Robert Gibbs ‘Would Love To Hear A Voice Of Empathy’ As The Country Sees Record Deaths From Covid 1

Robert Gibbs ‘Would Love To Hear A Voice Of Empathy’ As The Country Sees Record Deaths From Covid


A country is left to grieve its soaring coronavirus death toll alone as its leader ignores the thousands of Americans who have died from this pandemic. Aired on 12/10/2020.
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Robert Gibbs ‘Would Love To Hear A Voice Of Empathy’ As The Country Sees Record Deaths From Covid


  1. We can’t wait for compassion and leadership to come from our government. They will both have to come from us, the individual people. We must take the lead. We must show compassion. We have to help those in need. We are our brother’s keepers. We can’t wait for others, we have to do it ourselves. And the time is now.

  2. I will never forget the thousands of Americans that have died due to this pandemic. Nor will I forget the people all over this world who have suffered and lost their lives because of Covid. And my heart goes out to anyone who is struggling with this illness right now. My condolences to the friends and families of those who have lost someone they love. It might not be much, but you have the sincere empathy of a random nobody in a youtube comment. I wish I could give more.

  3. You can’t hear empathy form those people who have none. Trump is a psychopath… he is incapable of empathy… he has surrounded himself with like minded people who have none… Trump is the stone that you can’t get blood from… he does not care and never will..

  4. Call me crazy but is there not a way to flood, twitter, and other social media with the names of the people who have died from Covid 19? Maybe, just maybe, seeing the names everywhere people look will, just maybe, drive it home.

    1. There is nothing that can change the mind of a committed cult member. They are in denial, even as some are literally on their death bed, gasping their last breath. (“Trump says it’s not covid, so it can’t be covid.”)

  5. Vaccines are not going to help the people who are sick. Will not help the people who have died. Will not help us until the summer of ’21… Many more will die and we hear absolutely nothing to do with empathy from the white house. Republicans should be made redundant. They have already done it to themselves.

  6. Empathy, honesty, compassion, sympathy are alien to Trump. He does however have loads of bigly love and huuge admiration, all directed toward himself and money. He loves loyalty and blind followers and unfortunately America has over 70 million of them.

  7. kinda summarizes the problems for a corrupt lying ford flopped press: they’ve mutated into an industry of ideologically infected intern impeached emotions unable to fake fairness or define it for others. they lecture instead of listen and they selectively condemn what they cant rig cheat exploit or control. their relationship with science is simply an snl skit sympathy saga fueled by guilt projection garbage. they should simply quarantine themselves from failing to influence others so they dont have to cheat and lie so often.

  8. Dont underestimate the demagogue .. his followers worship him and his movement is growing .While he remains in power he has momentum .. all im saying is stay aware of these things because they are very real

  9. Those people who have claimed to be ‘leaders’ (Republican senators and house members) are actually traitors to the people of the United States. They have ignored the suffering of the citizens, and have turned their collective backs to neglect the pain and the reality that is crushing our nation, and the world. And they have done this while courting sedition. They deserve our scorn and disdain. ‘Nuff said.

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