Professor And Police Commissioner Debate ‘Defund The Police’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Professor Dr. Phil Goff and Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison debate how and when to “defund the police.” Dr. Goff says, “If we’re going to defund, at least let those communities decide where those funds go.” Aired on 06/11/2020.
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Professor And Police Commissioner Debate 'Defund The Police' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. “The police” We will conduct an internal investigation on defunding ourselves and let you know.

    1. Sam Boudreau I love how when it comes to stats against blacks you guys mention ratios and per captia but when it comes to stats that support your world view those things I just mentioned don’t matter.

    2. The system needs a reboot. To save black lives we need to really defund these failing police. Community leaders and social activist can step in and fill the void until an alternate solution is found. All this police commissioner wants to do is delay and eventually keep the police.

  2. I believe defunding the police would be a mistake. Limiting funding is ok. De-escalation training hasn’t worked and the reason is, all the training in the world won’t de-escalate a stressed out fed up cop doing the same thing day in day out choosing to take out his frusteration on a civilian/suspect no matter how uncoorporative the civilian/suspect is. 2 weeks on the street 2 weeks in the office cop cool off rotation is the answer to more civilized cops. Remember…… it’s the cops creating their own problems here in a severely dysfunctional society. As an example, where I work is severely dysfunctional and incompetent especially in the ranks of management where some of them need their teeth knocked out but if someone were to actually do it they’d lose their job and go to jail and pay fines and likely restitution. The same should happen to cops good or bad record if they attack a civilian/suspect but that almost never happens. Until George Floyd and the following long overdue protests. The cop that killed George should do life in prison. The other 3 accomplices should get 10 years at minimum all permanently lose their jobs in law enforcement everywhere in the USA.

  3. create a national database of Police, include things like disciplinary actions against officer, obcessive force, fatalities caused by, use of force, dismissals from the department, resignations, and all complaints by the public should be allowed to be made online in an anonymous fashion with the investigation and resolution to those complaints being open to the public (not hidden by fellow officers who insist oh he’s a nice guy give him a break type of situation)

  4. Arnold Swarzenegger said that when you talk about climate change, a lot of people hear “culture war”, and they tune out. But when you call it POLLUTION, more people listen.

    If you call the current movement a battle against racism, a lot of people hear “culture war”. They make it about politics and tune out. If you call it a struggle to end POLICE BRUTALITY, more people will listen.

    Yes, the brutality is largely feuled by racism, but cops brutalize whites, too. We can and should demand legislation to end it. You can’t demand an end to racism or legislate it away. It’s a matter of STRATEGY.

    If you demand to DEFUND the police departments, you will be called an anarchist liberal, and you create conflict between the cops and the public. Aren’t we trying to bring the two together? Those crying “defund!” will say, “But what we mean by ‘defund’ is RESTRUCTURE”. Well, then just call it RESTRUCTURING. Strategize. Think.

  5. This is a civil debate that both sides respectful to each other. How do we make this as the ruler than the exception in the street between people?

  6. The problem is police unions. They never hold their members accountable when they commit crimes. And lack of proper training has to be addressed…. seriously. Here in Canada you need to go to college for two years at least.

    1. In america as well, but I think the recommendation to become a police officer should be 4 years of college in social science.

  7. Get rid of the police union. Police should pay for their wrong doing. Police will only protect their blue partners.

    1. EXACTLY!!! Then once the police are gone and the criminals can do what they want they’ll kick in your door and do whatever they like to you and your family!!! GET RID OF LAW AND ORDER. (This message paid for by the biden for gang bangin committee) “if you aint for me you aint black”

    1. Clearly you have never lived in the ghetto. You cannot defund police without eradicating poverty. It’s also a social problem. We’ve made everything that is bad, good. Too much violence in media. Political bias media dividing society. Rap/rock music promoting all kinds of stuff. Corporations degrading society with unusual hours that divide families. Cost of living too high. Too much adult content that cause divorce. Promoting drugs instead of the opposite. I could go on forever. 30 years ago I lived in a society (middle class) where we didn’t need police and it worked. So much has changed.

    2. @CROM Defunding the police, will help create other social programs, educational programs, that will alleviate police officers from doing the job of Therapist, Medical emergencies, psychiatrist and many other jobs that the police takes on. We should have other agencies working along side of the police that could handle these situations better. Olice she be funded only to protect us from crimes. Police are not and cannot be trained for medical emergencies. Mental health is a problem within the homeless community, should we send a scared cop to deal with this situation? I don’t think so, the mental patient will end up dead. Police could be present, while professional medical personnel handles the situation. I lived in many ghettos of new york since 1969.

  8. To schools of thought “Truth to power” and it’s opposite “Deceit to power” the dēmən school of the Greek promotes deceit to power. The consider the feeble minded unworthy of the truth that is the secrete to their power. They simply state that people without power cannot tell the truth, they are incapable of understanding it. This explains their all out hostility toward the republic. Democracy is the Greek rule of the school of dēmən, not the rule of the voice of the people, the voice of their self appointed dēmən. I suppose it was in fact the decentralization of power. Decentralize Evil none the less. The rule by deceit of those that hold the devil’s secrete to success close to heart.

  9. Police officers should do a stand to not serve the communities thru the entire county for 24 hours let’s see how people be begging in tears for the police to come back. Just 24 hours and chaos and mayhem will run the streets fear would be among those asking right now to defund the police.

  10. The joke of it is that the necessary qualifications and training to be a police officer in most of America is a joke.

    They are poorly paid, poorly trained, and poorly led. More money needs to be spent on hiring the best and brightest if you are giving them a gun and the power of life and death.

    1. “The best and brightest” don’t want to be police officers. Departments have a hard time recruiting lol

  11. Man, how is this even a debate?
    If there is no police enforcement then there should be guns, to people to protect themselves. And we all know that to the left the guns are a big no-no, so how on the world do they think this should be done?
    If there is someone who knows it then please explain it to me.

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