The Bipartisan Fight To Protect Voting Rights 1

The Bipartisan Fight To Protect Voting Rights

Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and former First Lady of Washington D.C. Cora Masters Barry join Jonathan Capehart to discuss the bipartisan effort to fight voter suppression.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The Bipartisan Fight To Protect Voting Rights


  1. There’s being news laws because of the irregularities and the chaos caused by the last election.
    No ones rights are being taken

    1. @lester Tubog Name one good thing Dementia Joe Kid Touch has done??? Why do you care about something you know NOTHING about???????????

    2. I’m a democrat and I say standardized , federal voter ID laws across the board . You know what Republicans say .. how dare you try to federalize our elections.
      PA/GA can’t start counting mail in ballots until Election Day .. AZ/FL can start counting on October 20th … geeze I wonder what makes more since ? 21 states allow people to vote once out of jail , 10 don’t let you ever vote , 10 make you wait until parole is done and one lets you vote if you do 5 Hail Marys and walk with a ham on your head for 5-days . Obviously that last thing I said is stupid but I’m saying we need some standardization .
      In TX 9/10 drive Thru voting locations were in democrat counties … instead of making that illegal add them to republican counties to make it fair .
      In AZ they have voted by mail for 20+ years and now all of the sudden they wanna get rid of it ? Trump praised Florida’s system … it’s literally the same thing … he just called it absentee voting and not mail in voting.

  2. Thank goodness when I call Republicans Un Patriotic I’m exaggerating just a little.

  3. It seems that Democrats only believe that limits and restrictions can be placed on rights when it suits them.
    (like with gun rights).

  4. I like listening to former presidential candidate, Carly Farina! (She would have been an able President.) Guess that’s a wish.. since she’s younger than President Joe Biden and more gracious plus nicer than ….VP Kamala Harris of California! A little bit late for that idea…however. (In my heart, it is about younger leaders, who are not mainstream politicians! ) Anyone, but former President Donald Trump, for 2024!! And, the old party?? What else can we say? The GOP has no better ideas than just gripping. And, whining. (It’s not appreciative of being human… or helping anyone else.., but themselves!) I wish.. we had a third ..,or fourth political party. Sounds less like a democracy than a political nightmare …nonetheless! Sorry for this. It’s desperation …at this point. The filibuster also isn’t killing anyone …either! (It’s the voting rights situation …that’s so dire right now. Sadly true!) Darn it! We need all hands… on deck though …if we still are a good democratic Republic! Yup!! It’s a train wreck now. Sadly!! Tragic in fact. Why we are generally so distanced and almost violent again …after January 6th and the select committee members meeting this week; here we all are!! Sadly true!

  5. Here’s a novel idea. The party with the most popular ideas, gets the most votes, and they win the election.
    America should try it some time.

    1. That’s how every State does it. Things change at the federal level because in order to force your “ideas” on other States you need more than a simple 50.01% majority.
      And the President is elected by the STATES, not the population at large because he represents the union, not the population. And each State only gets as much say as they have representation in Congress.

  6. Bruh.. they are never going to get 60 votes. Do you seriously think Republicans care about your right to vote? The entire party exists to literally just put as many obstacles in front of you as possible to vote. So dumb. This is why democrats stay LOSING

    1. The Republicans are totally against voting rights for very obvious reasons. If elections were free and fair they would never win. This is why they have voting restrictions being passed into law all over the country. Republicans do not actually believe in democracy or the rule of law

    2. I agree we must resist that, but I think these two ladies are at the root of solutions in this country,we should go down this road and work together to get things done.

  7. How can voter Suppression be allowed? Doesn’t the moralty of it matter to the American’s anymore? Why is it one party is allowed to favour their voters, in a (so called) democracy

    1. Why is one party allowed to relocate infected immigrants into the opposing party’s areas when they know they are not vaccinated?
      I call that attempted murder, others call it negligent homicide

  8. If Congress people or Senate people mainly Republicans exclamation point or denying people’s constitutional rights should they not be kicked out because they are breaking the Constitutional rules?

  9. She’s trying to make. Brownie points for herself .after what she did to Hewlett Packard employees I won’t bye a word she says sold off half the employees to china she stinks

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