Right Wing Falls For Bogus Story About Kamala Harris | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Right Wing Falls For Bogus Story About Kamala Harris | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Right wing media and Trump allies all blasted the vice president after the New York Post published 'an incorrect story' that claimed officials were giving migrant kids at the border copies of the book Kamala Harris wrote for young readers. The Post has deleted the story and the woman who wrote it has resigned. Aired on 04/28/2021.
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Right Wing Falls For Bogus Story About Kamala Harris | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @John White You mean Democrat liberal committees giving Liberal Democrat Legacy media Awards?? You’re a brainwashed joke. It would be like Breitbart giving OAN journalism awards.

    2. @Frederico Terrell Tucker is a real ethical journalist proven by the highest ratings. Legacy media only hires Activists…….not journalists.

    3. @Robert carl Clayton There is 1 right-wing news source, that is Fox news. Literally every single other media outlet leans left. You know this. stop purposefully lying.

    1. @GALAXY It’s noteworthy to call out that those on the Right are our least educated demographic, while those on the left at the very least, have High-school diplomas.

    2. @Jeremy Backup hahah did you get those statistics from the same group counting the votes dude it doesn’t matter your side everyone has good points to make.

    3. @Jeremy Backup Oh my, I hate to break it to you, but I have heard the right say the exact same thing about those on the left. Of course they are pointing to undereducated minorities, and impoverished white people as their proof. Both sides are plain bad, and as far as I can tell (based on comments like yours) have virtually no intention of seeing those on the other side as human beings

    4. @GALAXY they just want right vs left “good vs evil” or some bs like that? but sooner people see the left tells just as big lies they will wake up.

    1. @epis dosas I find it kind of funny how you held out a sword for him to fall on, and then immediately proceeded to jump on it yourself.

    2. @bob w the press can report on a march and show a kid’s face in a public place. Literally nothing they did was illegal or defamatory.

    1. @Howard Moon What a load of bull schiff. Do you also believe in the mystical properties of melanin?

    2. @Ruth Purkey What? Tell you what, you try forming a coherent argument, then get back to me. Even a coherent sentence will do.

    3. @Howard Moon Ok, I’ll use simple language just for you. “Systemic racism” is a leftist load of hogwash designed to cause division, and if you are stupid enough to swallow that one you might also share Nick Cannon’s enlightened views on the effects of melanin on the relative worthiness of black and white people. I found it hilarious but for you it would probably be a revelation.

    4. @Augustus Caesar naw Fox News is boring. I like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Steven Crowder. Stuff like that.

    1. Brian Williams is the biggest dork lol he’s so rehearsed, fake and frail. Pretty sure a 13 year old could take his lunch money

    2. @Æthernius Didn’t he lie about being shot at by terrorists in middle east? Believe Hillary did the same.

      As if wars aren’t awful enough when they tell the truth..

    3. @Kristi Marie He’s just as much of liar as the rest. Seriously I’m not even a Trump supporter or troll or whatever. Look it up he’s lied quite a few times.

    1. @Viva La Raza! NY post is literally the oldest newspaper in the country. Has been around since 1801 and has always been fairly neutral. You only watch left-wing propoganda so anything neutral seems right wing to you. Sorry but its just the truth. Leave your echo-chamber once in a while.

    1. I remember when there was an opening on the NBC Nightly News in the summer of 2015 when its previous host got caught in a major lie.

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