)

    4. @She Marie do y’all watch anything else or do any research of your own that is unbiased. Saying she deserved to be fired and she didn’t make the law are to different things. Parents have the RIGHT to know what’s going on with THEIR CHILDREN, law or not and nowhere does it say you purposely try to usurp PARENTAL RIGHTS or offer unsolicited advice to minors because you think you’re more “educated” than their PARENTS. If it was so good for their health there would be NO reason to be secret. CHILDREN should NOT and CANNOT make health decisions. We’re either going to say CHILDREN CANNOT and are NOT developed to make such serious decisions ALL across the board or we’re going to say they can. We cannot pick and choose what suits our agenda. Leave the kids be and let THEIR PARENTS decide what’s best for them. Who will step up to the plate and take care of them, if and WHEN they get harmed. Will children also be getting the free marijuana, French fries, trucks, guns, million dollars etc? Or just the (you know for their health ) because all the others they’re NOT old enough to handle So they will/can do the work, but not “mature” enough to reap the collect the “prizes”. Parents that wanted to use their children as GUINEA PIGS in this EXPERIMENT had done so, now kindly leave the rest of them be, they’re intelligent enough to do that if they do choose.

    1. @Thebigredsnake I can’t because I’m not an expert in that field. Why don’t you ask someone who is? For instance, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    2. @Donna Adams she was fired for providing information on a law that was on the books. Enough of your right wing nazi disinformation.

  4. This is truly nonsense. Brings to mind an analogy of a guard refusing to open the gates to an enemy and then getting charged for the act.

    1. Yep, basically the same thing. Just in this case there is no enemy. Or at least one that has more than a .03% chance of killing you.

    2. @. it’s a 2.08 death rate in the US right now. But don’t forget those who will suffer for the rest of their lives and others who have had to get lung or heart transplants because of it.

    3. @dustigenes I’m pro-organ donation, even if it means some anti-vax moron gets the organs from my braindead body. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to a no-transplant list for anti-vaxxers either…

  5. When things isn’t going there way! That’s when you see natural disasters and event occurring !! they playing with ppl lives

  6. it looks like the population is going to be trimmed back as long as history of members who directed this and who wanted this to happen no skin off my nose

    1. Covid barely killed anyone. Nearly every death had massive comorbidities or died of something else and tested positive. In September the CDC admitted that at that time only about 11,000 deaths were attributed to covid alone.

    2. @Josh Stephens over a dozen of my friends and family have tested positive. 1 was sick , my grandma’s 95 year old cousin who was dying of heart failure already. He only had weeks maybe a couple months to live anyway. I’m an overweight alcoholic longtime smoker who loves drugs , I didnt wear a mask , I didnt social distance. If I was gonna get sick it would’ve happened by now. Stop telling people the sky is falling. Imagine if you lunatics took heart disease or cancer this seriously? Maybe we could actually save people.

    3. @Nada it doesn’t matter what the death rate is—the disease has lasting significant effects on many of its victims, so who in their right mind would take that chance? It is lunacy to reject the vaccine. If you are hesitant, research BOTH sides of the argument with an open mind, don’t just listen to your typical sounding board and take them at face value. Everybody has an agenda, so it’s up to you to make an informed decision. Who is trying to save lives, and what is their real motivation? Are the vast majority of doctors and scientists part of some conspiracy to murder or maim every person in the world? Or is there a fringe of unrepentantly uneducated fools who want your money and for you to hand them power at any cost? Nearly all hospitalizations in the US for COVID at this point are for unvaccinated individuals. It is complete and utter insanity.

    4. @Nada your anecdotal evidence is not moving. Do some actual research before forming an opinion. This is what is wrong with America.

    5. @Josh Stephens I believe in science, I believe in traditional vaccines , these are radically new , untested types of vaccines and I dont see it as worth taking over a virus with a 98%+ survival rate. Hmu when airborne Ebola happens.

  7. Transcendent, highly-evolved existential thought of the day:

    My lawn sign reveals a deeply profound understanding of the nature of existence and my absolute moral authority:  In This House, We Believe: Black Lives Matter, Water is Wet, Women’s Rights are Human Rights, We Breathe Air, No Human is Illegal, Fire is Hot, Science is Real, Ice is Cold, Love is Love, Two Plus Two Equals Four, Kindness is Everything, Rain is Condensed Water Vapor.

    I’m a devout parishioner of the radically fundamentalist, evangelical, dogmatic, humanist, postmodern, non-theist religion of The Collective of The Greater Good!  I CARE! I’m such a GOOD person!

    1. @Tubee it’s not poison, it’s life saving medicine, go back to school and follow up on the sciences…

    2. @Mike Kelley… don’t bother apparently some folks believe in indoctrinatinating themselves as doctors, scientists, medical experts, etc ever since the COVID-19 and trying to spread the wrong type of propaganda.

    3. @Tubee in her state kids at age 13 I think might be 12 or 14. Probably 14 the can get the vaccine without parents consent. She was raising awareness to to that. Alot of people don’t know that is a thing in that state. I think there are like 3 other states that do that as well.

    4. @Jeza Moonspell yeah but we dont have to worry about mysterious heart problems , florescent veins and other weird stuff going on with that poison.

    1. @Grace Porter we will just have to wait and see who is right. I’m not sorry for anyone that doesn’t get the vaccine.

    1. Siding with the Soviet Union during WW2, helping China turn red, Tuskegee, MK-ULTRA, Operation Northwoods, Project 112/SHAD, the Kennedy coup, the 9/11 inside job, and the election of a kiddy diddler into the White House should have already tipped you off to the fact that we’ve been living through the Dark Ages for about a hundred years.

    2. @Hand Rubbing Intensifies You know they feed you that stuff because they think your stupid enough to believe it don’t you, its like a brain worm to destroy your cognitive reasoning and fix you into a permeant state of hate for anyone outside the Cult

    3. @Greg Greg this woman was fired for helping people explore outside of the Cult. You sound like a Jim Jones convert. “Join us or else!”

  8. “Two things are infinite, human stupidity and the universe and I’m not sure about the latter.” Al Einstein

  9. Put this in perspective. The state has a position to get kids vaccinated from all communicable diseases. This lady does a great job, but due to bootlicking politicians she gets fired. Bootlickers are running the circus in Tennessee.

  10. I shake my head in amazement at how the USA prides itself on its intellectual capacity but everyday the Republicons for the most part demonstrate a level of ignorance and stupidity that is mind boggling. I would like to know how many of the public vaccine deniers went and got their vaccines secretly like 45th did.

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