‘He’s A Psychopath’: Trump Insider Says Military Will Haul Trump Out Of The White House | MSNBC


  1. Don’t worry about coronavirus, folks. It’s only 15 people and they’re getting better. Donny Dotard said so!!

    1. @velt Ski yes, you will definitely hold onto first place, with continuous comments like that.

    2. @Bob Grant 😂😊😊 But I thought it was funny. No wonder he doesn’t want his grades released.

    1. @Mark Halgunseth I don’t see anything racist about his comment. I thinking you’re a lying repubicunt.

  2. I’d pay to see that. Seriously, I would pay money to see his sorry rump dragged out of the White House.

    1. @j s haha crimes against American values? Then we need to round up all the DemRats and you. Remember your history. That is a crime

    2. @Dirk Edmiston See your first reaction is a gun . That was your choice a few years back. Remember

  3. “Peaceful transfer of power distinctly American????” Do people seriously believe that there are no other countries where that happens???

    1. @Geography in Action Well, are you sure? the french revolution started on July 14, 1789 and the Déclaration des Droits de l’Homme et du Citoyen (human rights) was drafted on August 26, 1789. However, the official first day of the first republic of France was September 22, 1792. Wasn’t the first day of the United States July 4th, 1776 or was it when the Constitution was adopted in 1788? It looks like France started with a text and then became a Republic whereas America started with independence and then came up with a text. Talk about a tangent….what were we talking about?

    2. Keith Tonkin
      The average American tends to be rather self-centered, and the “non-communist” rest of the world has little importance or interest to him/her/them…. EXCEPT when “they” are laughing at MURICA!!!!

    3. @Bronce Retriever Isn’t that what all those amendments are about? being the ‘est’ is an American thing. The biggest, the best, the richest, the mostest powerful, the oldest, the newest, etc. It’s an American thing. I got curious about the “oldest democracy” because I remembered something about the Greeks… and the Swiss. Also, these ideas of other-than-kingdom-type governments came from people like Locke in England and Montesquieu in France. It wasn’t called the Age of Enlightenment (le Siècle des Lumières) for nothing.

    4. @Geography in Action
      WRONG….. Please, do some more serious research….. I couldn’t be easier, now!!!

    5. It truthfully baffles me that people would still waste their time with a so called media outlet that would say something so incredibly stupid. In fact it is so grave that we can be sure that everything they say has to be questioned.

  4. It boggles the mind that we, supposedly the “greatest country in the world” has no protections in place for this sort of thing. Pathetic!

    1. @Not Rappaport There is a provision in the 25th Amendment that could be used to remove him:
      Presidential psychology is a bipartisan issue.

      Several people CLOSE TO TRUMP AND OTHERS have voiced the opinion that President Donald Trump is “not right mentally.” Shortly thereafter, 35 mental health professionals — psychiatrists, psychologists
      and social workers — took to the pages of the New York Times to register their own concerns that the President was demonstrating “grave emotional
      These controversial armchair diagnoses are powerless on their own.
      But what if there was something that Congress and the concerned members could actually do?

      Constitutionally speaking, there might be.

      Much has been written in recent weeks about a provision in Section 4 of
      the 25th Amendment that allows the Vice President and a majority of the
      Cabinet to send a letter to Congress stating that the President is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” This letter would
      immediately initiate a transfer of power to the Vice President, subject to additional Congressional review.
      While theoretically possible, it is highly unlikely that Vice President Pence and the Cabinet would unite to remove the President absent a clear incapacitation along the lines President Woodrow Wilson experienced after a stroke. Even if there was a bipartisan consensus that he was unfit to serve,


      But there is another provision in the Amendment that has received much less popular attention — one that could allow Congress to play a role in
      removing the President. *

      And no, it isn’t impeachment. Instead, a little known
      provision in Section 4: IT EMPOWERS CONGRESS TO FORM ITS OWN BODY TO EVALUATE THE PRESIDENT’S FITNESS for office, eliminating the need for the Cabinet’s involvement in the process:

      But what constitutional constraints are put on this power?
      Remarkably, there aren’t any.

      The framers of the 25th Amendment left the provision
      purposely vague, allowing Congress flexibility to decide on its specifics at a later date.

      There are two ways that Congress could still act on this provision.

      The first approach would be to appoint a panel of INDEPENDENT MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS to judge the health of American presidents.

      Former president
      Jimmy Carter has been a strong advocate for this approach, noting the advanced age and poor health of many U.S. presidents. Since the 1990s,Carter has expressed particular concern about the conflict of interests faced by the personal physicians to the President, who might otherwise be tasked with making a determination about medical fitness.
      These physicians often have personal relationships with the presidents they treat. (Carter’s was his tennis partner.)

      This seems to be the case with President Trump, whose own personal physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, famously wrote a bizarre four-paragraph letter raving about Trump’s “astonishingly excellent” health.

      He later said that he wrote this letter in five minutes
      while riding in a limousine paid for by Trump himself.

      A second approach would be for Congress to appoint a body with no medical expertise whatsoever. Because the 25th Amendment does not
      require a medical diagnosis or consultation with medical professionals, Congress could even appoint members of its own ranks to the panel. This approach could give Congress the ability to enforce its own criteria for presidential fitness.
      For example, Congress could deem the President
      “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” if he is unable to be trusted with classified information by intelligence agencies.

      Congress could even use the threat of removal to exercise additional leverage over the President’s actions.
      This approach would raise grave constitutional and moral questions about the proper role of Congress in our democracy.
      Moreover, in addition to sign-off from the Vice President, this path would likely require supermajorities in both houses of Congress to override a presidential veto,
      Despite the long odds, President Trump’s erratic behavior has led many — including constitutional scholar and Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe — to start talking about whether the President is
      fit to discharge the duties of his office under the meaning of the 25th Amendment.

      While such conversations may be premature, it is important to understand the constitutional mechanisms that would allow removal of
      a president if a broad bipartisan consensus emerges that he or she is unable to lead our nation.
      A Petition was submitted to congress on January 8, 2020

      There has been no action taken by congress. If you agree with the fact that THE PSYCHOLOGICAL DANGEROUSNESS OF DONALD J. TRUMP is a threat to America, start emailing, writing to and calling your reps and senators and demand that they take action immediately!

    2. @velt Ski aww, look at you, you made up a word… does mommy know you can talk and write on her computer? Many children of MAGA cult sheeple parents always deny facts and truths much like their parents and your dear master Trump.

  5. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln-

    1. @Silver Fletcher
      “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and -carrying a cross- holding a bible for a photo op.”

      ― James Waterman Wise + a slight edit by a dog, wearing sunglasses

    2. @Silver Fletcher Trumpist reaction always the exact opposite of FACTS, Truth, Reality! SAD, really sad.
      Bless your Heart 🙄❗

    3. @Silver Fletcher
      No need….. The shameless orange buffoon has been doing it for the last 3 years and still working at it….. the only field, in which that stinking coward “excels” is DESTRUCTION!!!!

    4. Colin Cleveland – Only people completely insane can blame Trump for Covid-19 deaths. It would be like blaming Trump for a earthquake or a hurricane. The usual witch-hunt so fashionable in the Middle Ages. You should have you head checked!

    1. @Carmen Holland you realize that Fox news is considered to be one of the least reputable most opinionated and least trusted news broadcasters in the world right?

    2. Carmen Holland CNN child molesters? Never heard of it. Since you bring up the subject, trump and his pal Epstein are formally accused of a raping a girl. Plenty of details. Money laundering is a major crime, and so is bank fraud. Trump stole from a child’s cancer fund. You know he is nor clean. Give me a break.

    3. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever right on brother they won’t believe it until they see it cognitive dissonance is a powerful aphrodisiac. I can’t wait til the Durham and Huber probes come out


  7. “The peaceful transition of power is distinctly and uniquely American”, what rock is this guy living under? That is the case in the entire democratic world.

    1. @PAULA GAJEWSKI The pride Americans have in a “peaceful transition of power” dates to 1801 when John Adams (Federalist), who had lost to Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) oversaw the transition from his administration to Jefferson’s. First time in history.

    2. @Zaphod Dog Apparently, the sarcasm flew right over your head. Considering the history of the country — bragging about peaceful transfers of power is laugable. I mean it was really peaceful when Andrew Jackson replaced Abraham Lincoln too.

  8. POETIC JUSTICE FOR A REALITY TV CLOWN… I will gladly pay to see that happening on Live TV. 👍😁

  9. This is the game:
    The conservative movement has continued with its long-term project to transform the U.S. into an undemocratic, quasi-authoritarian plutocracy. That would be the group of far-right lawyers who started the Federalist Society, …They developed the theory of the “unitary executive,”

    Barr and his legal cabal appear to have seen the clueless and corrupt Donald Trump as a perfect instrument to test their theory, and perhaps set legal precedents that would enable future right-wing presidents to use the full power of the presidency to dominate American politics without regard to democratic norms or congressional checks and balances. Indeed, they had been setting the stage for such a man for decades.


    1. John Taylor 100% spot on. And if we don’t thoroughly defeat this now, it will continue to smolder and ignite again someday in the near future.

    2. So glad you posted that. The conservative tribe have been waiting for a,TRUMP for YEARS
      HE bellows and deflects while they carry out their agendas
      We are in it deep. Should be paying closer attention to what is going on while they have Americans at each others throats

    1. I don’t know there are hundreds of democracies around the world. Anyway, in banana republics, elections are highly overrated. For example, in 1958 elections were held in Cuba that gave the victory to the Batista-supported candidate. OMG what a joke. Days later, Fidel Castro was in power with the overwhelming support of the people.

    2. That popped out at me too; the unmitigated faux patriotism of unlimited rhetorical hubris regarding “American greatness”, often called “American exceptionalism” is common in corporate news circles, but particularly ironic in the context of attacking Trump’s authoritarianism, because it’s exactly the kind of hubris which is at the very core of Trump’s psychopathy.
      What is on display right in our faces but we’re assumed to be too brainwashed to see, is the fact that the hubris they demonstrate, in perfect alignment with the American mythology constantly pushed by the establishment they are part of, Trump’s ugly style notwithstanding, is the very mythology that Trump is also in perfect alignment with. His ugly delivery, which he does seem incapable of hiding, might make them cringe- but all it does is fail to disguise the rot at the center of the system of government/corporate power that’s as much in their DNA as it is in his; they’re quite comfortable with the greed and evil he represents, but would prefer to hide it as they cash in, not flamboyantly, defiantly flaunt it like the insecure moron who paints himself orange to hide his pale complexion. They have no clue about the irony of themselves demonstrating the fatal flaws they share with the faux human they’re calling out.

    3. Greg Vinson , Your point is that America shouldn’t be great, and Corporations are corrupt and need to be destroyed. Is that right? Where is the tax money coming from if not from businesses? I thought that might have been one of the lessons that Covid taught liberals

    1. If/when he is dragged out of the White House, it should be on Pay Per View; we could pay off the National Debt!

  10. “Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.“ Albert Einstein …..Trump could’ve learned from this simple quotation if he read it.

    1. Firstly, it’s very likely Trump would never have read it; had he, he would have laughed at such a sentiment because he has no personal value himself and wouldn’t understand it in others to use them as a model; also Trump is anti-science/anti-intellect/anti-semitic so would have dismissed it methinks.

    1. Runewolf 77 Yes you’re right I don’t have positive proof. Only what I heard on my local news report. Trump was peddling that conspiracy though, and he also had no proof of it being true. That information didn’t come from the police. He likes too stir up trouble with his followers on Twitter or someone tweets him something and he goes with it, without proof. Just look at what he Tweeted about that 75 year old man, that the police officers pushed so hard they cracked his skull. The last I heard he was still in the hospital. Trump was claiming him to be some kind of terrorist.

    2. Jane Stout Oh my god an adult finally. Yes older people do have trouble finding words sometimes. But at least he has a heart and cares about people. He doesn’t set out to insult them. Yes, America was and can be better than what it is now. We are, the laughing stock of the world. It won’t get any better till Trump is out. We have got to vote him out. Come November if you have to drag your friends and family out kicking and screaming, get them to vote.

    3. A lot of them end up there. Jackson, Polk, Grant, TR, Hoover, ike, Johnson, nixon, reagan, bush, Clinton, now trump…it’s hard to even aspire to be potus w/o being a psycho

  11. If tRump must be physically removed from office, that day will become a federal holiday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. I’m sorry if your feeling are hurt. Looking at your trump loving comments. Grab your binky & go to bed

    1. Emery
      All my family and friends have the same opinion. Trump wouldn’t relinquish his power.
      The Amerikkan Militia has been assembling quietly in order to protect the psychopath in Chief.
      I might be wrong, but everything points to that direction. November 3th will be a day to reckon with.

  12. Hey, really not a great idea to lie about the US. The USA is most certainly not unique in peaceful transfer of power

  13. “The peaceful transfer of power is distinctly and UNIQUELY American”
    We have been doing it in the UK for centuries and long before we founded the country you now own Pal. We have a General Election on a Thursday and have a new Government on a Friday. It helps we have a Monarch as Head of State as she is the constancy that makes our democracy work. You lot are in permanent election mode, have reduced the political art to the lowest level anywhere in the world and it costs you $100s of Bns.
    I am sure the US Founding Fathers are sat somewhere smiling at the conflict they created.

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