Rob Reiner Discusses The Protection of Voting Rights 1

Rob Reiner Discusses The Protection of Voting Rights


Rob Reiner tells Jonathan Capehart, “People are marching all over the country and they’ll tell you, you can organize but you cannot organize your way out of voter suppression of this level and this kind of gerrymandering.”

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Rob Reiner discusses The Protection of Voting Rights


  1. truly said, Rob
    there’s only one way to deal with a bully
    so maybe we need to continue to get into lots of good trouble

  2. Actual Patriotic Americans want every eligible American citizen to be able to easily cast their vote for whoever they choose.
    Republicans have just given up on Patriotism.

    1. @Mike Greene learn to spell that way you won’t have to wonder if the word you click on
      is a real word.

  3. Off topic but OUCHHHH….”Particularly shocking for the democrats is the 18-29 demographic of impressionable college students that the left loves to take advantage of, who only give Kamala 36% approval rating, with 41% disapproving. Perhaps she’s not far enough to the left to satisfy them?”

  4. Blame our current situation with voting Rights on Dark Money!🤑
    Listen to senator Whitehouse speech about dark Money and politics.

  5. A “STRESS TEST” for “Democracies” with grifter autocrats aggregating inappropriate power to themselves.

  6. Why don’t they stop using sneaky wording to say what they actually mean, which is “WAAAH WE DONT WANT PEOPLE TO HAVE TO SHOW IDs TO VOTE SO THAT OUR ARMY OF ILLEGALS AND DEAD PEOPLE CAN HELP US STEAL EVERY ELECTION”

  7. Rob is the real deal.
    Great Actor.
    Great filmmaker.
    I would love to see him do something on Chomsky.
    A film.
    A documentary.
    Who could play Chomsky?

  8. When are we going to declare war an the Republican Party as there is NOTHING hyperbolic about the fact that they have already declared war on the rest of US.

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