1. @Steve Stoll that may not always be effective as mental illness can happen over a fairly short period of time. I wonder if there’s a gene strand noticeable in teens.

    1. they expect her to transform into optimus principal with rambo trigger finger action… its just … insane. they are trying to say she should have defended the school. THIS KIND OF THING DOES NOT HAPPEN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ON THE REGULAR BUT THE USA!

  1. This is what happens when an investigation is too late and too much on proving law enforcement had done absolutely nothing wrong.

    1. This is what happens when bureaucracy is “in charge”– everyone is is finger-pointing after no one did a damn thing.

  2. So, first, they said they needed a key to get into the classroom. Now they are saying the door was unlocked? We need a federal investigation because this is becoming a clown show.

    1. @wwwaimiecapricecom That’s an interesting take. Some other common elements: vinyl floor coverings, teachers in the buildings, concrete in the parking lot and H20 everywhere! For those who argue only bad guys with a gun can be stopped by good guys with a gun or bad guys aren’t going to pay attention to the law so you’re only harming good citizens with any laws surrounding firearms, I find it hard to see how those same people (not saying you are one of them) would think a locked door would prevent this from happening. The bullets absolutely obliterate flesh…they also can open doors. Its tantamount to blaming parents for not fastening their child’s bike helmet strap tight enough and somehow that would prevent the drunk driving semi truck from turning them into roadkill. Yes, a locked door may be an extremely limited deterrent but the focus should be on why these shootings are happening and how they are accessing the firearms so easily.

    2. Meanwhile Swat doesn’t need key or unlock door when aim to a young gamer. She is the school principal, not Sarah Connor, what do you waiting from this poor woman, who is in grief and must already blame herself plenty. Sick

    3. @B. W. fk borderwall build 3 high fences running currently with one anouther to walk back n forth to reach school grounds with camera’s it’s not that hard to slow to reach school grounds and security walking schools grounds not in schools outside of schools what would normally take 45 seconds to reach school grounds it would take 5 minutes to reach school grounds by 3 fence system or 5 fence system more fence running more time it takes to get to school property with camera’s

  3. I don’t blame the principal and school, I solely blame the Uvalde cops and the government of Texas for the deaths of those innocent kids from the gunman. I honestly think Principal Gutierrez is telling the actual truth, I don’t think it’s seeming sincerity coming from her, and I’ll eat my words if turns out to be the opposite.

    1. @Kell Harris just stop and think about this for a second. For starters, the cops were told to stand down. Second, If someone were to either think or know that maybe even the Janitor might have a firearm to protect the school, then they might think more than twice before invading what is supposed be a place for kids to learn. It’s called Stand Your Ground Law. Do I have a gun in my house? FAFO

    2. @GI Wignut The 2nd Amendment does not apply to a public school campus. Teachers cannot be armed, nor the students. In fact, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to school shooters, either; they are not “necessary for the security of a free state.” This is about the rights of the victims to be safe while they receive an education.

    3. @GI Wignut The police weren’t told to stand down. They were afraid so they acted as of they didn’t know who was in charge. That’s what they’re claiming. No one knew who was in charge.

  4. Leave this women alone. Watching her without context she just sounds like a parent struggling like everyone else

    1. This woman is not a victim. She is the principal of the entire school. She does not have a dead child. She did not fix a lock. She did not run around ensuring people were okay. She “prayed”.

  5. I mean focusing on whether the doors are locked or not is somewhat irrelevant. He could still shoot through the windows. What about all the other gun violence? People are delusional in thinking that they can keep their guns without regulations like we have now, and still somehow shield their children from gun violence. You can’t have it both ways.

    1. The door the murderer entered the building was not locked. And many people in the building complained about this issue.

    1. @GI Wignut Teachers have brought guns to schools and inevitably they are left in restrooms and children get hold of them. Teachers are overwhelmed, busy, distracted, and have their own personal issues going on. To add loaded weapons to the equation is not the answer. There is no one solution. We address underlying problems, including funding schools equitably, hiring MH counselors and RN’s for all schools, provide free firearm training, close loopholes, etc. But more guns circulating in our overly anxious society is a big part of the problem.

    2. @wwwaimiecapricecom I live in Hawaii and our classrooms are open air. Also let’s not pretend that locking doors where there are kids and teachers coming and going literally all the time is any sort of solution. Why are we allowing guns to flood every community and into the hands of people too young, too impulsive, too angry, and simply not responsible enough to have them? We are the only country with this problem and we are just not that special.

    3. If I lived in that city I would use their building as my backup toilet. Definitely would’ve pissed all over anything. How are they still working is beyond me. Lack or accountability and there of. Ppl blaming the principle and teachers are hilarious. Those cowards blaming the teachers as well if they lives aren’t worth anything. They gonna try pinpoint a door not being locked. But the cops been in the building is an hr. Damn shame I see what they doing. Poor lady gonna have ptsd rest of her life. We kno more bout the teachers than the cops

    4. they are going to try and pin it on her… I tell you the more the cop say the more sicken i become.

  6. The students and staff of the school were failed by multiple people that day. They were failed by officers that failed to do their job properly, also by the family of the shooter who didnt address his mental health issues and disturbing behavior before the tragedy and by the principal who failed to use the intercom to inform the school that there was an active shooter and not making sure all the doors were secure and working properly. If any of those people did what they were supposed to do more lives could of been saved.

    1. @Avi Shevin The door the murderer entered the building was not locked. And many people in the building complained about that.

    2. You forgot the most important person , the Teacher that failed to make certain that door was locked.

    3. @Falcon Typo At Sandy Hook the door was locked, so Lanza shot through the glass. The fact people believe someone so mentally deranged to take a gun to a school would be deterred by a locked door.. come on lmfao “Oh well, it’s locked too bad I guess”.

  7. Scapegoating the principal! Blame the school board? Many doors of my school would be unlocked on rare occasions it’s not the problem. They’d blame the teachers if they could.

    1. We live in different times. This principal knows she did not due all that she could have, and is spending more time deflecting blame than actually listening to the parents.

  8. A locked door policy leads to huge fire-danger problems. It is NOT a solution to keeping the gunman out. The only solution is to keep the gunmen from getting the guns in the first place.

    1. the gunman could’ve had a knife and done equal damage with the amount of time and cop cowardice afforded to him. This is not a gun issue.

    2. @Midnight Golfer Unclear on the concept?? A knife would not have pierced that door when the Cops first got outside. It sure is a gun issue, especially when wielded by a deranged madman capable of inconcievable carnage.

    3. @wwwaimiecapricecom Teaching 40 plus years and dam sick of this. I think of Springtime as hunting seaon, because it is. Unfathomable to let this maniac stroll through unlocked doors, then no warning, APB, Lockdown, to 500 helpless victims. We have been drilling for decades, for good reason and we are here..???

  9. She had to use “individuals” when referring to murdered children. Such compassion…she knows the truth

    1. Remember there is a criminal trial for the shooter, anything can be used as evidence. Better to be cold than lose that trial.

  10. While the protocol definitely needs to be followed, it would NOT have stopped someone with even the smallest of fire power. I feelnlike their trying to use her as a scapegoat.

  11. Ok. It seems the ‘officials’ are going out of their way to blame everyone but the gunman and the police who failed to do their job.

  12. It’s fine that American school principals and teachers need tactical training like a Marine to do their job properly, and for schools to need more security than a bank. Perfectly normal that civilians should own weapons that the police are afraid to confront, and that children should be terrified of going to school in case they get shot to death. Totally normal. No problems here.

  13. Praying for the staff and students. The police department totally drop the ball. Period! The principal is the scapegoat, which is Not right!

    1. No Intercom Lockdown..?? Doors wide open, unlocked, damaged.? The maniac just strolled in . Ridiculous. We have been drilling for decades. How was this possible.?

  14. Uvalde city council and the police: It’s the principles fault we stood around for over an hour while children died. We need a scapegoat.

  15. The principal and schoolboard aren’t the ones to blame. The police there are the bigger problem. The school may have had issues with the lockdown and with the maintenance on the doors, but it’s unfair to pin all the blame on the school because of that. How can people use this principal as a scapegoat like this to cover up their own actions? It’s sick!

  16. The fact that we even need to worry about locking down schools and classrooms disgusts me beyond measure.
    We need to stop looking for blame everywhere and focus on the heart of the problem.
    Cops can be inept. A teacher may forget about a lock. But it’s the guns. It’s always the guns.

    1. At least change the age to legally buy or use one to twenty-one. Report them if they stockpile bullets. If a parent buys their teenager a gun, they are responsible for what they do with it.

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