‘Cowards’: Rush Slams Chicago Police Caught Lounging In His Office Amid Looting | All In | MSNBC


  1. Well, you can’t say there aren’t stupid cops, who don’t know they’re being filmed? And, that it’s not a systemic problem

    1. Sheh Nasim so when your freedom and everything you own is at stake because politicians whom control aspects of your job, it muddies the water quite a bit.

    2. Sheh Nasim do you know the true story behind this video? They were assigned to guard the building but ordered to not use force to stop anyone from doing anything to it.

    3. @jamesngotts no one did do anything to the building except shatter a window…No they were not assigned. The congressman even says he only knew of police presence through the security window. They did not do anything they were being paid to do.

    1. @Google User 2000 So, if the police breaks into your house, steal your coffee, and popcorn, while getting paid, and not doing their jobs it’s ok? If i don’t do my job i get fired. How about you?

    2. Why go to the fire when extinguishing it will become the new problem, and their fault?🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. Everyone: We don’t need the police, defund them
    Everyone when the police don’t do anything: cOwArDs

    1. @Skiff P. Maybe morale was down.
      And maybe they were ordered stay back. Looting happened at many places in many cities, even with police a block away. Apparently they were told to ordered to ignore the looting.

    2. What I don’t understand is why you ok with them looting the congressman office. If they wanted to wait it out they should had done it some other place. Either way is unprofessional

    3. @Cray Everyone organizing these protests have said “Defund the Police” is a movement to take funding from the Police and put it towards specialized forces for the hodge-podge of tasks police are currently being called in for.

      For example, someone having a mental breakdown while off their meds would be handled by public mental health specialists (who likely won’t be armed). If a homeless guy is sleeping in a public space and making people feel uncomfortable, a different public agency would see to having them relocated to a shelter rather than having a cop come and shove them off somewhere. Odd thing is that *the police* were the main ones complaining about having to do all this stuff and how it over-complicated training until people started talking about taking their budget to have someone else do it.

      Either way, invading a building for nap time while on duty is not acceptable behavior. If they were ordered not to respond to the looting, then head back the precinct or get the Congressman’s permission. And if they weren’t ordered to avoid the looters *why are they so bold when it comes to beating and arresting unarmed protesters?* If you can bully the peaceful in the name of “maintaining order” but run from people actually committing crimes, then “coward” is an apt descriptor for these cops.

    1. Time and time and time again, not ONE not a single ONE thought there was a camera? Like at ALL? This is your job to check surveillance footage at any scene of a crime and that forgot THAT?! Thank goodness they are so dumb, its like fish shooting themself in a barrel..

  3. OMG I’m crying. I know I shouldn’t be laughing but seeing the pictures reminds me of kids when they’re supposed to be cleaning their room.😂

    1. Exactly but so terrible they aren’t protecting the public they’re sworn in to serve.

    2. More like Officers that were probably working 36hr shifts and taking a 10min break. Then we see this Black Panther communist POS playing the victim. Classic.

    3. @Marco Polo Yeah I thought that too until seeing they were there for hours. Minus your black panther stuff.

    1. Never had to learn sign language, but understood everything perfectly with the sound off! Disgusting PIGS chickened out.

    2. Fun Fact: I recently learned that many words in sign language can change connotation based on body language and facial expressions.
      So not only are his movements entertaining, they are being used to convey the emotions of the speaker.

  4. Chicago’s cops were involved in the looting that’s why the police officers were just laying around they don’t want to arrest their own.

    1. The reel percentage is closer to 86%, it doesn’t matter what percentage is tho the issue is those who are not as good as the rest seem to mostly be killing black and brown people

  5. The police aren’t winning over Americans. This is a failure on the part of elected officials. Lawmakers have to step up.

    1. Domestic Terrorist …. DT ….. hm, for what other despicable human being could this be the the initials I wonder, just coincidentally ofc

    2. skrapyard444 I wonder if the hundreds of business owners across the county who’ve lost everything agree with you… you people are a sickness and a danger. A literal danger. Looters are going around causing destruction and death but trump and the police are the terrorists? How do you call yourself an adult with a brain so challenged and a mentality so immature that you call someone a terrorist simply for having an opposing view? When the terror comes to your neighborhood keep calling Trump the terrorist…

  6. Cops have been depicted as trash on shows like the Simpsons for decades now, there’s a reason for that

    1. And these liberal Democrat run cities are being looted and burned. Seattle has part of its city taken over by Antifa with the city letting them. And Trump is the problem? You guys are funny.

    2. @TRiUMPhant Vohn Patriot I think, take the P from president, and you sit with a resident.

    1. @Uncle B. Good. Cops usually make things worse. I’ve seen videos of pigs in riot gear indiscriminately shooting peaceful protesters, reporters, pregnant women, breaking windows themselves to give justification to use brutal tactics. So this is a step up. I’d much rather them just chill in some dude’s office than be out there making things worse.

    2. so you are saying cops on streel are brutalize people but if they sleep on the couch they must be the cops who would brutalize people. i guess police could make themself comfortable if they can’t win anything.

    3. That’s a bad excuse for doing nothing and messing around in someone’s office for 5 hrs. Somehow there seemed to be plenty of cops out there doing their jobs AND not beating up protestors, so it can be done. There’s really no excuse for them getting hazard pay while essentially trespassing

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