1. If Abbott really wanted to make his enemies suffer, he’d subject them to the Texas power grid for another winter.

    1. @mimi murphy Add to that scenario a brutal head dome that cooks a large area with temps well over 110 for several days. Why should we think that is not on the horizon?

    2. How’s the texas communist government holding state lawmakers hostage with guns and handcuffs guys?

    3. @Jetta

      Nice sensationalism girl lol, Texas doesn’t want the woke supremacists agenda 🤣. Texas has the largest population of black Americans in the country and you think it’s because Texas is racist lol?

    4. @Florentina Mcleod Whether Abbott does or not, geoengineering is 70yo tech at least. We did cloud seeding to make it rain in Vietnam war, planes do stratospheric aerosol injections to partially block out the sun, which they don’t claim is just “con trails” anymore, it’s called sunscreen for the earth you can Google articles as old as 1998 saying they spent 100mil a year already then for it, was never a false conspiracy theory)They also have directed energy weapons that can easily start fires, haarp heats up the ionosphere and changes the trajectory of the jet stream which can guide storms and decrease increase moisture and power, and there’s about a dozen haarps across the world now, and that’s just what we know of that’s been admitted about geoengineering ie weather modification. Yes, all this strange weather they say is our fault for polluting and we need to eat bugs and stop driving or jablving heat/ac over? They’re causing it deliberately, most weather modification is allegedly a counter measure to climate change but they never bring it up in climate change discussions or figures, it’s the main cause of climate change, the purpose of it is to change the climate

    1. I really wonders why americans dont ocasionally vote another party than used to. This happens all the times in europe, so when times changes we have landslide elections….

    2. @M D How you gonna vote anything if people are allowed to just pretend like the votes dont matter and walk away? didnt think that far did you lol. here is a thought, people wanted that man to be their leader for a reason since he was voted IN, so you tell me what people actually want.

  2. Bla, bla, bla…he’s squirming. I’m glad she’s pressing him but he keeps avoiding her question.

  3. strip manchin and sinema of committee memberships. no democrat campaign funds until they are democrats. WV should have a recall if they don’t want to continue in poverty

    1. I am not a Manchin fan but in all fairness, he is a Democratic senator in a Republican state. He must walk softly. Don’t know about Senama though. However, I did watch a video recently that stated that Manchin was getting huge campaign donations from several corporations both inside West Virginia and outside of the state. That puts him at even more risk of upsetting his applecart.

    2. @Jim Kennedy that’s not the reason manchin is being paid by the Koch bothers to keep the filibuster in place at all cost

    SENATORS NEED TO STAND UP and do right by the people and save our democracy and VOTER RIGHTS !!!

  5. The Senate needs to cancel the August recess today. They also need to cancel weekend recesses as well. Keep the Senate in session seven days a week until democracy is restored in America.

  6. Seriously, Abbott needs to concentrate on the polluted Texas beaches. Government deregulations have consequences including beaches infected with e-coli.

    1. Do you know…… The Gulf of Mexico is the septic tank for the Islands at the mouth of the Gulf AND for everybody living up North, including Canada.

      It all gets trapped in the Gulf.

      Texas alone, can’t be everybody’s filter. 🤷

    2. @ Canuck Progressive. You can believe that if you want. Not alot of people I know will agree with you we saw the bull happen before our eyes.

    1. @Michael Biggins The fact that they illegally walked out on a Vote? Dereliction of duty? misinformation? need more? i can write you a book

    1. It’s very possible that the grid will go down if Texas is hit with a lengthy heat wave. All those air conditioners flipped on. High power consumption will break records AND the precious Texas independent grid. Abbott will be doing the Ted Cruz run-away to Cancun. But we’ll get him and we won’t put up with his lies again.

  7. Rather hypocritical for Republicans to oppose this walkout, when they defended state Republicans doing the same in Oregon.

    1. Hypocritical, but not surprising from the Republicans; after all, is Republican Lindsay Graham not the ne plus ultra hypocrite?

    1. @Helen Byrd don’t worry; apparently, making fun of the disabled is good for you politically, at least among Republicans. It didn’t disqualify tRump!

    2. You guys should really do your own research lmao. If they go back to texas they will be arrested. Say goodbye to 50+ house seats in texas, dumbasses.

    3. You know what that is a low shot. I hope you have to experience the same issue he has to live with, then maybe you will think twice about your low shot.

    1. @ Canuck Progressive. To compare the Taliban to the republicans just gives more evidence that u are clearly clueless to what is going on in the world.Smh lol Just Wow

    2. @ Canuck Progressive. I wonder where u heard Trump supporters bomb themselves. lol CNN probably LOL

    3. @Tigerlily55 Lily sounds like your the ignorant one. Why would an activist judge all of a sudden become neutral? lol Activism already makes one biased. Get a clue bc clearly u have no idea what you’re talking about. Smh.

    4. @Tigerlily55 Lily You shouldn’t be. He actually knows what he is talking about. You on the other hand…lol Just wow.

    5. @Tigerlily55 Lily Yes we are cheering them on bc we want a judge who is honest and knows how to answer a question. First clue to know she wasn’t qualified is the fact that she is a biden nominee. That alone yells volumes. They shouldn’t have wasted time and tax payer money on Myrna perez. They should have said “next”.

  8. Texas Governor Abbott is a mini-Trump. Abbott will do ANYTHING to get into the White House…

    1. @Double A I’m aghast watching American politics. How do so many of these sociopaths get elected? So many of them have zero, ZERO redeeming qualities.


  10. The language coming from the Democrats isn’t strong enough. They need to step up and really do something about this.

    1. @Joshua Tejiri Also no you don’t want to live in a one party system UNLESS it is Republican party that is the only party then it is all ok.

    2. @GreenKrickett actually you are the one wrong on many levels! its embarrassing!

      Texas sued the other states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin because judges changed their election rules just DAYS before the election to favor BIDEN’s win in the state. That is an undisputable fact. Lawsuits were filed and SCOTUS would have overruled those lawless judges if not for John F’ing Roberts siding with the liberals.

      We require ID for a lot of things in this country but something as sacred and consequential as voting, democrats want to make it open to “everyone”. its downright ridiculous. They only reason plausible reason for them to be against it is that they know illegal aliens will vote as well.

      BOTH parties actually gerrymander. Look at Virginia, California. so pot meet kettle.

      Biden have not come out explicitly condemning packing of the SCOTUS. In fact, he supports it which is why he created that sham of a commission to “study” court reform.

      Excuse me, DEMOCRATS WOULD KNOW ALL ABOUT BLOCKING JUDICIAL NOMINESS. They successfully did it with Robert Bork. It failed with Clarence Thomas, Failed with Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett. Republicans actually voted for Sotomayor and Kagan. They got more than 60 votes. None of Trumps nominees got 60 votes. so spare me the hypocrisy.

      I never said I didn’t want to live in a one party system. I lived in California. A one party state and I didn’t mind because I knew I could live elsewhere and I do now thankfully. I DONT WANT TO LIVE IN A ONE PARTY COUNTRY. I DONT WANT THE COUNTRY TO GO TOO FAR LEFT (which it will like california if dems get control in perpetuity.)

    3. @Joshua Tejiri Your wrong on so many levels.. Texas does NOT have the RIGHT to sue another state over their voting laws especially when that states Supreme Court ruled those changes were LEGAL.

      Also for the record they did NOT change those laws right before the election but I doubt a Conservative would even know how to actually RESEACH on that.

      They didn’t rule on it because Texas has NO LEGAL GROUNDS to sue another state over that states voting laws. It wasn’t Roberts alone as well.

      2: Your even dumber then I thought. What they don’t want is people sending in personal ID’s in the MAIL to appease your stupid azz. Almost every state has signature verification (which when you do your signature card you MUST prove who you are). Signature verification is 99% accurate and 4 states already use it on their STATE WIDE MAIL IN VOTING.

      Did you know that most RED states do not even require you to have an ID to vote? Bet not. My state doesn’t — all you have to show is your voter registration card which is NOT an ID.

      Funny how ONLY states where democrats are pushing the 50% mark do they CRY foul on ID to vote.

      3: Actually you dimwit every single Democratic state (that I know of) Cali included USE a computer program that is UNBIASED to draw up its districts. NOT A SINGLE RED STATE does this because everyone KNOWS if it was done fairly Republican’s would lose everything.

      In my state we the people passes a law that allowed for a group of non politicians to draw up our districts. Republicans over ruled so they and they alone could draw up the districts. (so much for we are the party of the people)…

      4: I am not even going to get in to it with you seeing you like the monkey you are have no clue what I was talking about and I don’t have the time to explain it to someone who is as uneducated as you.

      5: See you don’t want the country to go to far left but going to far right is OK in your book.

      Stop crying about California you know how many states are 1 party states? Mine is a RED state and a 1 party state. Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana and more are ALL 1 party states.

      I don’t want to see this country go back to the right and back into the dark ages when we treated everyone that was non white like property and less then human.

      I don’t want to be TOLD how to live my life, how to think blah blah blah like Conservative RIGHT wants us all to do.

      While I don’t actually care enough to be out on the front lines (like you) I will defend every humans right to VOTE and live an EQUAL life something Republicans DO NOT WANT.

    4. @GreenKrickett I can see you do not have the capacity to engage in conversation without resorting to insults. I knew this was gonna be unproductive but I still took the bait. oh well. HAVE A NICE DAY! 🙂

    5. @Joshua Tejiri You Republipukes always LEAVE when you start losing a debate. You all are so f’ing sad.

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