Chris Hayes On Why Racists Are Drawn To Trump | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Josh Hadley There are more Democrats and maybe more importantly Independents are trending hard away from Trump and are siding with Biden. That’s not even considering Trump lost by 3 million votes to the most unpopular POTUS candidate in history and Biden is up in the vast majority of swing states. Sorry : (

    2. @3LD Trump is doing very considering he’s dealing with this terrible virus. Just wait till he starts doing rallies and the economy shows daylight. No one thinks Commie China Joe is good for the American Economy which is the biggest problem in this Country.

    3. @Freedom & Liberty Bot stop looking in the mirror while you post! LMFAO at your stupidity!

    1. Kennneth Mitchell the Officer that killed Floyd did it because of a personal financial vendetta. They had Bad Blood between them. It was personal from working together. That’s why the charges are being upgraded to First Degree Murder because it was premeditated. It was never Police Violence. It was personal. Educate Yourself. Christ, it’s been three weeks since this happened and your still running around like a Parrot.

    2. @Polo Life if you people continue demonising police as a profession, your whole country will go down in flames. Security is one of the most valuable resource of a country. Defunding it will make matters even worst….

    3. @Jasper Dale Samaniego you people huh, just say you’re racist and leave it at that. Im done debating for the day, go start a family or something

  1. Unlike Derek Chauvin, who appeared comfortably balanced as he was placing ALL of his weight onto George Floyd’s neck & windpipe, the coward anti-equality racist can clearly be seen wobbling a little as he struggles to keep the majority of his weight on his front leg, as opposed to pushing his weight forcibly on his buddy’s neck with his back leg. Even he knows putting all of his weight on another human being’s air supply like that is inhumane & uncalled for. So he wouldn’t do that to his white friend, but he proclaims it to be totally acceptable for this act to be perpetrated on a black man. Is there any other explanation for this scenario other than racism?!? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

    1. @crapitalrecords freek -Well , their employers were not amused . One guy was fired from UPS or whatever delivery service he worked for . The other guy , a cop , was suspended.

    2. @Bill Eddy yep, the FedEx employee (on top notably w/ his knee more on the man’s shoulder) was fired & the corrections officer (lying down) was suspended

    3. @crapitalrecords freek so you are saying he didn’t deserve to be tried and convicted of whatever he may have done. Killing him was justified just because he may have been a criminal 🤔. Go fist yourself

  2. To borrow a line from Andrew Gillum:
    “I’m not calling him a racist, I’m simply saying the racists think he’s a racist.”

    1. @James Irving That was all hog wash, tenants were interviewed and there was no signs of racial discrimination by the Trump family. But as always with any allegations you pay a price, just like if a girl calls the police and lies and says you assaulted her. You will go to jail without evidence to show you were innocent
      Now you look at words from ones mouth. I have a massive library of horrible racist rants from democrsts you will not find on the right !!

    2. @j m Your Grammar is embarrassing 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

  3. Donald Trump is the ” Grand Wizard of Pennsylvania Ave” he is the leader and demi god of their movement…Trump’s always been a racist…just like Fred Trump…google them sometimes…and the lawsuits against them !!!

    1. I’ve seen martial art techniques that temporarily knocks a person out by pressing a certain part of the body.

    2. Jasper Dale Samaniego so you assume everyone a police officer is dealing with is a criminal? That’s not how it works buddy you’re pretty naïve.

  4. America was built on slavery and southerners never gotten over it even though it was outlawed in 1865!

    1. No… chokeholds shouldn’t be banned! Police should have a more leeway when it comes to subduing a criminal because during an encounter! You never know what will happen.. I’d rather see a dead criminal on the streets rather than a dead police.

  5. “Transition to greatness.” Odd. He ran on the platform of Making America Great Again, yet his term is nearly over, and he’s still “transitioning” to Greatness.

    So he failed.

    1. Is it his fault that democrats still vote for governors who dress in blackface? Does he force Covid patients into nursing homes? How about, are any republicans burning down blue states?

    1. Ronda Leistiko You mean the dictatorship you want to turn us into? Maybe you should move to CHAZ where lefties have a warlord and segregated gardens.

  6. The joke is on the south, however, cuz in the dictionary under the definition of ‘carpetbagger’ there is a picture of Donald Trump. Ditto for ‘draft dodger’.

    1. @Götterdämmerung – instead of trying to predict the future why not just see what happens? Just don’t get too butt hurt when you lose just like what happened three years ago. I’m having deja Vu because I had the same conversation with a Hillary supporter back then. you’re sure you’re going to win we’re sure we are going to win let’s just leave it at that

  7. You mean to say the evangelical so-called “Christians” who were wildly applauding the Racist in Chief at this meeting about BLM concerns and law enforcement in Dallas to which none of the top 3 local law enforcement officials (all of whom are…wait for it…black) are not actually following the teachings of Jesus??? But…but…that would mean they are……HYPOCRITES!!! What a shock!!!

    1. @Lature Bogdan Yes I do. I think the only reason he graduated from high school and/or college is because of his father’s money.

    2. @Lature Bogdan …”“I love the poorly educated”, announced Trump at the GOP Nevada caucus….Feb 24/2016……Now don’t you look silly…LOL!

    1. @Lana Kahl it’s easier to mail in your ballot , polling stations have become more unreliable.

  8. When Trump started Birther movement against Obama every Racist in America said this is our True Tiger King.

  9. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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