1. Wealth is created by proper investment i have been an investor and i can’t tell, it changed my life for better from what i have witnessed it all comes down from having a good financial expert to handle your investment

    2. Most people don’t know that crypto is the best and surest way to grow income. I realized this after I came across Mrs Gwen Ryker

    1. Thats same thing I keep saying. What else?? Haha She can lie to the cameras, talk about moms and feeding babies to distract people with lesser attention spans, but I see right through it.

  1. I’ll be on clear I don’t care who they get I never watch the f****** halftime show anymore it’s sucks. And it always has The only saving grace was the commercials and now they’ve screwed that up too and have been for a while.

  2. Really…why does this matter? So much is happening in the world and Rihanna’s motivation to get paid millions to re-up her brand is a story? What she feeds her baby every day is more significant than this story.

    1. Motivation is money. This silly baby feeding story and the mom mention is only meant to gain sympathy in what is clearly a carefully planned PR campaign.

  3. I think the inspiration is what some call a “money grab”. That is to say, make as much money as you can while you can and then end on a high note before going down like stocks do. Heard Bruce Willis is doing the same and is why he has one million and one movies that have come out where none even make any sense or are any good. Maybe 1/15 is ok. So you see, Willis is doing a money grab right now too. It’s no different. They say (and I cannot confirm this) that he has health problems and it’s also part of why he’s doing so much at one time where like said, it doesn’t make any rational sense. There’s something else going on and it’s not what she says it is. It’s a money grab! Good for her I guess unless she donates all that money. I think she has enough for several lifetimes or countless generations in the future already. What do you need even MORE money for then if not to give it away?

  4. “Like I’m the only girl in the World” 🌏 🌍 🌎 Our girl RiRi! Hoping that we hear this song 🎧 on Sunday!

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