1. Don never one to pass up a grifting opportunity. He`s selling Bedminster facilities to the WWE of golf, LIV for a 3 day exhibition event.

    1. @Easy Money obama did say it. But it had nothing to do with politics. It was joking about ice cream.

    1. Having Trump hosting the event is fabulous. If it’s one person ever that my sister and I worship is Trump. Back in 2016 we moved into a safe trailer park after Trump won the presidency. We wanted to start a family together, unfortunately we watched as major networks attacked our republicans deity. We were both depressed and angered. Recently after several attempts my sister is finally pregnant, carrying a healthy baby girl. I plan on being a great father, raising our daughter to understand Trump is the truth, answer and only way. Over a romantic dinner of spam and spaghettiO’s, I asked her if she had a problem with Trump hosting a LIV tournament and in true fashion she said “no…how can a god be wrong.” That says it all folks.

  2. So it’s all about the little petty-minded former President getting revenge over the boycotting of last year’s tournament due to Jan. 6. Bob’s statement @2:08 is totally on the mark

    1. Jealousy comes in many forms… See what Costas will be laughing about in August when Trump is reinstated….

  3. Even if I was fine with the Saudi-backed LIV tournament and I loved golf, as soon as Trump was involved with it, it would be a non-starter.

    1. @[Hashknight Gaming]
      I’ll bet you had zero problem with Joe Biden slurping up to the Saudi Prince begging for more oil tho.
      Be honest plz.

    1. @Criminal Lawyer the problem with de santis is he is just as bad as djt, problem is he is a hell of a lot smarter.

  4. To them it is all about the money they receive for playing. No REAL thought other than the power that comes with it.

    1. Yeah I wouldn’t assume anything about Bob’s politics—other than that he espouses what *everyone* on both sides of the aisle stood for when I was growing up: Constitutional republic.

    1. Doesn’t surprise me at all.
      I’ve always admired him, although I haven’t always agreed with him.

    2. @Thomas Perkins It is good to separate how we feel about someone with how much we agree with them on things that rarely, if ever, affect our daily lives.
      Americans used to do that all the time, and it’s nice to see.

  5. Bob Costas is probably the fairest, and most well-spoken sports journalist ever. Luv that guy, always appropriate.

  6. It has “totally died down” except in the real world. And I agree with George Carlin about golf. And on a humorous note; can you imagine trump supporters watching golf? Most certainly most will never get on to anything other than a miniature golf course.

    1. Still searching for something about the economy on CNN…..crickets. Still obsessed with a former President

  7. Well done Bob. Good to see you again and hittin CNN with the driest of the dry humor and they just roll past it. Like the brilliant historian Prump or the unbelievably strong candidate H. Walker in GA who really would be an amazing addition to the leadership of this government no doubt.

  8. ‘People who want to believe what they want to believe will accept it. Those in this reality will not.” Bob C. That is the best explanation of trump supporters.

  9. I never get tired of listening to Bob Costas. He combines his love and extensive knowledge of sport with a broader cultural and historical perspective glued together by his intellect.

    1. @Dennis Caffey he’d really have to have a sense of humor if he has anything to do with CNN

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