Robert De Niro: Trump Is ‘Worse Than We Could Have Imagined’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @robert cross the greatest president is the one who has served well
      Who has been compassionate, who doesn’t abuse journalists, who doesn’t treat women with disdain, who listens when others speak, who has America at heart….and all that jazz…

    2. I am so fed up with Americans pretending to be the victims here. Here’s how you qualify as a victim: if you have actually FOUGHT. If you have spent at least – AT LEAST – 10% of you entire free time to help organise protests or help campaign against GOP politicians since 2017. If you have done less for no good reason, you are no victim, you are an enabler.

    3. He’ll have the longest charges in History of Mankind
      From acts of treason against U.s scitizens

      Down to:Giving Medical advice Via twitter- I heard a Couple of old folks ate the Bait literally died because of this degenarte Alien

  1. If you wrote a script about a president as incompetent and dumb as t’rump is, it would get rejected as not believable.

    1. I am so fed up with Americans pretending to be the victims here. Here’s how you qualify as a victim: if you have actually FOUGHT. If you have spent at least – AT LEAST – 10% of you entire free time to help organise protests or help campaign against GOP politicians since 2017. If you have done less for no good reason, you are no victim, you are an enabler.

    2. @Gary Halliday i agree, except for this part “Agenda? That’s the big question, although it doesn’t matter.” well, what if he doesnt leave after the november elections? military? his 1/3 supporters believe they are the patriots against tyranny. i dont think the military will do anything. so now what? militia, police? you fill in the rest.

    3. @Spencer PhilippineDream
      When I said ‘it doesn’t matter’ I was thinking of; who cares what politics are happening in the human anthill when the 6th mass extinction could be on the horizon. trump needs to go.

      Doesn’t leave: the next president would be president. trump would have no power, the nuclear football would move on to the next prez, no one would listen to him. He would be escorted out by the not so Secret Service, or the janitor. The clan can pick him up at the gate.

  2. Robert De Niro is so great. I admit I’m a huge fan of his. The fake president is the worst thing that ever happened to America.

    1. @J Moore you state “Democrats don’t care about OTHER Democrats. They only care about THEMSELVES.” A rather strange thing to state since Democrats as a whole constantly prove that they care about others, our people (that would be the people of America, a wholly foreign concept to you). other people around the world, the concepts of American society, The laws that bind America and the the state of America, (that would be the environment, and again, a wholly foreign concept to you). All that and so much more, as opposed to Trump, who has so blatantly and so constantly demonstrated that that he cares only, and solely about himself, and would through anyone under the bus, no matter how close they are to him. Or, how those who claim that they actually belong to a political party and not a cult care so much about, oh well maybe we are running into the realm of science fiction. None of Trumps followers care about America at all. Please feel free to stare into the Eclipse, go forth and rake the forest, inject the Clorox. USA, USA, USA

    2. Maybe you should find a new country for yourself. Venezuela will be excellent for u socialist! And stop burning the American flag!

  3. trump will fight tooth and nail not to go to prison, America must fight tooth and nail to ensure that he does! Imagine if you don’t bother to vote, he wins, vote and you get to watch his trial! VOTE! 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💖

    1. @karin backstrom Of course Trump is despised by many countries, the ones that were used to presidents like Obama who gave them one sided trade deals, planeloads of money, let them dump their surplus population here and expected us to pay for them, or whatever they wanted, sure they loved Obama , but knew he was weak and easy to manipulate to their advantage, the Trump comes along and says, I’m cutting off the money train,these countries can start footing the bill for their own military and protection, don’t be sending all your poor people here either for us to take care of, we will send them right back to you, Where’s all the billions of dollars in aide we keep sending you go? well no more, were not going to send money to countries that hate us anymore either, China thought Obama was great also,only because he allowed them to steal our jobs, spy on our technology companies, and have a massive trade deficit in their favor, Trump comes along and tells them , we are going to work out a fair agreement no matter what, So yeah, none of those countries like Trump, especially the leftist European union ones that are in league with the Democrats here to get rid of him.

    2. @Setworldafire Good for them…Whenever your enemy is digging a hole for himself you stand back & watch. Throwing a shovel at him every now & then so the digging can continue uninterrupted..

    3. Silky Tp you have to an IQ higher than a peanut shell to comprehend how terrible Trump is. Sadly, his supporters aren’t able to see he’s hurting them far more than helping. They believe the edited version Fox spoon feeds them.

    1. @Zoned 247 Who cares about commanders. The troops support trump by a huge margin. Commanders will be escorted to the wood line for a proper field trial. It won’t be much of a war. Surround the parts of major cities with malcontents…cut off their food and power…..move in …..destroy. Out here in the country we have the guns ….the food ….the training….the property. Israel had the six day war…..this will be the three day war…if that.

    1. I thought Obama care was suppose to cure everything? All it did was raise everyone’s premiums and deductibles. Total load of crap.

    1. Yeah he just hidebin the bonker tweeting. This freaking thing shouldn’t be allowed to hold a job where his only responsibilty is to stay awake.

    2. I am so fed up with Americans pretending to be the victims here. Here’s how you qualify as a victim: if you have actually FOUGHT. If you have spent at least – AT LEAST – 10% of you entire free time to help organise protests or help campaign against GOP politicians since 2017. If you have done less for no good reason, you are no victim, you are an enabler.

  4. People keep forgetting that republicans enabled this would be dictator. They put no restraints on him and it is so clear he has dirt on them, provided by the russians and his sleazy friends in the tabloid media.

    1. @moomoofish 1 This is True. For President, the Impeachment Process is the determiner for such things. Whatever anybody thinks about it both the House and Senate make the Call. Anybody else can make a call but it doesn’t matter. If you don’t like the results, put different people in office.

    2. @moomoofish 1 Where would they go? Why? Republicans are likely to Stay and may gain Seats because Democrats believe it is good to have the US Secretary of State Email Server out of Federal Data Center Security Protections in Clinton’s Basement. 10s of millions of Americans of all Parties take 8 to 16 hours of Security Training yearly as a condition of Employment. No matter how much Democrats say it is good to have The US Secretary of State Email Server in Clinton’s Basement, few people are buying.
      Russians and every Junior Hacker on the Planet Hacked the Server about 5 minutes after it went online at Clinton’s Basement. That’s why we have Federal Data Center Security Protections.

    1. imagine four more years of the President Donald J. Trump administration, another one or two SCOTUS appointments and both the Senate and House in Republican control. 🙂

    1. @Arizona us I know that you are dumber than a dish left in the dog house, so let me make it clear, Trump , the worst President ever, whom I hope to see in hand cuffs come 2020, has, like his followers, no ability to feel the pain of another, or in anyway care. Joe Biden could arrive in office half dead, and he will be a better president than the Walking dead corpse of Trump. Biden himself, and the team that will come with him understands that government is supposed to Service the Ameirican people, not his own selfish interest. The Biden team, will know how to work for America where The Trump team only worried about how to line their own pockets. I look forward to seeing so many of the Trumps followers being walked into indictments.

    2. @GoT fan 2320 But Biden is racist, isnt he? He supports segregation, and said if black people do not vote for him are not black. He and his team will know how to work for white people, and continue to humiliate black communities as the democrats had done for decades. So you are supporting a racist, which makes you, according to Trump haters, racist.

    3. I wonder how the world survived before you showed up ? STFU and learn to cook for some one

    1. No, 4 1/2 years of worse than you can imagine, if you hate America. Thank God we have Trump, who loves or country and our history. Couldn’t have imagined anything better.

    2. @Richard Yett shhh do not trigger the lefties they love seeing their states burning and blaming Trump for everything since their birth

    3. @Andrius Ivanovas aw, baby bunker just needs to go back to his pillow fort to toddler rage tweet, eat cheeseburgers and play golf. It is all his base requires of him. He is just their cheerleader. They expect him to be responsible for absolutely nothing. Just like them.

    4. @moomoofish 1 biden is in a bunker for three months already. waiting for pudding time. his mind is gone.

    5. @bikernvet You haven’t been paying attention. He has been out showing the world what a real grown up leader looks like while spanky hides in his bunker or tweets or spouts or spews insanity that he has to keep walking back or lie about while other grown ups in his orbit denounce because it is so crazy and unamerican. And he just goes down and down with self inflicted wounds. Then cries about it and says he will sue:):):):):) Such a fragile little dude.

    1. No stories, no statues for those that were killed,
      No honors for those that were caught
      Just a deep sense of shame as though we were to blame
      Though I knew in my heart we were not.

    2. Kepler Mission Kepler those words are good I write poetry myself quite often it keeps the brain ticking over stay safe buddy from Stevie boy

    1. Younger people DO run, but it’s only ever the senior citizens that win their party’s nomination..

    2. I think there’s an age bracket. You have to be over a certain be age. I’m not sure what it is though. JFK and Obama were both relatively young when they won. So was Clinton. Teddy Roosevelt was another (comparatively) young President

  5. Even the GOP and the Confederates are finally admitting, “It’s worse than imagined…” 😂😂😂

    1. @Dave Schultz Hey genius, haven’t you heard of the Southern Strategy? You are the one who needs to read a book.

    2. @Ike Kamalu, I know the Democrats “Cloward–Piven strategy”. You’re one of the useful idiots.

  6. The fear on everyone’s face as they walk through the park is epic. They have zero respect for the citizens of this country regarding our rights. Like sheep to slaughter.

    1. @jessie9384 Crying and saying “Everyone is being so unfair to me. Not even Lincoln had to leave the White House in such a terrible way.”

  7. Worse than anyone could have imagined huh?
    You’d have seen that coming if you were literally any other demographic.

  8. I’ll never forget the “ debates” Trump-
    Had with Clinton, I thought he’s going to be a disaster…..

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