Joint Chiefs Chairman Apologizes For His Role In Trump’s Church Photo Op | The Last Word | MSNBC

Army veteran Rep. Anthony Brown tells Lawrence O’Donnell that he thinks it’s important for Gen. Mark Milley to apologize for accompanying Trump on that photo op after forcibly dispersing protesters because “he understands that under President Trump, we’ve seen a deterioration in the relationship between America’s military and America’s society.” Aired on 6/11//2020.
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Joint Chiefs Chairman Apologizes For His Role In Trump’s Church Photo Op | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Refreshing to see there are white hats among the former and current military brass to prevent this country from devolving into an Orwellian/authoritarian police state.

    1. At least, he thinks that doing the correct thing will save his career, unlike the 52 evil Senators.

    1. @CShield
      I didn’t know that you kept the records. You actually ask the women if they’re Christian?
      They fill out a form?

    2. @CShield Exactly. It’s directly related to the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the bible belt.

  2. Prepare for imminent BS twitter storm. ‘I hardly know the General’, ‘I heard he was a never Trumper’, ‘Nobody knows more about the military than I do’, ‘He’s a Hillary/Obama man’ blah blah blah

    1. Bono Budju : It’s been quiet, hasn’t it? Do you think they’re trying to explain it to Donny, in a way that won’t trigger him? That he just won’t find a yes-man, or yes-woman with four stars? They aren’t like politicians, where any dumb f**k can get the job. A Joint Chiefs leader HAS TO BE four stars or higher. Which means they’ve seen battle, lead troops and faced their worst fears. People of that quality don’t lay down for politicians. Only for their country. Donny’s either been getting a bunch of refusals on the phone, or he’s listening to his staffers trying to tell him to leave well alone. “The next leader could be worse, Mr President.” 😉👍

    2. J Moore 👈 All day, every day, bleating HATE at people you HATE, on the channels you HATE. Only paid trump trolls or the mentally ill do that, son. Which are you? 🤤

  3. I loved week 1 with WWE fireworks entrances from POTUS but with Marshal law in place now, theres still lockdown in downtown Seattle still. The “Rodney King Semi Valley” jury is pending, for more. It’s like one screw job after another!

  4. Of course; he was concerned to be seen as a Political pawn. He spoke to The President. He trusts him. Military are PROHIBITED from been perceived as part of a political embroil. But, of course, IDIOCRACY had to ‘make a point’ in this… Of course. I guess the bear gives more of an “expert” look on the commentator. IDIOCRACY, anyway.

  5. What kind of things are happening TODAY? Another huge stock market crash Made because of Donald Trump TODAY. Millions of more jobs lost resulting in 43 million US citizens on unemployment TODAY. Because of trumps upside down Bible photo op, a national apology was made by the last of the generals of the joint Chiefs of staff made TODAY. Now 115000 citizens dead from the Trump virus announced TODAY. Now The count of citizens sick with the Trump virus is up to over 2 million TODAY. What are the Trumpublicans doing about the Trump virus today? Voting to add more federal judges TODAY. What is Donald Trump doing about the Trump virus? Having a meeting in Dallas with the police union and supporting even more use of force TODAY

  6. Folks, the speech of a general is what respect for those being discriminated feels like. You cannot afford the kind of leadership of Orange Boy in the WH regardless of people who still support him.

  7. I have twice the respect for the top military leadership today than I did yesterday. I have more hope that come January, the military will defend the people’s choice from the November election.

  8. The general walking with trump in combat uniform during a civil protest is an act of war against it’s citizens. There’s no other way to explain it. This kind of acts only happens in dictatorship countries.

  9. We are ” SICK & TIRED” of the Blue Democrat States. Taking too long
    to open, enforcing strict rules on your citizens and saying COV19
    doesn’t affect Protestors of racism, but affects going to the beach.
    Mayor Jenny Durkan just letting an anarchy groups like Capitol Hill
    Autonomous Zone “CHAZ”, take over 6 blocks of Seattle and do nothing
    about it is not fair to honest hard working citizens.Jenny says, “It is
    just a block party with no threat to right now to the public”. When
    asked how long, she said ” It could be a summer of love”. WTF, I guess
    the people who have business in these 6 blocks, scared to go in and open
    up is OK with any BLUE STATE, all in the name of anarchy? Stop letting
    the Democrats RULE you, vote Republican and take back America!!

  10. General Milley apologized for his part in the walk to St John’s church for a photo op. And, presumably, for him wearing battle fatigues as he did so. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake. We are all human, we all do it – even Trump.

    The difference comes when we have the courage, the fortitude and the humility to admit that we made a mistake. (Just three of the character traits Trump lacks and three of the reasons why Trump could never bring himself to apologize for anything). But the problem arises, after the apology, if you carry on making the same mistake. So how will General Miller ensure he doesn’t make any more mistakes whilst still supporting Trump.

    I suspect Trump will solve that particular problem for him now he had the audacity to say something less than flattering. Trump only want yes men and fawning sycophants around him – his ego can’t tolerate anything less.

    So how long before we get the tweet that he never knew General Milley, never met him, doesn’t know who he is or what he does. Or will this small, petty little coward just go straight for a feeble attempt at character assassination which he tried with General Mattis? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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